Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Werewolf"
Name PV-348
Nickname(s) PV3
Species Droid
Occupation Bunker Guardian
Affiliation Craig

PV-348, called PV3 for short, is a droid, as well as a good friend to & traveling buddy of Craig.

Craig first encounters PV3 at a space truck stop, where the droid is working as a diner waiter. After hearing of Craig's past exploits and plans for future adventures, PV3 decides to join Craig on his travels.1

PV3 accompanies Craig to Space Bunker Epsilon, and assists him in the bunker's repair and operation, all while introducing several transmissions from Foon as different seasons of bonus content.

While on Space Bunker Epsilon, PV3 becomes impregnated with and gives birth to a litter of inter-dimensional beings of light2, and is briefly cursed with vampirism3. He departs Space Bunker Epsilon after one year, destroying the station to stop its insane computer4.

PV-348 has a chromium chassis and a humanoid body shape.


During the Lost in Foon - Season 1 miniseries Craig is in dreamlike state & appears to be back on Earth. During that time PV3 is replaced by Craig's human co-worker Pete.
Pete V. Threeman is portrayed by Garrett Shultz

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