Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Season 4, Ep 25 - Cute Little Bear
Played by Kevin Porter
Name Philby
Species Bear
Occupation Baker (?), Con Man

Philby is a bear starting up a bakery in Nibblebottom.

Philby is an adorable bear, as noticed by all the hosts. He is a child of divorce since the parents could not be balanced in their temperate nature. Philby uses his cuteness and charm to get what he wants, intentionally or otherwise. TO avoid the fair of his parents, he is very selective of his partners.

Philby uses the podcast to advertise his bakery, which is just starting up. At the end of episode, Philby sings a tune that implies a more sinister intent. It is unclear if he is really a baker and he still takes money away from the hosts.

Philby is played by Kevin Porter.



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