Queen Phinaraell
Q’ueen Phinarae’ll
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Elven Queen"
Played by Jessye Grace Mueller.
Name Phinarae’ll
Species Elf
Occupation Q’ueen
Affiliation Satur’neth F’orest

Q’ueen Phinarae’ll, L’ady of the Satur’neth F’orest is an Elven Queen.

Distraught by the state of the world and the ascendancy of evil, Q’ueen Phinarae’ll is looking for opportunities to turn the tide against evil, though she is unsure of how best to do so and has settled on contributing to the quests of others. Her greatest concern is the waning of some elves magical powers. If they lose their powers, they may end up having to retire to Grey Gardens, a fate she personally wishes to avoid (though her mother it trying to convince her otherwise).

At present she retains her own powers and can summon visions of the future in her tears, speak directly into the minds of others, and transform into a flock of doves. Q’ueen Phinarae’ll enjoys shopping for pottery.

Q’ueen Phinarae’ll is played by Jessye Grace Mueller.


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