Season 1, Ep 89 – Jyn’Leeviyah the Red (w/ Felicia Day)
Jyn’Leeviyah the Red (w/ Felicia Day)
Hello from the Magic Tavern episode
Air date November 28, 2016
Episode no. S01E89
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Hosts Arnie, Chunt, Usidore
Guests Jyn’Leeviyah the Red
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Evan Jacover, Ryan DiGiorgi
Associate Producer {$associateproducer}
Editor Chris Rathjen
Logo Allard Laban
Theme music Andy Poland
Audio assistance Jason Knox
Production assistance Garrett Schultz
Cards Against Humanity and "The Heart Watches While the Brain Burn" by Mike Doughty (use code MAGIC for 20% off)
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“Jyn’Leeviyah the Red” is the eighty-ninth episode of season one of Hello from the Magic Tavern. It was originally released on November 28, 2016.


“At long last, we get to meet the object of Usidore’s wizardly affections.”


Chunt explains about how he went undercover as King of the Badgers recently to find out about the pranks that the other badgers have been playing against him, and why they make fart noises whenever they see him. Arnie inquires about whether the fart noises are being made with their mouths or their butts. Chunt reveals that Usidore is known by the blades of grass as Johnny Downstream, and Usidore reveals that one of his secret names will give you a purple nurple. Arnie learns that Nurples are tiny purple people, a bit smaller than the Smorps, and they are very nice. Chunt, who dearly misses Gorgeous the potato, introduces a farting peach named Sugar Ray that he created using some of the dark magic that he learned. Usidore orders a side of lamb, which turns out to be Jyn’Leeviyah in disguise.

Jyn’Leeviyah hasn’t forgiven Usidore for containing her in a coffin, and after some consideration, has decided that she and Usidore should no longer be together. Usidore still feels love for Jyn’Leeviyah, and goes to retrieve her a drink, leaving Jyn’Leeviyah, Chunt, and Arnie to speak alone. Arnie immediately comments on how craggy and scarred her face is. Usidore returns and turns himself into a plate of pancakes and Jyn’Leeviyah eats a chunk of out of him, then as Usidore returns to wizard form he is missing a chunk.

Jyn’Leeviyah reveals that she makes pootions out of her special butthole. She can eat ingredients and produce magic tinctures and salves. Usidore proposes that Jyn’Leeviyah join him on his quest to defeat the Dark Lord, but Jyn’Leeviyah is hesitant to accept as she has commitment issues. Jyn’Leeviyah tells Usidore that his constant talk of the quest to defeat the Dark Lord is part of the reason she avoids him everywhere but the astral plane. Usidore creates a rune which Jyn’Leeviyah eats, which turns into a small gopher when it comes out. Jyn’Leeviyah explains that she was born from a pool of gophers. As Chunt recalls the time he was a gopher, Arnie interrupts him, turning Jyn’Leeviyah against him in the process. Usidore stands up for Arnie, explaining that he is a very magical being from another world and could be integral to defeating the Dark Lord. To prove this point, Arnie demonstrates his intimate knowledge of the television show Fringe.

After the break, Jyn’Leeviyah explains her job is to spread magical energy to everything in the world, including animals and inanimate objects, through the act of intercourse/therapy. Usidore takes Arnie under his wing, and Arnie says that he thinks of Usidore as an uncle. Arnie explains that he has nine uncles. Usidore thinks that he and Jyn’Leeviyah are not spending enough time together, but Jyn’Leeviyah counters that on the astral plane between 12 and 4 AM, she completely devotes her time to Usidore for some astral play.

Upset with Usidore for continuing to push his quest on her, Jyn’Leeviyah turns her attention to Chunt, who appears to be in need of sexual healing. Chunt and Jyn’Leeviyah hit it off and make plans to have sex later, with Jyn’Leeviyah scaling her body down and using magic so as to not trigger Chunt’s procreative shapeshifting powers. Usidore is upset with this development, but is accepting of Jyn’Leeviyah and her ways, and professes his desire to spend more time with her. Chunt gets more naked than he already was. Arnie says “Goons before Poons”, disgusting everyone, and is told to go take a walk. During that time, Usidore makes up with Jyn’Leeviyah, who ends plans to have sex with Chunt. Jyn’Leeviyah begins talking about needing to collect three or four human children to sacrifice to summon some nymphs for Chunt, and Arnie returns to try to put a stop to the impending child death. Instead, Jyn’Leeviyah sends Arnie into McShingleshane Forest to find a golden mushroom so that she can create a pootion to help fix Chunt’s problems.

Chunt, Usidore, and Jyn’Leeviyah remain to read emails.


  • A listener stands up against all other listeners who say bad things about Arnie, and the gang decides not to tell Arnie.
  • A listener expresses their condolences on Usidore’s recent death, surprising Jyn’Leeviyah who had not heard that Usidore had perished. The listener then gives some advice about necromancers and blood, and talks about a small yellow man with jazz hands . This brings up Can the Yellow, and Jyn’Leeviyah mentions that during her time in the Great Halls of Terr’akkas, she would try to avoid Can and would not study with him nor do anything else with him. Can immediately shows up and says “You totally would.” The gang gives Can one attempt to tell a story that makes him sympathetic. Can tells a masturbation joke about meeting himself many times, then goes into the woods to look at his genitals.
  • A listener tells how they have infected their family with the podcast, and that their brother is named 13. Chunt and Usidore confirm that they love Arnie. Jyn’Leeviyah is apathetic towards him.

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Jyn'Leeviyah the Red (w/ Felicia Day)
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