Captain Rafe Shapely
Captain Rafe Shapely
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Land Pirate"
Played by Adam Burke
Name Rafe Shapely
Species humanish
Occupation Land Pirate
Affiliation The Dark Lord

Captain Rafe Shapely is Foon's most feared land pirate. He is trying to popularize land shanties.


Earlier in life Rafe attempted to be a pirate upon the seas, but he just doesn't care for water. Additionally, he is bad at tying knots and is averse to splinters, which is basically what boats are made of.

For these reasons he started land-pirating on a wagon. His early failures led him to lose the respect of his crew, resulting in cruel shanties at his expense and 19 mutinies in one week.

He has two eyes but wears an eye patch for medical reasons. He speaks passionately about the beauty of land sirens.

He wears to Yar bar, to track his Yars, and strives to say Yar a hundred times day.

On Masters of Mayhem

The Baron & Dripfang recruit Captain Shapely by offering him a crew of orcs, who will never question his orders or mutiny.

Captain Rafe Shapely is played by Adam Burke


* Masters of Mayhem Season 1, Episode 4 — "Land Pirate"

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