Mysterious Man
Mysterious Man
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Hello from the Magic Tavern"
Played by Tim Sniffen
Name Mysterious Man
Nickname(s) Admiral Anonymous, Mister Mystery
Species Unknown
Occupation Announcer, concealer of alternate dimensions
Affiliation Space Bunker Zeta

The Mysterious Man is the enigmatic announcer who introduces each episode and reads the credits at the end. He is very insistent that the podcast is not real, and that individuals who appear on it are characters portrayed by human actors.

Our first confirmation that the MysteriousMan has a larger agenda is in episode 10, when Arnie ends the podcast from Foon early. Without the signal from Foon the feed cuts back to the Mysterious Man without his realizing it, allowing a glimpse into his world.

He lives in and operates a facility called a Space Bunker and monitors the signals, and travel, between dimensions such as Foon and Earth. He calls himself a “Bunker Guardian” and is assisted in his endeavors by his intern Tricia, and later the stranded repairman Craig.

The credits he gives at the end of each episode are a complete fiction, designed (at least in part) to protect the people of Earth from the consequences of inter-dimensional travel. The Mysterious Man has a cutting wit and while his harshest insults are reserved for the individuals Arnie encounters on Foon (the “actors” who portray them), Tricia & Craig are also subject to his snarky comments.


The Mysterious Man is not human, has 13 fingers and an exoskeleton. He also has body modifications related to his work on the bunker, including imperfections on his skin that allow him to interface directly with the bunkers pods, and an iron ring fused to his hip that gives him full access to the bunker's rooms(though Tricia-8049 stole said ring in her escape).
 He can survive for weeks at a time in the vacuum of space. Humans seeing him for the first time would describe him as "[having] more limbs than he should have." His also proudly sports a cape.

The Mysterious Man is played by Tim Sniffen(see below)


  • The Mysterious Man has been credited as Tim Sniffen in the episode notes since the first episode, but the first time the name was said on air was in Season 1, Ep 10 - “Homesick” by the even more mysterious voice which assured listeners other worlds exist and "Tim Sniffen" is a fabrication designed to conceal that. The name is used again by the High Time Queen in Interlude — "Hello from the Future", but when the Mysterious Man must credit himself in later episodes he attributes the performance to voice-over actor Christopher Dazzles.


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