Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Pulcifer the Unassuming"
Played by Mike Pesca
Name Pulcifer
Nickname(s) The Unassuming
Species Humanish / wereboar
Occupation Scholar

Pulcifer the Unassuming is a scholar who shares a body with a wereboar named Nudutts. The wereboar is prone to occasionally emerging to spout conspiracy theories like "10-11 was an inside job!" Usidore commented that the only physical difference between the two is that Nudutts wears a really nice watch that disappears into his arm when Pulcifer re-emerges.

Pulcifer's father is Amosotis the Wise, a powerful human-born non-wizard magician who learned all his magic to do various deeds such as necromancy and creating a goddess to defeat demons.

Pulcifer is played by Mike Pesca.


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