Nymphs are a race in Foon that come in many varieties. They measure time differently; Gary the Forest Nymph says he is 60 hundred years old in nymph years. Nymphs have nymph nodes which can open up during certain activities such as kissing or eating spicy food. Nymphs have a Nymph Awareness Month.

Forest Nymphs

A typical Forest Nymph's day involves waking up, doing laundry, and playing games.

Famous Nymphs

  • Jack the Forest Nymph who invented shoes
  • Babs the Water Nymph who invented the quill (who Usidore has met)
  • Sophia the Cave Nymph who protected the Sword of Emeralds (whcih is not as useful a weapon as it sounds)

Other Nymphs

  • Jean the Rock Nymph who was Gary's first kiss
  • Tree Nymphs (It is not known if they are the same as Forest Nymphs.)


Elves on the podcast include:

  • Gary the Forest Nymph
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