Pinglets are tiny pig-like creatures with fluffy wings making them capable of flight.

They only come from a small village in the Southwest, but there are very few of them left after the Pinglet-Dwarf Wars. Recently, they are being hunted by witches who want to devour them, forcing some pinglets to become refugees. Witches believe that pinglets taste like "the most delicious bacon you've ever had".1

Pinglets mostly eat dandelions and drink droplets of water. Fortunately, dandelions are a species of flower that are never sentient, so it is easy for them to find food without killing someone.

Pinglets defecate delicious, rainbow-colored pellets called skittles.2

Pinglets also love to play games. One pinglet game involves a small sphere that you roll to each other. If one person misses catching the sphere, they must fly around the room or area they are in.

There is a group of wild pinglets that run with buffalo known as the "buffalo wild pings", who are all very rowdy.

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