The Story Thus Far...

Hello from the Magic Tavern is an improvised comedy podcast hosted and produced by Arnie Niekamp, Adal Rifai, and Matt Young. Although much of the context is said "on the fly", there is a overarching narrative, rules to the world, and anything said becomes canon by the end of the episode. The List of Plot Points are listed below:1

For new listeners who find 300+ episodes too daunting to listen to all at once, a floodlist has been created for seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4.


Table of Contents

Main Storyline

Season 1

Introductions/The First Year (Season 1, Ep 1 - Season 1, Ep 51)


The Lunar Sword

The Second Year (Season 1, Ep 52 - Season 1, Ep 100)

The Curse

Usidore the Vampire

Prep the Sweater Quest

  • Arnor returns to make good on their deal, but loses his memory - S1E87
  • Jyn’leeviyah the Red is introduced - S1E89
  • Krom and Flower come back without Otok - S1E92
  • Usidore casts a spell to send Arnie back to Earth, but Sarah takes his place - S1E93
  • Can casts a spell on Sarah to send her back to Earth "the long way" (i.e. space) - S1E94
  • Usidore casts the spell to sever the bond from the nethersphere between Arnie and Sarah, sending Sarah back to Earth and Arnie back to Foon. - S1E94
  • Sarah is now bonded with Usidore - S1E94
  • Arnie “gets” the Lunar Sword - S1E96
  • The group gears up with Traach - S1E97
  • Chunt is King of the Badger - S1E98
  • Blemish is fired from the Vermilion Minotaur - S1E98
  • Carfoons are introduced - S2E72
  • Arnie loses Lunar Sword - S1E100
  • Dark Lord thwarts plan, takes over Hogsface - S1E100
  • Goblins are now on Earth - INTERLUDE – Chicago
  • Arnor regains his memories and joins the Soul Walker - INTERLUDE – Scenes from Foon

Season 2

Imprisonment Arc (Season 2, Ep 1 - Season 1, Ep 32)

The Imprisoned Town of Hogsface

  • Baron Ragoon forces Arnie, Chunt and Usidore to continue the podcast to learn more information about how to get to Earth - S2E1
  • Usidore is in a weakened state due to the disenchantment potion he is forced to drink - S2E1
  • Gianessa poses as a male guard - S2E4
  • Usidore figures out a way to regain his power - S2E5
  • Jayme and Sayme Ragoon are introduced - S2E5
  • Momo is introduced and is hired to spy/deliver messages - S2E6
  • Dripfang is introduced - S2E8
  • Chunt becomes a guard - S2E9
  • The "Book Club" as a concept is introduced - S2E9
  • Usidore is mostly back to normal after the potions of disenchantment - S2E13

The Retaliation

  • Tom revealed to be Lady Parts, the Baron's Girlfriend, then disguises himself as a Series of Bats - S2E16
  • Tom introduces the Orange Beast Riddle - S2E16
  • Blemish Arc
    • Blemish gets the nickname "Crazy Jared" - S2E17
    • The group goes into the basement to find how the Dark Lord ambushed them/retrieve their weapons purchased by Traach - S2E18
    • They try to set free the 52 Sacks of Flour before realizing she was evil- S2E18
    • Blemish salivates into Bowl of Watery Death and dies - S2E18
    • The group covers up his murder - S2E19
  • Twosidore the Casual is introduced - S2E19
  • Krom becomes King of Fingaria - S2E20
  • The group receives another hint for the riddle - S2E20
  • Aprel Füls reveals the Dark Lord will have a birthday party - S2E21
  • Jayme and Sayme reveal the Baron is using a memory extraction machine - S1E22
  • Chunt proposes to Arnie, but he declines - S2E26
  • Arnie receives a new clue - S2E27
  • Blade of Veysco Hallan is found - S2E30
  • The group sneaks into the Dark Lord's Birthday Party - S2E32
  • The group has a truce with the Dark Lord to defeat the Void first - S2E32

The Void and the Riddle (Season 2, Ep 33 - Season 1, Ep 87)

Mayors of Hogsface

  • The guys have liberated Hogsface and have new roles in the town - S2E33
  • The guys rotate to be Mayors of Hogsface - S2E43
  • Arnie’s citizenship is questioned - S2E44
  • Banana Man, i.e. Mayor Manana is introduced - S2E45
  • Arnie drives his Toyota Camry into the tavern - S2E45
  • The first meeting of the Council of the Lightbringers of Hogsface occurs - S2E46
  • Usidore's arm slowly turns obsidian - S2E47
  • A new Mittens stadium is proposed - S2E47
  • Mysterious Anonymous is first mentioned - S2E47
  • There is another clue, this time involving Verterrilax - S2E47
  • The Citizen Test
    • Benedict Whisperbrew tutors Arnie for the written portion of the Citizen Test - S2E48
    • Arnie passes written portion - S2E56
    • Jamilious is asked to sponsor Arnie, but declines - S2E56
    • Arnie calls on Jyn'Leeviyah to be his sponsor - S2E56
    • Jyn'Leeviyah gives Arnie his trials and he succeeds - S2E57
  • Wheel Bear is investigating Blemish's disappearance - S2E52
  • Fangy Yelly poses as Blemish - S2E54
  • Arnie decrees official "No One Dies a la Spider-Man" rule - S2E55
  • Chunt starts dating Twosidore - S2E55

