Fooniverse - Questions From The Patrons
Fooniverse - Questions from the Patrons
Hello from the Magic Tavern episode
Air date November 24, 2021
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Hosts Arnie, Chunt, Usidore
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Producers Arnie Niekamp, Matt Young, Adal Rifai
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Post-production coordination Garrett Schultz
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"Fooniverse - Questions from the Patrons" is a Patreon bonus episode of Hello from the Magic Tavern. It was originally released on November 24, 2021.


Arnie, Usidore, and Chunt answer some of the patron's questions gathered from Patreon.


Back at the Parasocial, Usidore gets right into it and wants to answer Patron questions, just like when they answered email questions on the main feed. However, Arnie and Chunt immediately shoot off questions for Usidore:

  • (from Arnie) What is [Usidore's] Deal? He was born of a conspiracy of rain and birds and fire and wind and squirrels that insisted that there must be a champion, so he stepped forth fully formed in the world. And he said "Ye, this champion is here among you now. And I shall strive to defeat evil in all its forms. And naught shall stop me. Ye, I am an unstoppable force for good."
  • (from Chunt) What is [Usidore's] favorite Word? Bananas
  • (from Chunt) What is [Usidore's] Middle Name? The
  • (from Arnie) If Ephysiyies exists, and the goddesses greet him with the pearly gates, what would [Usidore] hope they say to him? Well Done, then gets handed a steak, which he would respond, "No, thank you. Medium rare."
  • (from Chunt) Is Susan Doku with them right now? Yes
  • (from Arnie) What…do you like me? Usidore's Characters likes Arnie.
  • (from Arnie) What is Chunt's favorite curse word? Buttholes (the same goes for Arnie)

Here are the Patreon Questions as pulled from All answers will be truncated and only include the names if said by the hosts:

hey peeps! love the podcast, it hold a very special place in my heart. because I have no idea what question to ask, ill ask the earth, standardized interview question: "what is your greatest strength, and your worse weakness?" also, could Chunt try to say the Magey Tavey intro again?1 maybe he will get it this time. this podcast has gotten me through a rough time and I'm so grateful to have gotten the chance to explore FOON with all of you. don't die!!! -Bella

Chunt starts off saying the Magey Tavey intro, but Arnie corrects him saying it is the Patreon. Chunt starts again, but stops when he gets to the part about Foon.

Chunt: Greatest Strength: Thighs, Worst Weakness: Neck

Arnie: Greatest Strength: His Mind, Worst Weakness: His Mind

Usidore: Greatest Strength: Conduit for the force of goodness, Worst Weakness: Caring too much

Chunt: Worst Weakness: Works too hard

Arnie, has anyone been able to reach you regarding your car's extended warranty yet?

Arnie: It's been about over six years, so the warranty probably expired.

The group talks about fixing the car and propose that they do another Road Trip for a Patreon Episode. Arnie also asks if there would be signs along the road.

Arnie: If you ever get back to earth, would you still do the podcast? Given that Usodore and Chunt come with you of course. Love you guys. -Roberto

Arnie: With Usidore and Chunt, no. By himself, yes.

Chunt: Usidore and Chunt would probably start their own podcast on Earth called "Earth Stuff". Or do a podcast reviewing movies.

Usidore: Mostly agrees with Chunt, also suggest a podcast where they review fast food places.

What happened to Craptor? I find it awfully suspicious that after we learned he was possibly Usidores brother he hasn't been heard from again, I hope he hasn't been transformed into some kind of crapping cricket or shitting serpent! Pooping pollywog? Defecating dragonfly?

Chunt: Craptor got married to Pegmysauras. He was the officiant, but cannot remember any of the vows.

Usidore: If you were able to put a number to your power as a wizard, let's arbitrarily say from 1-20, what would it be? Arnie and Lil Squish, does his answer seem right? Lots of love from a longtime listener and currently power level 3 wizard XOXO - Fiannor, Conjurer of Cenira

Usidore: One since one is the best

The group then debates one what end of the spectrum is best and Arnie suggests a new rating system for Wizards.

