Offices & Bosses (series)

Offices & Bosses is a spin-off miniseries of the main podcast. The tabletop role-playing game Offices & Bosses was introduced in episode 32, "Offices & Bosses", when Arnie, Chunt and Usidore met Metamore. In this series Metamore returns to reprise his role as Office Manager and guide the other players through their campaigns.


Season One

Character Class Player
N/A Office Manager Metamore
John Bastion Marketing Manager Usidore
Dan Smith Temporary Chunt
Orlando Bloom Elf Arnie
Gail Davidson-Durst I.T. Professional Flower
Gail Davidson-Durst I.T. Professional Krom the Barbarian
Gail Davidson-Durst I.T. Professional Singing Sword
Gail Davidson-Durst I.T. Professional Caball'on Valentin

Season Two

Character Class Player
N/A Office Manager Metamore
John Bastion Previously Employed Usidore
Danger La Grange Trust Fund Baby Chunt
Hayden Christensen Art School Graduate Arnie
Mr. Ropely Landlord Dorian Deville
Ron Bingo Junkie Clax
Marilyn Beef Lunch lady Claudia
Matthew Bernstein Aspiring Model Chest Trünkborn
Mariska Hargitay Orphan Pickpocketer Momo
Mark McGrath Street Kid Chip von Pierre
Angelique Street Kid Bippy von Pierre
Dr. Daniel Pyledriver Level 3 Garageband Member Dripfang


Season One

Season one began airing in January 2017, set at the time of episode 92, "Resonance Stone". Arnie, Chunt and Usidore are joined by Flower, Krom The Barbarian, Singing Sword and Caball'on Valentin in a quest to attain the Q4 numbers.

# Title Originally released
1 "Flower From I.T." January 11, 2017
2 "Krom from I.T." January 18, 2017
3 "Singing Sword From I.T." January 25, 2017
4 "Caball'on from I.Tree" February 1, 2017
5 "The I.T. Team" February 8, 2017
"Teachers & Classrooms (Live from Very Very Fun Day in Chicago)" April 12, 2017

Season 2

Season two began airing in April 2018 via Stitcher Premium, set around the time of Season 2, episode 53 "Advanced Offices & Bosses".

A live episode was recorded at the Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles, on April 22, 2018.

# Title Originally released
1 "Skeleton Roommate" April 4, 2018
2 "Witch Roommate" April 11, 2018
3 "Mimic Roommate" April 18, 2018
4 "Mouse Roommate" April 24, 2018
5 "Vampire Neighbors" May 1, 2018
"Blue Tiger Team-up (Live from LA)" May 8, 2018
6 "Necromancer Bandmate" May 15, 2018
7 "The TV" May 22, 2018
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