The Ruffled Feather Arc

  • Outside
    • Activia Barleyfoot is formally introduced and the gang gets kicked out of the tavern - S2E59
    • Mister Chauncey is introduced in the main feed - S2E60
    • The group goes to Chunt's house, but Arnie does not crash with him again - S2E61
    • Arnie and Chunt Best-Friends-off with Arnor and the Soul Walker - S2E61
    • The group goes to Usidore's House for the Podcast - S2E65
  • The guys make the Ruffled Feather their new go-to spot - S2E62
  • Usidore learns how to defeat the Void with his Obsidian Arm - S2E63
  • Mel Mole and Mort Sauce are introduced and spread rumors about the Dark Lord - S1E67
  • Winky Silks poses as Blemish - S1E67
  • Baron Ragoon scolds the group on not holding up to their end of the bargain and admits trying to crack into a faux Arnie Laptop with the memories he's stealing - S2E68
  • Tavern Heist
  • The group uses the Eyes Of Sliddindors to find out their fate had they went on the Sweater Quest - S2E74
    • Usidore falls in Love with Germ - S2E74
    • Tanakin is revealed to be Evil Tanakin - S2E74
    • The group finds Otok - S2E74
  • The group reveal their revelations to Activa and she goes on her own quest to find her father - S2E76
  • Twosidore proposes to Chunt - S2E76

Chusidore – The Engagement Arc

  • The group returns to the Vermilion Minotaur as regulars - S2E77
  • Arnie (and Hungho) are told to get along with Twosidore - S2E78
  • Arnie is asked to be Chunt's Best Man at his wedding - S2E78
  • Arnie finds a river under the basement of the Vermilion Minotaur and it glows when he is in it - S2E82
  • Arnie creates a Carfoon Blemish - S2E82
  • Group creates their own Carfoon Blemish as Carfoons do not last long - S2E83
  • Traach evaluates all their treasure - S2E84
  • The group goes to the basement and throws all the gifts that they have received during the podcast's run into it, revealing a stone pedestal - S2E84

Carnival Wilson Arc

  • Feed from both Hogsface and Chicago are being transmitted - S2E86
  • Spintax meets up with Sarah - S2E86
  • Spintax pulls Usidore onto Earth, instead of Arnie - S2E86
  • Usidore Transports Sarah to Foon with Arnie - S2E86
  • Arnie and Sarah reunite just before Can's spell activates and shoots Sarah into Space - S2E86
  • Upset with the lost of his wife, Arnie becomes Carnival Wilson - S2E86
  • Usidore and Spintax take care of Phone, Arnie and Sarah's daughter while the parents are away - S2E87
  • Usidore gets pulled back into Foon - S2E87
  • Usidore and Sarah swaps arms, with Sarah now having the obsidian arm - S2E87

#GetWed (Season 2, Ep 88 - Season 1, Ep 98)

  • Mysterious Anonymous wins bid on new stadium - S2E88
  • Usidore is Germ Crust's date to Chunt's wedding - S2E89
  • Arnie starts dreaming about Earth - Arnie’s Birthday Bonus Scene
  • Baron Ragoon is revealed to be Mysterious Anonymous - S2E91
  • Arnie and Usidore hold a Badgelor Party for Twosidore - S2E92
  • Arnie gets Chunt's vial of sperm back - S2E92
  • Sarah aids to defeat top void and gets sent back to Earth - INTERLUDE – Hello from the Future
  • Chunt and Twosidore get marries - S2E98
  • Arnie's best man speech has him bragging about finding The Penelope - S2E98
  • Chunt and Twosidore have their consummation dance, to which Twosidore explodes, leaving an egg - S2E98
  • Baron Ragoon and Evil Tanakin try to attack, but it was tasteless timing - S2E98

The Big Mittens Game (Season 2, Ep 99 - Season 1, Ep 101)

  • Usidore has his own arm back and sense the Void has been defeated - S2E99
  • The truce between the gang and the Dark Lord has ended and takes the Penelope - S2E99
  • At the Big Mittens Game, Baron Ragoon announces the Dark Lord's plan to destroy Hogsface and its people, then proceed to conquer Earth. - S2E100
  • During Halftime, Arnie tries to encourage the Hogsface Poisoned Blades to win the next half while also divulging their plan to evacuate Hogsface, all while under hot mic - S2E100
  • The group is forced to surrender to Baron Ragoon and his forces - S2E100
  • The group is forced to the an episode of the podcast where they will transmit the signal from the Penelope to destroy Earth - S2E101
  • The hosts reveal that they were carfoons and made carfoons of everyone to escape using the portal in the basement to Castle Nowhere - S2E101
  • Carfoon Arnie proclaims himself as Carnival Wilson - S2E101
  • Carfoon Usidore says one of his secret names to destroy Hogsface and the Penelope - S2E101
  • The group watches the destruction from a distance, starting their podcast on the road - S2E101

Season 3

Silent Eye Adventures (Season 3, Ep 1 - Season 3, Ep 11)

Army-my Camp

  • The group heads towards Dramenshrie, where the Velsmeeri Army is. - S3E7
  • General Johnny and Jenny the Centaur are introduced - S3E8
  • General Johnny relieves control to the hosts - S3E8
  • DeMonte is introduced - S3E11
  • Jyn'Leeviyah creates a wizard guild after Usidore failed to do so - S3E11
  • Jyn'Leeviyah and DeMonte take control of the army - S3E11
  • DeMonte gives the group a page from the Book of Sight - S3E11

Welcome to Jizzleknob (Season 3, Ep 12 - Season 3, Ep 21)

Translating the Book of Sight (Season 3, Ep 22 - Season 3, Ep 27)

