Northeast Kingdom

A (the?) country in the Northeast, long ruled by the Belaroth Dynasty.

Royal Family

The Belaroth family has ruled the Northeast for generations.

other citizens

  • Benedict Whisperbrew, a eunuch, formerly chief eunuch of the court
  • Duncan & Dennis Brittlebrain, Benedict's rivals, who replace him as chief eunuch
  • The wizard Spintax the Green, when not questing, resides at the court of the Belaroths.
  • The Surgeon General - a military commander who King Albain promoted to surgeon as a reward for his tactical acumen.


Northeastia, the capital city of the Northeast, located in the southwest of the Northeastia. It has museums, galleries, and beautiful people, some of whom are skeptical of magic. Locations include:

  • Open air marketplaces1
  • the casino The Rooster’s Left Foot2
  • a theater where the Cockticklers perform3
  • a harbor4
  • the tavern The Charlie Horse5
  • the tavern The Lonely Gorilla6
  • a luxury hotel7

The signature drinks of the city are Red & White.

Nearby the city is a Unicorn Ranch8, the village of Bagsville9, and a cave where monarchs of the Northeast dance to begin their reign.10



Past monarchs of the Northeast:

  • Albain Beleroth - the long-serving king when Arnie arrives in Foon.
  • Blanbain Beleroth - Albains father, known as the "Fresh Prince of Belaroth".
  • Tamebain Beleroth - Blanbain' father, seized the throne by murder.11Was also too cowardly to ever complete the bat dance.
  • Rainbain Beleroth - Not Tamebain's father, was either murdered or had his heir murdered by Tameblain.
  • Several Bainbains, including a Bainbainbainbain who reigned in both life and as a ghost.12
  • (distant history) Phillup Dadongo Beleroth


  • The currency in the Northeast is Coins13, though there is also a denomination called the Foonie, which is worth about 3.5 gold pieces.14
  • Northeasterners refer to the Everyroad, which connects the kingdom to the rest of Foon, as the Overlander's Road. They know the wizard Usidore as Gaismunēnas Meistar.
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