Pizza Skull

Pizza Skull is giant, floating skull made out of pizza that loves eating pizza. He possesses great pizza powers, which he derives from eating pizza. He is the Pizza Champion of Foon, and a good friend of Chunts.

He is well known around Foon for his pizza-themed adventures, such as the time he made pizza for the orphans of Gratax, the time he turned all the socks and shoes in Scrr into pizza during a famine, or the time he flew to the top of Mt. Dromino in under 30 minutes.

The spice embargo of Migas made pizza difficult to obtain, causing his pizza powers to wane.

Pizza Skull died in a pizza related accident and went directly to Pizza Hell. There, he completed Seven Great Pizza Trials, which allowed him to return to Foon as it's Pizza Champion.

Pizza Skull is played by Matt Young.

Episode Appearances

73 Chunt's Night
83 Tree
Season 2, Ep 41 – Blue Chris-Must (w/ Jessica McKenna and Zach Reino from Off Book)

Mirror World Counterpart

His counterpart on the mirror world is Calzone Skull.

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