  • Usidore and Chunt carry Arnie with the sword still inside him. However, Arnie's body is frozen in time thanks to Usidore - S3E22
  • Arnie's consciousness is transferred to a tiki mug - S3E22
  • Spintax returns to Foon - S3E23
  • The group arrives at the Library Of Meridanth - S3E24
  • Arnie's consciousness is transferred into Tom's book - S3E24
  • Arnie's consciousness is transferred into a large gummy baby - S3E24
  • Tom is a member of the Silent Eye - S3E24
  • Sasha the Scarab attempts to eat Arnie's human body leaving Arnie with two toes - S3E26
  • Arnie’s body now has trace amounts of Sasha’s resurrection magic - S3E26
  • Arnie eats his gummy body, buries himself, and returns to his body, safe, but with a sword still inside him - S3E27
  • Usidore learns from the Book of Sight that the Dark Lord is searching for a way to escape the "true death" - S3E27
    • Artifacts to do so is located in "the dark dank cave, the terrible fortress, and the mystical temple.” - S3E27
    • The group's new mission is to collect the artifacts before the Dark Lord does - S3E27

In Search for the Artifacts (Season 3, Ep 28 - Season 3, Ep 33)

The First Artifact

  • The group resolves to go to the Dark Dank Cave - S3E28
  • After arriving at the Dark Dank Cave, a note is left for them from the Dark Lord taunting that he got the artifact first - S3E30

The Second Artifact

  • Arnie, Chunt and Usidore recount the First Five years, including Arnie's first few days on Foon - S3E32
  • Krom has been exiled from Fingaria after cheating on his bear-spouse with another bear - S3E33
  • Arnie, Chunt, Usidore, and Krom arrive at the temple, which leads to Space Bunker Zeta - S3E33
  • The group entrusts Krom to protect the second Artifact, a geode shaped object with the tag "Artifact" on it - S3E33

The Third Artifact (Season 3, Ep 34 - Season 3, Ep 71)

Strong Guy Island (Season 3, Ep 34 - Season 3, Ep 37)

  • The group sails towards Strong Guy Island, where Strong Man and Skullmaster resides - S3E35
  • Once on Strong Guy Island, the guys take up new personas and recruit for their quest - S3E35
  • The group learns more about Strong Guy and how to get into his good graces - S3E35

The Shattering Arc (Season 3, Ep 38 - Season 3, Ep 52)

  • Prior to the arc, an earthqueak shakes up Foon, separating the inhabitants - S3E38
  • Arnie, Chunt, and Usidore (along with the rest of Foon) are trapped in individual pocket areas - S3E38
  • Rune calls as a concept are introduced - S3E38
  • Chunt loses the ability to shapeshift at will, now relying on the environment of the pocket areas - S3E39
  • DeMonte abandons the army and the army deteriorates - S3E40
  • The group knows that Spintax is back on Foon - S3E40
  • Baroon Ragoon reveals his fate after the Destruction of Hogsface - S3E45
  • Baroon Ragoon and Usidore have a bet to solve the Shattering - S3E45
  • Chunt gets swept away by the waves as a sandcastle with a badger head - S3E46
  • Chunt is a badger head on a stick - S3E47
  • Arnie scratches the barrier of the pocket area with the sword in his chest, allowing him to roam Foon again - S3E48
  • Arnie gives Rapunsale the Blade of Veysco Hallan - S3E48
  • Chunt takes refuged on a muscle man's body with a decapitated head - S3E49
  • Karktur, Onnus of the Fallen Ram Folk, and Karktur's Owl, later named himself as "Arnieisadumbfuck", are introduced, and the owl comes whenever their name is said - S3E49
  • Arnie is with Talbot the badger - S3E50
  • Gianessa is running for office at Hogsfacer, the new town the residents of Hogsface are building - S3E51

Castle Skullmaster Arc (Season 3, Ep 53 - Season 3, Ep 64)

  • Arnie and Talbot find Castle Skullmaster - S3E53
  • Activa gives Arnie house sitting duty for Castle Skullmaster - S3E53
  • Chunt gets his badger body back - S3E53
  • Chunt is actually on the beach outside of Castle Skullmaster and reunites with Arnie - S3E54
  • Usidore's pocket area (a hot spring) is located within Castle Skullmaster and he reunites with Arnie and Chunt - S3E55
  • Wictor the Guard imprisons Arnie, Chunt, and Usidore - S3E55
  • Arnie and Chunt use Kickism to escape, thanks to DQ, while Usidore uses magic - S3E56
  • Chunt shoves Can the Wizard into the sword in Arnie's chest, killing him forever - S3E57
  • The group renews their quest for the artifacts, as they are in a "terrible fortress" - S3E57
  • At the end of a maze, the group finds the third artifact; a painting of Arnie's middle school portrait - S3E60

1989 Arc (Season 3, Ep 65 - Season 3, Ep 70)

  • Arnie's obsession with the last artifact is affect his podcast performance - S3E65
  • (Past) Can the Wizard arrives to help solve their time mystery and calls out Chunt for being a Murderer - S3E65
  • Can reveals that he is Arnie way in the future - S3E65
  • Can gives Arnie a "special" rainbow bowl that will help send his consciousness through time and space to the artifact. However, it sends all of him, minus the sword. Usidore and Chunt follows - S3E65
  • Usidore and Chunt arrive in 1989 Earth and meet a Young Arnie Niekamp (Schmarnie) - S3E66
  • Usidore and Chunt, known as Chunk, help Schmarnie with The Arnie Niekamp Show - S3E66
  • Usidore and Chunk show off their magical abilities on Earth - S3E67
  • Julie Andrews is introduced as well as her show, Cult Watch - S3E68
  • Adult Arnie (Farnie) had his mind transferred to Schmarnie's Alf Mug - S3E68
  • Schmarnie convinces the group to break into his neighbor's house, who ends up being the Mysterious Man - S3E69
  • The Mysterious Man contacts Emperor Krieg about his experiment to transfer a consciousness to a robot - S3E69
  • The Mysterious Man puts the "artifact" (i.e. transmitter) into Schmarnie's head and activates Robot Arnie - S3E69
  • The Mysterious Man sends the host back to present day Foon at Castle Skullmaster - S3E69
  • Usidore takes ownership of Obsidian Doom, renaming it as Usidore's Hand - S3E70
  • Arnor betrays the Dark Lord and mines all the obsidian to break the barriers of the Shattering - S3E70
  • Arnor gives Usidore his two obsidian balls to use against the Dark Lord - S3E70
  • The group leave Castle SKullmaster - S3E70

