Polo Tatums
Polo Tatums
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Season 3, Ep 42 - Bibbits"
Played by Winston Noel
Name Polo Tatums
Species Bibbit

Polo Tatums is a bibbit invited to a job interview for Usidore's quest.

Polo was played by Winston Noel.


Polo Tatums is a bibbit of the Northern Farthing. He lives in a bibbit burrow, where he is served by fellow bibbit Bustly Mormler and enjoys many meals a day.

He is burdened with a trinket of the Nightmancer, which makes him irritable & rude.

With Bustly he is planning a quest to return the trinket, for a full refund.


He was born and raised an aristocrat.

On Hello from the Magic Tavern

Usidore the Blue convinces Polo to throw the trinket in the fire, and convinces him that the trinket had no power, he was just been an entitled asshole this whole time. Once freed, Polo resolves to finally write the novel he's been thinking about.



  • Season 3, Ep 42 — "Bibbits (w/ Alden Ford and Winston Noel from 'Mission to Zyxx')"
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