Mort Sauce
Mort Sauce
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Mole Warriors"
Played by Sean Clements
Name Mort Sauce
Nickname(s) Mork Snauce
Species Mole
Occupation Warrior

Mort Sauce is a warrior mole. His catchphrase is “it kills.”

Mel Mole and Mort have this move where they dig into the ground, backs to each other, and point their swords out of the hole. Mel and Mort used to advertise themselves as the Mole Sauce team.

He likes drinks with little weapons inside. He's afraid of being smushed, being wet, and being trapped.

Mort thinks he is the mole king. He has a braided pinecone for a crown.

Milk and Mork

At the Bloated Rabbit1, our hosts met Milk Mole and Mork Snauce, two mole warriors who control an army of ants. Milk and Mork are very similar to Mel and Mort who they said were consumed by the ants. But since Milk and Mork are also being slowly consumed by ants and share many of the same memories as Mel and Mort, it's believed they are indeed Mel and Mort but the ravenous ants have affected their brains.


There’s a saying in the mole world that there is only leg day.

Mort Sauce aka Mork Snauce is played by Sean Clements.


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