Northeastia Arc (Season 3, Ep 72 - Season 3, Ep 98)

Wizards Council Arc

  • The group sails again on the SS Stephanie - S2E72
  • The Dark Lord has infiltrated Fingaria - S3E74
  • Arnie has been sleeping more via Slumber Cup to dream about Earth - S3E74
  • Jammillious crafted a spell to briefly read the minds of all the inhabitants of Foon, except for Arnie - S3E74
  • Usidore swears to Arnie to protect him and the artifact in his head - S3E74
  • Jayme and Sayme steal "daddies" as they miss their father, Baron Ragoon - S3E79
  • Uisdore and co. are invited to the Wizard Council Conference - S3E79
  • Arnie and Chunt go to the Tavern in Usidore's Hat - S3E80
  • At the Wizard Council
    • Spintax is there for the reunion - S3E81
    • Usidore sums up their findings and ways to Defeat the Dark Lord - S3E81
    • Jyn'Leeviyah breaks up with Usidore when he chooses Arnie's protection over retrieving the artifact in Arnie's head - S3E81
    • Jamillious turns away from Usidore when Usidore threats Jamillious as well if he crosses him - S3E81

Tom the Co-Host

  • The group travels with Tom in Krefnen's cart to the Northeast - S3E83
  • Tom decides to take the mantle of the throne - S3E83
  • Tom severely hurts Arnie with all the things sent to Tom to kill him - S3E83
  • The group arrives in Northeastia, the capital of the Northeast and where the Belaroth Courts reside - S3E84
  • Arnie loses track of Tom as he is, assumingly, kidnapped - S3E85
  • Benedict Whisperbrew hears rumors of someone trying to plot Chunt's Murder - S3E86
  • Benedict Whisperbrew and Princess Trachea-Aurelia Belaroth are no longer friends - S3E86
  • Princess Trachea hides out in the Bat Cave, where Tom must perform the Bat Dance to be King - S3E87
  • The group makes bets at the Casino on who would be king - S3E88
  • Five Finger Flint Gustoon can predict how Chunt will die - S3E88
  • The Cockticklers perform with Tom, who they picked up under Arnie's watch - S3E89
  • Winky Silks and Michael Gunch kick Tom out of the Cockticklers so he can take the throne - S3E89
  • Good Tannakin and Good Blemish catches up with the group - S3E93
  • Carfoon Blemish is revealed to be alive and the group takes charge of him - S3E93
  • Alice Corn reveals to be Rhiannon - S3E96
  • Tom and Rhiannon reunite and reaffirms their love for each other - S3E96
  • David Allen Mackenzie reveals that he opened some portals and visitors from other dimensions came through, later referred to as The Scattered - S3E97
  • Tom goes to the Bat Cave to perform the Bat Dance - S3E98
  • Tom and Trachea both do the Bat Dance, sharing the crown - S3E98
  • Baron Ragoon takes Arnie to the Dark Lord and replaces him with Carfoon Arnie - S3E98

Rescue Mission (Season 3, Ep 99 - Season 3, Ep 101)

  • Carfoon Arnie does the podcast and stalls for a week - S3E99
  • Usidore and Chunt captures Carfoon Arnie and forces him to say where Arnie is held - S3E99
  • A rescue party is formed with Usidore, Chuint, Carfoon Arnie, Carfoon Blemish, Momo, and Krom - S3E100
  • Krom admits losing the second artifact - S3E100
  • Eggy Baby has been spotted - S3E100
  • The rescue party arrive on the shore of Black Spire Volcano via the SS Stephanie3 - S3E101
  • The group fights Dripfang and the Soul Walker - S3E101
  • Carfoon Blemish lead Usidore and Chunt to the Dark Lord's Chamber - S3E101
  • The Dark Lord explains the true death to Arnie and attempts to convince Arnie to part with the artifact willingly - S3E101
  • Usidore, Chunt, and Carfoon Blemish busts in to rescue Arnie - S3E101
  • The Dark Lord combines the artifacts and activates it to transfer his consciousness to another body - S3E101
  • Usidore stabs the Dark Lord with Usidore's Hand - S3E101
  • The Dark Lord is defeated - S3E101
  • Dripfang takes the sword back and goes to let evil know the Dark Lord is gone - S3E101
  • Carfoon Blemish is revealed to be the new Dark Lord - S3E101
  • The group rescue Arnie and captures Carfoon Blemish in a sack - S3E101

Season 4

A New Age (Season 4, Ep 1 - Season 4, Ep 30)

"Here in the Tavern, the Strange Familiar…"

  • The host travel to Nibblebottom, where they settled down as their new home. - S4E1
  • Arnie and Chunt rents room at The Strange Familiar, where Arnie rents the basement (for no reason, definitely not to keep the Dark Lord trapped there under their watchful eye). - S4E1
  • Usidore is praised as the Savior of Foon. - S4E1
  • Chunt officially Runs for Town Daddy - S4E5
  • Baron Ragoon finds the hosts to get them to reveal the truth about the Dark Lord - S4E5
  • The Book of Sight is stolen - S4E5
  • Baron leans to defect to good - S4E5
  • Tormaline Dragon Teen is told the secret about the Dark Lord and is hired to watch over him - S4E7
  • The hosts buy The Strange Familiar - S4E7
  • Flower finds out that Dark Lord is still alive and that he is Chris of Chris-Must - S4E10
  • The group realizes Usidore is now the Chris of Chris-Must for killing the Dark Lord - S4E10

