Moon Palace

Clarice Claire's Moon Palace is a grand palace located on the Foonsty River, with lunar-themed decor. It is available for large events.1

While the palace most refer to is located on the Foonsty River, there is a related palace located on the actual Moon. The two are linked though it's unclear how.

Clarice Claire

Clarice Claire is a Foonish celebrity and owner of the Moon Palace. As the well-known rhyme states: "Clarice Claire; she's always fair; she has thousand-world-length hair." Clarice does not reside in the Moon Palace year-round, and rents out the palace for events when she is not in residence. She is not to be confused with Clear Clarice.

Minions Ball

The Dark Lord's held a motivational retreat for his high-level servants at the Moon Palace. The official event title was "Give Me One Despicable Minion", though in practice everyone simply called it the Minions Ball. Squibbert managed the event, and the scheduled keynote speaker was Vlord the Viking Lord. However, Baron Ragoon & Dripfang crashed the event and won the Dark Lords favor by maiming and motivating those in attendance with a show-stopping motivational speech.2

Other attendees included:

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