Other Denizens of Foon

Foonish citizens

Hogsface residents

Cockroach Clown

Cockroach Clown was a giant cockroach wearing clown makeup who is prone to creepy sayings such as "You can't spell 'manslaughter' without 'laughter'."


Drew is one of the Trash Kan Kids as well as an Arnienian, a follower of the religion of Arnie.


Gorgeous is a sentient, screaming spiced potato with one little tooth, made sentient and given legs by Usidore.

Kellory Potter

Kellory Potter is the owner of Kellory Pottery and once sponsored the podcast.


Krebeccak was a very nice old woman who was sadly killed by Honk the Assassin.

Mayor Manana

Mayor Manana (man + banana) is a banana and permanent Mayor of Hogsface.

Mundle the Grundle

Mundle the Grundle is a musician who plays the Hello from the Magic Tavern theme music on his flute.


Todd is a human intern who has been retained by Chest Trünkborn to carry him around, following Chest's successful comedy career.


Albain Belaroth

Albain Belaroth was king of the Northeast Kingdom, husband of Titania Belaroth and the father of Tomblain Belaroth and Trachea-Aurelia Belaroth.

Dory the Dragon

Dory is a dragon and mascot for Dory the Dragon's Sugar Frosted Treasures cereal.

Good Queen Elsinore

Good Queen Elsinore was the ruler of the southern kingdom of Grimfallon. Her heir is Dartholomew the Boy King.

Titania Belaroth

Titania Belaroth is the queen of the Northeast Kingdom and the widow of Albain Belaroth. She is the mother of Tomblain Belaroth, Trachea-Aurelia Belaroth and Arnor the Warrior.

Zelvador the Bald

Zelvador the Bald is the current ruler of Harridan. He has three daughters: Princess Phillipa, Lady Disappointment, and Lady Egregious.

Wizards and sorcerers

Blorth the Brown

Blorth the Brown is a brown wizard. He is also known as Smanghanger the Diminished, Banjo Pop-Tart, and Bonesly.

Frizznap Tingle

Frizznap Tingle was a student of the Jizzlenob Preparatory School for Young Wizards, and is known by many as "The Boy Who Died".

Gormpelious the Orange

Gormpelious was an Orange wizard, who jumped on a trampoline and bounced up so high he flew into the sky, never to return.


Portabella was a magnificent ivory sorceress who threatened to take over Foon hundreds of years ago.

Telephys the White

Telephys the White is a wizard who resides in The Great Halls of Terr'akkas. He is the Wizard of Life and Death.


Andre the Giant

Andre the Giant is in fact the same Andre the Giant from Earth, but now lives in Foon.

Bonnie Chunt

Bonnie Chunt is Chunt's aunt for whom he was named.


Bruce the Sky God is a deity of Foon. He is closely linked to the fire season, Vwishtash.

Cynthia the Rat

Cynthia the Rat is a popular guard in Castle Skullmaster. She is Wictor the Guard's rival and regarded in Skullmaster's diary.

Dick Wizardry

Dick Wizardry is a famous Mittens player who plays for the Capitol City White Trash.

Fizzle von Pizzlewich

Fizzle von Pizzlewich is Foon's first unicorn dentist.


Grimhoof is the fifth fastest horse in Foon.


Grumthor is the most boring dragon in Foon.


Kaila is the name of all of Carol the Spider Mon's children.


Oprah is a famous unicorn in Foon.

Richard Seashanty and Pilk

Richard Seashanty and Pilk are the proprietor and floor servant of Richard Seashanty's Boots and Fashions respectively.

Shan Gammador

Shan Gammador is a rally organizer and once sponsored the podcast.

Technical Difficulties Witch

The Technical Difficulties Witch is involved during the rare times there are sound or equipment problems with the podcast.

The Dark Lord

The Dark Lord is a malevolent entity dedicated to the conquest and destruction of Foon. He is Usidore the Blue's nemesis.

Space Bunker and associates

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