Usidore's "Final Days"

  • A side room is set up for Usidore's Death Day, but only Arnie and Chunt shows up - S4E14
  • Usidore straps his death bed on his head and extends his death period - S4E14
  • Chunt is sent a piece of shell, which might refer to Eggy Baby - S4E17
  • Usidore tells Cloakus that he is faking his death - S4E17
  • The group hears rumors that Dripfang slain the Dark Lord - S4E18
  • Usidore tells Germ Crust that he is faking his death and the Dark Lord isn't dead. - S4E18
  • Melissa Deathridge names the Unnameable Mountain, Slobadon. The vicinity rumbles every time it is said - S4E19
  • Winky Silks and Michael Gunch alludes that King Albain may have faked his death - S4E22
  • Jyn'Leeviyah goes to the Strange Familiar to investigate Usidore for the Wizards Choice Awards - S4E22
  • Usidore "dies" for real and takes a new identity - S4E22

The Many Faces of Usidore

  • Dripfang looks for Usidore to kill him to prove he is still evil and have been killing other villains for self-preservation - S4E24
  • Usidore settles on the identity of Dorisue the Sorcerer - S4E26
  • The guys leave Flower responsible for Tormaline and the Dark Lord while they are out of town - S4E27
  • The guys spend a week Hogsfacer and reconnects with the New Mayor - S4E28
  • Usidore reveals he is still alive to Gianessa - S4E28

The Loose Ends (Season 4, Ep 31 - Season 4, Ep 81)

Welcome to Cowboy World

  • Chunt takes time off to look for Eggy Baby - S4E31
  • Arnie and Usidore enter a cave and end up in Cowboy World - S4E31
  • Arnie and Usidore meet their High Foon counterparts - S4E32
  • Arnie takes over for his Cowboy World Counterpart for the Podcast. - S4E34
  • Solomon Ragoom expands his Railroad Empire to Hogswood and will stick around for the Annual Shootout. - S4E34
  • Chunt returns to the Strange Familiar, only to leave again when he learns that Eggy Baby is in the Egg Kingdom being held ransom. - S4E35
  • Cowboy World Arnie comes back to the the Burgundy Bronco and reveals his plan to return back to his Earth. - S4E36
  • Flowers the Orphan distracts the Pinkertons to prevent them going to the Hogswood Annual Shootout. - S4E37
  • Arnie and Usidore goes back to the portal back to Foon. - S4E38
  • Arnie, Usidore, and Chunt are reunited at the Strange Familiar. S4E39

The Road to Squogar

  • Chunt makes a habit of ripping his face off. - S4E40
  • Bubble Fat the Bounty Hunter, revealed as Simon Lemmington Bartholomew the Third, receives the ransom from Chunt. - S4E40
  • Chunt reveals Eggy Baby's name, Squogar. - S4E40
  • The Hosts leave to go to the Egg Kingdom for Eggy Baby. - S4E40
  • Chunt is reunited with Squogar - S4E43
  • The Hosts find 500 Earth Dogs that have taken refuge in an empty goblin town and have taken ownership of them. - S4E45
    • These dogs have displaced the Goblins that now reside on Earth.

The Greatest Warrior of All of Foon

  • Chunt gives Arnie a Shield to protect him from "Arnies" - S4E48
  • Arnor the Warrior finds Arnie in The Strange Familiar to finally fight him. - S4E48
  • Arnor gives Arnie on of his swords, only to fall on it, making Arnie the new Greatest Warrior of Foon. - S4E48
  • Caball'on Valentin gives Arnie a Golden Branch, making him undefeatable in the forest and curses anyone who takes the branch away from him. S4E49

Finding Otok

  • Activia Barleyfoot asks Chris for Chris Must to find her father. - S4E54
  • Arnie names his Golden Branch, Branchy. - S4E55
  • The Hosts find Otok Barleyfoot and take him back with them to the Strange Familiar. - S4E56
  • Prior to the episode, Arnie acquires the Lunar Sword at an evil estate sale. - S4E57
  • Flower gets the Lunar Sword in the Gift Exchange. - S4E57

Tummy Troubles

  • Back from Nibblebottom, Arnie's gotten mail for challenges as Greatest Warrior of All of Foon - S4E58
  • D'athaniel Quen'yarvin is now dead. - S4E61
  • Arnie used a Life Stone found at Castle Hawkspire to summon D'athaniel. - S4E61
  • Usidore tells D'athaniel Quen'yarvin about the Dark Lord’s Fate - S4E61
  • Chunt asks Arnie and Usidore co-parents with him to raise Eggy Baby/Squogar. - S4E65
  • Arnie formally asks for Chunt and Usidore to come with him to Earth. - S4E65
  • Arnie starts to have tummy troubles. - S4E67
  • Usidore doesn’t want to be a ghost anymore and wants to use the Life Stone to “reclaim his life”. - S4E68
  • Usidore comes back to life “using” Chaos’ wish (who is totally a part of the bit). - S4E70
  • The hosts get Otok and Blemish together and tell Otok about the Dark Lord. - S4E72
  • Otok makes a pack with Blemish that if things go wrong, he’ll kill him. - S4E72
  • Arnie’s tummy troubles come back. - S4E75
  • Arnie is in so much pain, they go to Castle Nowhere to go to a place where he can get help… - S4E77
  • …And arrived on Earth 1989. - S4E78
  • Arnie has his appendix surgery. - S4E79
  • In an attempt to head home, the group find themselves in Tavern World. - S4E80
  • Arnie promises Francis to go back to help Eart and the group heads back to Foon. – S4E81

