Peter Smith
Peter Smith
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "The First Jew of Foon"
Played by Daniel Strauss
Name Menachem Lev
Nickname(s) Peter Smith
Species Human
Occupation Haberdasher

Peter Smith is the first Jew of Foon.

He has been in Foon for about 137 years. He was originally named Menachem Lev and arrived from Spring Valley, New York on Earth via a ship through a super-hyper-interdimensional portal. He landed in Foon on Eric's Island, near the Waving Woman statue.

Peter brought the festival of Hannukah to Foon, which Jews celebrate there by lighting torches and marching through the streets reminding people of their superiority.

Peter has met Spintax the Green who taught him enough magic to create his own Jew magic to conjure:

  • tops (which is 90% of Jew magic)
  • hats
  • bean dip

Some of the Jewish population in Foon are his descendants along with his wife Janice (née F'leekstax); others are converts. Janice is a magical creature with a tail, wings, and a horse's foot; her other three feet are normal.

According to Peter, the thing Jews wear on their heads is called a "birdstopper" (all one word) and is used to protect them from birds. He owns a haberdashery called "Top Hats".

At the Vermilion Minotaur he had a Manischewitz (which he says is pronounced "Manichevitz").

Most Jews live in the Woods of Holly where many of them also work. Much of the business in the Woods of Holly is based around woodworking and lumberjacking. Lumberjacks are so popular in Foon that fans want to meet them or will ask them to spit on their parchments. Sometimes these parchments are auctioned off on vBay, which is similar to Smegslist.

Peter Smith is played by Daniel Strauss.


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