There are several poets in Foon:

  • Spurt the Elder, the greatest chronicler of Foon of our time
  • Two-Pack, who carried two backpacks with many scrolls inside them. Rumors abound that he still lives
  • Man of Many Methods, who blew people's minds with his many methods of poecy
  • Young Clean Guy Without A Father
  • The Beastly Boys, three gentlemen from the Big Apple who finish each others' lines in a high-pitched yelling rhyming
  • The Clan of Woo-Tongues, who end every poem with "woo"
  • De La Soulwalkers
  • Tribe Called Quest, who banded together with De La Soulwalkers to try and defeat the Dark Lord


  • There is a poetry rivalry between East Foon and West Foon, called a "flaming cauldron of rivalry" by Spurt the Elder.
  • Self-celebration is a common theme of Foonish poetry, often done to pleasure one's own self than an audience. Many young poets will simply say a few words and end the poem prematurely.
  • There is a great tradition of pouring out alcohol to remember the poets that have gone before you.
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