The Wizard Choice Awards (Season 4, Ep 82 - Season 4, Ep )

  • The Wizard Choice Awards will be hosted in The Strange Familiar. - S4E82
  • The group recruits Krom and other Fingarians to be security at the Wizard Choice Awards. - S4E85

Space Bunker Plot

Season 1

Season 2

  • Craig's battery runs out. - S2E31
  • The Mysterious Man works on Craig to fix him. - S2E32
  • Craig has an error and becomes Steamboat Craig - S2E36
  • Craig spends time in the Rejuvenation Foam and is "mostly" fixed. - S2E42
  • Jeffrey Cranor and Joseph Fink remind the audience that the show isn't real through their own volition. - S2E42
  • Craig calls the Kennedy Space Center to get help off the Space Bunker. - S2E45
  • "Tricia-8051" appears at the space bunker for her "internship" (really still Tricia-8050) - S2E49
  • Craig agrees to team up with Tricia to take down the Mysterious Man. - S2E49
  • The Mysterious Man uses sleeper agent, PJ Vogt, to take care of Alex Goldman, who is getting too close to the truth. - S2E50
  • Dearest Scooter (?) is called upon to put all the "organic" beings to sleep. - S2E52
  • Craig finds himself unable to disobey the Mysterious Man. - S2E51
  • The Mysterious Man and Tricia wake up. - S2E54
  • Tricia breaks Craig with a laser saw. - S2E55
  • Craig blows the Mysterious Man out into space - S2E60
  • Tricia fixes Craig - S2E63
  • The Mysterious Man makes attempts to return to the Space Bunker - S2E64
  • The Mysterious Man breaks back into the Space Bunker - S2E72
  • Tricia and Craig find that Craig is Emperor Craig, thus becoming boss and demoting Mysterious Man to Mysterious Intern - S2E72
  • Robot Arnie leaves for Earth to take care of Phone - S2E87
  • Emperor Craig proves incompetent and the Mysterious Man and Tricia does a surprise mutiny before Craig gets an important message - S2E92
  • Tricia poses as Craig for High Command, but their calls are never answered - S2E93
  • The Void has consumed most of Quadrant 14. - S2E97
  • All-American Arnie Niekamp is leader of Space Bunker High Command. - INTERLUDE – Hello from the Future
  • The Mysterious Man, Tricia, and Craig are teleported to All-American Arnie Niekamp 's ship. - INTERLUDE – Hello from the Future
  • Craig finds out that he is the robotic avatar of Krieg the Cruel. - INTERLUDE – Hello from the Future
  • Dr. Zadore tells Sarah and Tricia that All-American Arnie Niekamp is corrupted by power. - INTERLUDE – Hello from the Future
  • Tricia uses all her dead clones to create a giant Tricia which Sarah can control with her obsidian arm. - INTERLUDE – Hello from the Future
  • Tricia throws the particle accelerator to her giant clone, completing the circuit destroying the Void. - INTERLUDE – Hello from the Future
  • Tricia gets her own space bunker to manage and the Mysterious man is sent to Space Prison. - INTERLUDE – Hello from the Future
  • The High Time Queen temporarily takes over Space Bunker Zeta. - INTERLUDE – Hello from the Future
  • The Mysterious Man initiates his plans to escape the prison. - S2E101

Season 3

  • The Mysterious Man fakes a transmission from spaces as he is now on Earth. - S3E1
  • Lincoln is introduced and is the Mysterious Man's new assistant. - S3E1
  • The Mysterious Man describes his escape from Space Jail. - S3E8
  • Lincoln learns how to start the transmission. - S3E9
  • Lincoln starts the podcast on his own and writes a report to his superiors the Institute. - S3E10
  • The Mysterious Man finds Lincoln's Map of Foon and scrambles it. - S3E12
  • The Mysterious Man detects Spintax's activites .- S3E16
  • Lincoln receives a phone call from Tricia via the Mysterious Man's phone that he left. - S3E17
  • Tricia arrives at Earth Bunker and meets Lincoln. - S3E18
  • Lincoln shares his research his group gathered since the end of season 2. - S3E18
  • Lincoln says one of their missions is to rescue Arnie (Phase 3)- S3E18
  • Tricia goes to explore Earth's Chicago. - S3E19
  • The Mysterious Man returns and finds Tricia's scrunchie. - S3E20
  • The Mysterious Man knows that Tricia is looking for him. - S3E21
  • With Arnie's status unknown, the Institute initiates Phase 4. - S3E22
  • The Mysterious Man is left alone and thinks he has been abandoned at the Institute. - S3E30
  • Lincoln discovers the Mirror Realms. - INTERLUDE – Five Mirror World Years
  • Lincoln tells the Mysterious Man that Tricia is currently on Earth. - S3E36
  • Tricia performs at the Improv Pantry. - S3E37
  • The Mysterious Man sabotages Tricia so she will come back and do her job with the podcast. - S3E37
  • Alarms go off, indicating The Shattering. - S3E38
  • The Mysterious Man infiltrates Tricia's improv troop as "Derek". - S3E39
  • Tricia wants to introduce props to the show. - S3E41
  • The Chicago Theater district is in ruins after Tricia introduces props to improv and the Mysterious Man offers her to come back with him to the Institute. - S3E53
  • Tricia comes back to the Institute and continues her duties to open the podcast. - S3E54
  • Tricia finds cassettes from 1989 labeled "The Arnie Niekamp Show". - S3E65
  • Tricia bribes the Mysterious Man to leave for a week with a gift Card to Eataly. - S3E94
  • Tricia performs her One Clone Show, which goes poorly. - S3E95
  • The Mysterious Man is trapped in Eataly. - S3E96
  • The Mysterious Man rises up the ranks to go to the Eataly Conference to escape. - S3E97
  • The Mysterious Man becomes CEO, disables the security system and leave Eataly. - S3E100
  • Alarms go off at the Institute, prompting the Mysterious Man to call on Craig. - S3E100
  • Craig transfers his consciousness to a coffee maker and hacks into the Institute. - S3E101
  • The Institute has holding cells for all the goblins that came to Earth. - S3E101
  • The Mysterious Man and Craig plan to sabotage the Institutes' attempts to invade Foon. - S3E101

