Peter Smith
Peter Smith
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "The First Jew of Foon"
Played by Daniel Strauss
Name Menachem Lev
Nickname(s) Peter Smith
Species Human
Occupation Haberdasher

Peter Smith is the first Jew of Foon.

Peter was born Menachem Lev and traveled to Foon from Spring Valley, New York on Earth, via a ship through a super-hyper-interdimensional portal. He landed in Foon on Eric's Island, near the Waving Woman statue. He has been in Foon for about 137 years, and remains in full health.

Peter took advantage of the clean slate being the only Jew in Foon gave him to make some modifications to both his name and his faith. Early in his time on Foon he met Spintax the Green who taught him some spells, which he used to create Jew Magic.

Many of the Jewish population in Foon are his descendants along with his wife Janice (née F'leekstax); others are converts, but all recognize him as the Patriarch of the Jewish People. Janice is a magical creature with a tail, wings, and a horse's foot; her other three feet are normal. Usidore believes she may be a Corinth.

Peter owns a haberdashery called "Top Hats". According to him, the unique headwear Jews sport on their heads is called a "birdstopper" (all one word) and is used to protect them from birds.

At the Vermilion Minotaur he had a Manischewitz (Peter has softened the pronunciation to "Manichevitz"). Like Arnie, he does not want to talk about Earth Stuff.

Peter Smith is played by Daniel Strauss.


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