Offices & Bosses

Offices and Bosses is a role-playing game where players take on a role at an office and try to avoid their boss. It takes place in a fantasy world filled with flying machines, gizmos, cities, and buildings 100 stories tall, which is fantastical to anyone from Foon. One person takes the role of the "office manager" and acts as the referee as well as playing any extra characters required. Usually players' "jobs" involve doing one repetitive task.

Each character has attributes:

  • Strength - useless
  • Intelligence - will synergize with any collegiate background
  • Constitution - your ability to put up with BS.

Often players will "LARP" ("Let's All Really Pretend") this game and act it out in person.

Spin-off Series

A spin-off series, Offices & Bosses was released in January 2017. Metamore acts as Office Manager for Arnie, Chunt, Usidore and their guest players.

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