Spiced potatoes!?

Chunt: Yes

Usidore: Yes

Arnie: What do people want to drink?

Chunt: King's Juice

Arnie: Red Potion, then Diet Red Potion

Usidore: Settles on Chicken Juice

John Murphy here, (it is okay to use my name) from earth. Long time listener. I am being discharged from the hospital today after having quadruple bypass surgery. My nurse was helping me pee when I realized “you know, I’ve never had anybody in a bar help me Pee.” I was wondering if any of you have ever had a time in your life when someone was kind enough to help you pee. Love you all John Murphy Milky Way galaxy Western spiral arm Earth Iowa Ames

Chunt: Yes, while he and Arnie were living together, Arnie helped Chunt pee while he was sleeping and held him outside the window. He tried to reciprocate, but he got a hernia and peed on.

Usidore: Yes, when he first came in to the world, he was a full grown adult with all his powers, but did not know much.

Hey boooooys! As an earth connoisseur of the fine arts I was curious… If you could have the ideal grand portrait done up of you what would it look like?

Chunt: 1) Chunt with a brown bag with the eyeholes cut out. Arms are tied up in front of him. He is hanging upside down from a rope by his feet. The Bag stays on his head. 2) Chunt with a blindfold on, standing on a stool. His hands are on his hips. His genitals are covered with a banana and two apples.

Usidore: Usidore on a cliff overlooking a great ocean and lightening will be coming down all around him. His shirt will be off and his chiseled upper body will be shown to the world. He would be casting fireballs into the sky as dragons and demons came at him at every side and he would be fending them off.



Usadore: If you could slay one monster all over again to re-experience the adventure with a fresh perspective, which enemy would you re-slay?

Usidore: There was an evil manticore terrorizing a village, but not attacking it. The townsfolk asked Usidore to help, but seeing that he wasn't a true threat to the people, he did not feel the need to kill him. After a confrontation to reach some peaceful agreement, the Manticore told Usidore to "fuck off", to which he responded "Me fuck off? Why don't you fuck off, with fire!" and set him aflame. Usidore has since regretted it as there should have been better remediation between the manticore and himself.

Hey guys! Excluding Titania, who is the sexiest person/creature each of you has encountered in Foon? (Feel free and use my name in the podcast if you want, but not outside of the podcast 😉)

Chunt: This rabbit he saw after chasing another rabbit

Usidore: Jessica Rabbit

Arnie: Rabbit Rabbit, The mind of John Updike

I don't get the "Chunt please" line. I thought it was like "C*nt PLEASE!" as in "WTF did you even think?" or "Shut the fuck up!" but the way it's delivered it sounds more like "And one milkshake please!". I'm not getting it, never did, please explain the "Chunt please"-thing for someone in Europe.2

Usidore: Thought it was a play on Check Please

Chunt: Every time Chunt says "Chunt Please", it means "One Milkshake Please".

Why didn't Usidore just ask Chunt to transform into a giant eagle and carry everyone to the volcano???

Usidore: Because the Eagles would've been shot down. Next Question!

Is there a way to get Usidore, Chunt and Arnie to play Jackbox games together?

Chunt recognizes that Arnie "used to" work for Jackbox games. Arnie surmises that if they were still making games, they would be at Party Pack 8. Usidore asked if anyone else had anything to plug.

How do wizard hormones work? Usidore has romantic interests but doesn't appear to be able to sexually reproduce. Why he horny?

Usidore: Wizards can have kids, he choses not to. The offspring will not be a full wizard, but a combination of a wizard and his mate.

I've been trying to spread more love this year and make new changes so what is one thing you love about eachother :)

Arnie: Usidore: His dedication to do good and no matter what, he would do everything he could to save him and the people that he loves; Chunt: He is an adorable little Badger. There is no one more fun to talk shit around.

