Prophecy is very real in the land of Foon. True prophecy accurately predicts future events, and cannot be contradicted. However, there are always false prophecies. It is a pastime of some people of Foon to listen to prophecies, current and old. Older prophecies that turned out to be false are mostly forgotten, though people can listen to them again as "oldies" are often nostalgic.


It is implied that the ability to prophecise comes from having a metaphysical conduit "to prophecy". Prophets include:

Known Prophecies

Ascent of the Dark Lord (heard from Spintax2)

He who holds Book of Sight,
When the moon is drained of all its light,
Shall then be ruler of the night,
Master of the Dark!

Defeat of the Dark Lord (from Eternia3)

Listen up y'all cuz this is it
The boy born from the royal Tit-ania
Enters a royal bred carnival with standing poops
A morpher in blue who gathers the troops
To come together and defeat The Dark Lord
With rubies, a smashmouth, and tearing sword
She cut from the womb of a beautiful Notsee
The chosen girl with the perfect fee

Defeat of the Dark Lord II (from the Seers Roe'Buck, heard from The Scholar4)

The Dark Lord will be defeated when two knees come together.

Usidore is certain that this refers to Arnie Niecamp changing his full name to "Arniecamp".

The Warrior From Another World (from Usidore, multiple times)

Usidore claims that there is a prophecy that says a warrior from another world holds the key to defeating The Dark Lord. He believes that Arnie is that person because his name is similar to a famous warrior, Arnor.

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