Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Ooze"
Played by Paul Grondy
Name Ooze
Species Ooze
Occupation Ooze

The Ooze is some sentient ooze Arnie stepped on in the dungeon where the Lunar Sword is kept.

The Oose is a mass consciousness, and while it can split in discrete pools or lumps, as soon as they are rejoined their memories and personality are immediately combined again. The ooze never eats or drink, but will dissolve anything left in contact with it. The ooze admits it is not particularly dangerous, and only poses a threat to adventurers who find themselves wounded or unconscious and unable to move away. The Ooze will freely discuss the many things that get it off including vinegar, sticks, swords, and friction of any sort.

Ooze gain the memories of anything they successfully absorb, as a result the Ooze knows songs from Foon's most popular musical, The Music Man, and enjoys singing. It also has absorbed multiple pronunciations of the word "vase" from various victims. The ooze expresses a desire to have a vase that it can exist in without dissolving, and has strong opinions on vase design.

When bored, Ooze will play Ooze Ball with itself, which consists of rolling around adventurer bones until they dissolve.

Ooze considers itself, and is considered by other creatures in the dungeon, to be at the bottom of the dungeon hierarchy, even below insects. It has a particularly bad relationship with the dungeon Hydra. When being interviewed at The Vermilion Minotaur ooze objected to Usidore's suggestion that guarding a dungeon is evil work, and seemed to become happier when the Lunar Sword is brought up.

The Ooze is played by Paul Grondy.


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