Chunt: Usidore: He is the most trustworthy person he knows and will protect him at any cost; Arnie: He is an adorable little Badger also (metaphorically). Also there is no one more fun to talk shit around.

Usidore: Chunt: His social nature and can put people at ease; Arnie: He is a natural leader, which makes him integral part of the team.

To everyone: What is your favorite vacation destination?

Usidore: The Isles of Migas

Arnie: Anywhere with a Señor Frog's

Chunt: The Island of Home

Anyone can answer this: if you shapeshift into a nocturnal animal before you would go to bed at night, can you stay up forever without sleeping?

Usidore: It probably wouldn't work and you'll probably end up sleep deprived that you would go insane and think you're in a different world and having adventures in a strange land.

Chunt: Happened to stay up for 3 days and dreamt he was a scallop, and he was.

Chunt, do you get zoomies after going to the bathroom?

Chunt: Yes, all the time

How's Chode?

Usidore: Chode is fine.

Do you have a favorite inspirational quote?

Arnie: Yes

Usidore: Agreed

Chunt: Yes. He tries to elaborate, but Arnie and Usidore stop him.

Are you guys ever gonna go to “new hogs face” and check out the new town?!

Chunt: Mostly afraid to because how they left it.

Usidore: Would love to go back. He thinks Gianessa could help them out.

I don’t have a question. But I hope you all have a good day. :)

Chunt: If you wanted to wish us a good day, you should've said "don't die".

This question is for Arnie: Do you miss being a tiki mug? I have a huge collection of tiki mugs, and I'd love to add an Arnie mug to my shelf.

Arnie: Sometimes, but when that happens, he fills himself with rum.

What's up Tavern Gang? Long time listener, first time patreon…er! My girlfriend and I are expecting our first child in just a few months and I know how experienced you all are at making special, secret names. What are some good Foonian names for us to consider giving our human earth child? All the best from Chicago!

The group comes up with some names, including:

  • Lamb Bass Reynolds
  • Emerald Powerblast
  • Truncated Duncan
  • Frenchie
  • Toby
  • Charlie Kisses

During the wrap up, Arnie suggest going into the Magic Tavern Discord and see who responds. However, since they are recording late, Arnie is unsure if anyone will respond. Usidore also types in the channel to ask if Arnie is drunk. Heidi responds. When Usidore asks if they have any messages for them, Heidi asks if the carpet matches the drapes, Usidore says yes they do, but the euphuism is lost on Arnie and Chunt. They end the podcast telling the listener to don't die.

New Characters

  • Pegmysauras, Craptor's spouse
  • Jessica Rabbit

Recurring Characters

Earth References

  • Pitchfork
  • Mercy
  • Vulture and their article that lists them
  • Peeps
  • Pete Davidson
  • Gambit, X-Men
  • New Orleans
  • "Crunchatize me"
  • Mazda "Zoom Zoom"
  • Rax Roast Beef
  • Rally's
  • Cha-Ching!
  • Powerman 5000
  • Fork Rating
  • "looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!"
  • Credit Card Benefits
  • Alf
  • layaway
  • trade ins
  • Lola Bunny
  • Buggs Bunny
  • Jessica Rabbit, Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  • Slinky
  • Rabbit, Run by John Updike
  • "Mmmm, Check Please!"
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Jackbox
  • "Pretty Fly" by the Offspring
  • Curiosity killed the Cat
  • Señor Frog's
  • The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli
  • "Smash and Subscribe"
  • Fake Latin Text


  • "Pello Prom Phe Pagic Pavern" is used again.
  • Squirrels in Usidore's Conspiracy is not new. Most notably, it was referenced in Season 3, Ep 71 - Solstice Squirrel
  • There are about 600-1000 manticores in Foon.
  • As per request, Hutch does not appear in this episode.

Behind the Scenes


This screenshot was taken from the Magic Tavern Discord available to members of the Patreon.

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