Mysterious Man

Very little is known about the Mysterious Man even though he appears in every episode. He introduces each episode and reads the credits and sponsor information at the end. He always seemed more or less inconsequential, except that he goes out of his way to mention how the podcast isn't real and all of the characters are actually actors portraying roles. Yet he has exhibited extreme concern and nervousness when events with dire consequences occurred, as when Usidore said the name of The Dark Lord, and after the Siege of Hogsface.

In episode 10 however, the podcast ends early and, apparently, cuts back to the Mysterious Man while he is unaware, so we get a glimpse into his world.

He lives and operates in a space bunker and has some sort of duty to monitor the connection between worlds such as Foon and Earth. He has also recently hired an intern, Tricia to help out. Tricia eventually escaped, greatly harming him in the process. He has forced Craig, a vending machine maintenance man (known to the Man as a robot like Tricia and Robot Arnie), to be his new assistant.

He has imperfections on his skin, that when interfaced with a pod, gives him access to all points in space and time that the pods might have access to. He also has an exoskeleton. He had an iron ring fused to his hip that gave him full access to the bunker's rooms, but he gave it to Tricia, and she may have taken it with her in her escape. He also has 13 fingers. He has also met with the Space Bunker High Command but it is not yet unknown what they exactly do.

The Mysterious Man is played by Tim Sniffen.

Episode Appearances

Almost every episode

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