Season 4

  • Still within the coffee maker, Craig informs the Mysterious Man that he has access to the ventilation systems in the lower levels where the goblins are. - S4E9
  • Craig sums up for the listeners the current Space Bunker Plot so far. - S4E10
  • The Mysterious Man starts listing the supporters of the Magic Tavern Patreon. - S4E18
  • Craig, still in the coffee machine, tries to inform the Mysterious Man about the goblins in the lower levels of the secret government facility, but is utterly ignored. He also implies the Mysterious Man's solo work may be affecting him mentally. - S4E45
  • The Mysterious Man contemplates about Braidwynn's identity crisis situation, only for him to have a momentary blackout. - S4E46
  • The Mysterious Man notices some nausea while promoting the live show when he mentions the special guest, "Tim Sniffen". - S4E47
  • The Mysterious Man declares to investigate his dizzy spells. - S4E48
  • The Mysterous Man makes a neural monitor. - S4E49
  • "Someone" notices that "he" is waking up and calls for the Commander. - S4E49
  • A strange group are concerned about "Tim Sniffen". - S4E52
  • Tim Sniffen awake from a tank of water and the surrounding people panic. - S4E53
  • The employees that are holding Tim Sniffen explain that Tim volunteered for "an experiment" and shock him back to the transmission, which does not hold long. - S4E54
  • Tim Sniffen does not remember being the Mysterious Man and volunteered to save all life. - S4E54
  • Tricia finds the Mysterious Man at the Secret Underground Facility unconscious and muttering, so she leaves. - S4E55
  • The employee tells "Tim" that there are no other podcasts and there is no Chicago. - S4E54
  • "Tim" is told that the world is being protected FROM the listeners… - S4E57
  • …specifically one, Hank, an immersive destructive force that is being distracted by content. - S4E58
  • Director Ward comes to greet Tim - S4E59
  • Director Ward monitors the Transimentional system. - S4E62
  • Director Ward commands several random tasks to Tim to protect the universe. - S4E62
  • Hank is placated, but the two make moves to banish him forever. - S4E63
  • The two go to “Hank’s” secret fortress in Evanston. - S4E65
  • Dr. Ward tries to get access to temporal monitoring systems while “Tim” is distracted to get a portal to Earth. - S4E67
  • Dr. Ward gives Tim his last task and is relieved from his duty. - S4E68
  • Mysterious Man gets a message from Tricia warning him about his current state. - S4E69
  • Tricia barges into the secret government facility by Irving Park to save the Mysterious Man. - S4E70
  • Craig also has a form to save the Mysterious Man. - S4E71
  • Dr. Ward barricades himself in a storage closet away from the Space Bunker Buddies. S473
  • Craig and Tricia find a way to break the Mysterious Man’s mental state. - S4E74
  • Dr. Ward traps Tricia and Craig in their own mental states. - S4E75
    • Demands to be sent to the Control Dimension or kill off Craig and trap Tricia.
    • Ward was the Dark lord’s lackey then Blue wizard’s victim and took a long time to get strength.
    • The Mysterious Man sends Dr. Ward off to his requested dimension.
    • Craig and Tricia pretended to be trapped and promote local theater.
    • Craig (provided special assistance and) disconnected the destination circuits so Ward would bounce between dimensions.
      • Shakespeare Dimension
      • Film noir dimension
      • Everything voiced by Chris Pratt dimension
  • Craig and Tricia decide to write a screenplay about the experience. - S4E76

