Mundle the Grundle
Mundle the Grundle
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
Name Mundle the Grundle
Species Grundle
Occupation Musician

Mundle the Grundle plays the "Hello from the Magic Tavern" theme music on his lute, two recorders, and tamborine; live on every episode that takes place at The Vermilion Minotaur.1 He has many arms and mouths for playing his many instruments.

Mundle is also mute. Besides playing the theme music, he has only been heard responding by playing the vibraslap Arnie gave him as a Chris-Must gift.

To make traveling long distances with Mundle easier, Usidore shrank him down so he could live in his hat; he is now Mindle the Grindle because of his smaller size.


It is not known if Mundle the Grundle is related to the halfling bard named "Grundle." Mundle at least does not fit the description of a halfling.

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