The Pandenomicon is a book written by Spintax the Green chronicling the demons that he has met and subsequently banished. It features a foreword by Can the Wizard. 72% of all entries in the Pandenomicon are about how Spintax defeated someone through a sexual conquest. Page 192 features an illustration titled 'A Dick' which is just a picture of Usidore.

Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Pandenomicon"
Played by Charlie McCrackin
Name Pandenomicon
Species Book
Occupation Book
Affiliation Spintax the Green

The Pandenomicon needs to be turned off every month or so to "sleep" and reset or it will act erratically much like an actual person on no sleep. Usidore can cast an anthropomorphism spell to bring the Pandenomicon to life and have it take the corporeal form of Spintax.

The Pandenomicon is always being written and unwritten, as it is a living document. The most recent revised copy is always available from the Nobles' Barn.

The Pandenomicon speaks in the voice of Spintax the Green, played by Charlie McCrackin.

Banished Demons

  • Yagrafell, the many horned flamed beast, whom Spintax banished, along with the politicos that had been corrupted by Yagrafell, ushering the senate into a time of honesty and truth.
  • Xohet the Shocker, the demon who creates a burden of electrons
  • Lilith, the mother of all monsters, whom Spintax defeated by seducing and exhausting her.


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