Numbers Marlow
Numbers Marlow
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Season 3, Ep 95
Played by Jeremy Bent
Name Numbers Marlow
Species humanish
Occupation gangster
Affiliation (The) Snake Teeth

Numbers Marlow is a member of the street gang the Snake Teeth, in the city of Northeastia.

Numbers Marlow is played by Jeremy Bent


Numbers has a reputation as shrewd negotiator. He was abandoned by his father, Doug Marlow, as a child at the age of 4 and grew up on the street. He is now 14.

On Hello From the Magic Tavern

Numbers has sought out the witch Cordelia Stampot, asking for her magical assistance to ensure his gang prevails in an upcoming street-gang rumble for control of the city. He comes willing to trade gold, stolen jewelry, or secrets about the city counsel of Northeastia, but Cordelia is only interested in his soul. Numbers barters away his soul by fractions as he tries to find the right words for his request. In the process he magnanimously buys Rumbowls for his new friends in line(Arnie, Chunt & Usidore) and is reunited with his father, who he kills upon learning he's a member of the rival gang the Quick Horses.

By episode's end Numbers has lost his whole soul to the witch, and is turned into a pair of dice.



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