Interludes/Mirror Worlds4

Minor/Miscellaneous Plot Points

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

  • Hildy Shiblin is introduced - S3E2
  • Chunt can shapeshift at will - S3E3
  • The bears of the SS Stephanie is introduced - S3E3
  • Chunt shapeshifts to a "wail" - S3E8
  • Trinkle the Tiger is introduced and offers his assistance when signaled - S3E9
  • Jessica the Tree Wench is introduced and is a fan of the show - S3E10
  • Arnie is learning how to speak bear - S3E13
  • Suzi Creamcheese is introduced - S3E14
  • Chunt still feels the ramifications of his wedding - S3E14
  • The group meets Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull - S3E15
  • McTruffle Fondue is introduced - S3E17
  • Hornelius the Fintaur is introduced - S3E18
  • Eggy Baby remains in Jizzleknob while Arnie is being treated - S3E23
  • Spintax returns to Foon - S3E23
  • Tom is on a book tour - S3E24
  • Refugees from the Destruction of Hogsface is building a new town - S3E26
  • Sir Gluthar is introduced - S3E30
  • Squeen, Mike, and Kevin are introduced - S3E31
  • The group boards the Squeen Dream, which is probably still the SS Stephanie5 - S3E32
  • Chris of Chris-Must is revealed to be the Dark Lord - S3E31
  • Momo has been knighted - S3E34
  • Momo broke up with Mayor Manana after realizing he is just a banana - S3E34
  • Kraptor is introduced and may be related to Usidore - S3E35
  • Schnenessa and Snaken Freshgrave graduate from Jizzleknob - S3E39
  • Crone Bakeress becomes fully committed to her role - S3E41
  • Vonquestra and Telimpia are introduced - S3E43
  • Baron Ragoon murders Gratax Jones - S3E45
  • Jayme and Sayme are the barons of the Shrike Valley - S3E45
  • Usidore meets Automaton Constable - S3E47
  • Activia is slowly dying and has given up on her quest to find her father - S3E53
  • Arnie drinks Momo's boyfriend - S3E54
  • DQ is trapped in the dungeon of Castle Skullmaster and needs food every 8 weeks - S3E56
  • Prince Vantis is introduced - S3E59
  • Arnor is in love with Lady Mirabelle, one of the Soul Walker's souls - S3E70
  • Jamillious can amplify other spells - S3E74
  • Arnie hids himself away, but to little to no effect - S3E77
  • Chunt gets Séance the Unconnected Floating Cat - S3E77
  • Arnie gives the Book Club books to Stavrus Hook - S3E78
  • Dartholomew, the Boy King, and Tomblain Belaroth fight for the throne - S3E84
  • Dartholomew is aged up to his correct age - S3E84
  • Flower lives in Northeastia to try to make it in the big city - S3E85
  • Benedict Whisperbrew is the interim Court Eunuch - S3E86
  • Chunt takes ownership of Scoop Boopy, the dog - S3E89
  • Chunt buys Sweet Butt, the Cow - S3E90
  • Chunt babysits Vonquestra and Telimpia's Children - S3E90
  • Cap'n Loraina Bones is introduced as Germ's friend - S3E91
  • Sweet Butt the Cow dies - S3E93
  • Sweet Prince Vantis and Tom fight for the throne - S3E94
  • Second Girls' Night - INTERLUDE - Girls Night 2 Girl Trip
  • The guys form the Street Gang, The Fast Horse - S3E95
  • Chunt takes up the name Badger Boy - S3E95
  • Tom is deeply attracted to Stuart the Cow Milker - S3E96
  • David Allen Mackenzie has a riddle for the people coming from the portals - S3E97
  • The group lives Krom's dream - S3E101

Season 4

  • Usidore gains title: Slayer of the Dark Lord - S4E1
  • Chunt opens a Black&White-smith shop. - S4E1
  • Arnie applies for apprentice cooper. - S4E1
  • Wizla is introduced - S4E1
  • Usidore sells his memories of Fizzle von Pizzlewich for the location of Forgotten Coast - S4E2
  • Claudia moves back to Nibblebottom with her original coven - S4E4
  • Kevrat runs for Town Daddy of Nibblebottom - S4E6
  • Chunt starts "custom-eye"ing his shapeshifting abilities - S4E9
  • The group starts a "Do Not Kill" list for Tormaline, Dragon Teen - S4E9
  • "Strange Trinkets" (i.e. Earth Stuff) are all over Foon - S4E12
  • Ahag is introduced - S4E13
  • Arnie recieve a pinky ring from Chunt that keeps shrinking - S4E15
  • Aprel Füls visits Nibblebottom - S4E15
  • Germ Crust visits Nibblebottom and moves on from her feelings for Usidore - S4E18
  • Villains' Night occurs at the Strange Familiar - S4E19
  • Hildy Shiblin visits Nibblebottom - S4E20
  • DeMonte visits Nibblebottom - S4E21
  • Arnie loses his pinky ring and pinky - S4E21
  • Arnie finds pinky and it talks - S4E22
  • Arnie's pinky adopts the name PK1 and gets heart broken - S4E23
  • Usidore becomes Flint Pus - S4E23
  • Usidore becomes Professor Scrambles - S4E23
  • Usidore becomes Rick Dodo - S4E24
  • Usidore becomes Richard Jenkins - S4E25
  • The guys become official Foonion Acolytes and get IUDs - S4E26
  • Flower has opened a Smoothie Stand in Nibblebottom - S4E27
  • The guys do the podcast in 2 Vermilion 2 Minotaur - S4E28
  • Gianessa is cloned to perform her various tasks in Hogsfacer - S4E28
  • Chunt checks on Séance the Cat - S4E29
  • Arnie's Cooper Boss has died - S4E30
  • The guys are honorary members of RAT House - S4E30
  • Whizla Applesnatch and Tormaline Wagon Teen are introduced - S4E32
  • The Bear swears revenge on Chunt and Usidore. - S4E42
  • Arnie requested to defeat team of vampire - S4E58
  • Chunt is in a cone for two weeks - S4E59
  • Five Finger Scoop Poopy is now a werewolf. - S4E59
  • Usidore gets a letter to be audited - S4E59
  • Arnie went to castle hawkspire and fought a team of vampires. S4E59, and joined by Chunt and Usidore - S4E60
  • Stan Pede assassinates Saucy Kyle - S4E60/S4E61
  • New Segment: Guest decide when the show ends. - S4E67
  • Arnie has Brotaur’s thumb. - S4E68
  • Kittle is introduced. - S4E72
  • A bunch of raisins popped out of Arnie when he was stabbed. - S4E75
  • Chunt Keeps a demon in a jar for the last 20 something years. - S4E77
  • Larry Birdman is the new Commissioner to a new type of Mittens league, the Society and Mittens (the S&M) and the Tolerant Mittens Initiative. - S4E82
  • Activia is invited by the hosts to reunite with her father, but leaves before doing so. - S4E84
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