Princess Phillipa
Princess Phillipa
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Princess Phillipa"
Played by Abby McEnany
Name Princess Phillipa Edwardina
Nickname(s) PE
Species Humanish
Occupation Royalty
Affiliation Kingdom of Harridan

Princess Phillipa Edwardina of Harridan is the daughter of King Zelvador the Bald. She prefers to be called "PE". Princess Phillipa is hirsute, and hairy "in all the right places".

Princess Phillipa is played by Abby McEnany.


Her father is King Zelvador the Bald. Her mother is barren. Her parents are 34 years old, but their life expectancy is 35. Her two sisters are Lady Disappointment and Lady Egregious. She did not immediately ascend to the throne because, according to Harridan law, she would be required to take a husband, something she was not interested in. She feared for her life and thinks she and her sisters might be murdered, and started living a surreptitious life away from Harridan. However, once she realized that her parents are expected to die soon, she has been rushing to prepare herself for possibly becoming queen soon.

Royal Life

When not living "on the DL" outside of Harridan, she lives a life of luxury. Normally, she wakes on her own, as she has let go all of her handservants, giving them money to start a shop selling chocolate and shoe soles. Then she eats a classic breakfast of mutton and raw wheat.

She desperately wants to become queen of Harridan.

Romantic Life

Princess Phillipa has had poor luck romantically. Because Harridan (unlike the rest of Foon) believes only in heteronormative relations, she cannot find someone suitable, as she is on the lookout for a woman or genderqueer partner. She met a girl named Chris once, and she was nice. Sadly, she has expressed that she feels "dead inside" and like she is being treated like chattel.


  • She usually wears a gown that has a rope with a bell at the top attached to it.
  • Her beard was judged to be excellent by Chunt.
  • She does not frequent bars or taverns and rarely drinks.
  • She rarely showers.


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