Religions Of Foon

Though the term religion takes on different meaning in a world where magic and the supernatural are commonplace, there are many belief systems in Foon that fit the term.

Goddess Worship

The fact that the Goddesses Foo, Ooo, & Oon created all of Foon is generally accepted. Still, only some think that fact warrants worship. Those who do congregate on Blernsdays. Usidore believes the Goddesses work in mysterious ways, including through wizards such as himself.


The first recorded human to travel from Earth to Foon was Peter Smith almost 150 years ago, who brought his religion of Judaism with him. In the time since Peter has had many descendants, & many others have converted to his faith, which he admits he has made a few modifications to.


Foonationism is a religious belief associated with the gods of Foon. It has not been stated precisely which gods, but candidates include:

  • Bruce the Sky God holds court in the sky, and his former jester Dorian Deville is a Trickster God.
  • There is also a Thrak, the Thunder God1.
  • The god Pitocin is the Lord of Souls, and is associated with birth.2
  • The river god Potomas, who was killed by Arnor the Warrior.3

There are also beings known as the Dark Gods, including:

  • Blath, the Dark God of Apathy,
  • other Dark Gods including Flasneer, Gasnor, Krax, and Stransnath4


The Moremen religion states you go to a planet with lots of men when you die.5


Sissytologists believe that thousands of years ago a woman named Sissy Spacechick came to Foon carrying with her the blood of the innocent, which she dumped over her head. All of the doors of Foon shut, and then she ascended into the sky. Chunt is a Sissytologist.6


Like Peter Smith before him, Arnie the man from Earth has become a religious figure, though not as willingly. Arnienians will often ask themselves “What Would Arnie Do?”7

Bossa Nova’s Assistants

A religion whose followers are not allowed to celebrate any of Foon’s many holidays, or personal celebrations like birthdays.8

The Singled Out Folk

A self-identified cult, The Singled Out Folk thought that they'd all go to the great pillow in the sky together, but they started leaving one by one instead. The only remaining member is Gracie.

Dark Lord Worship

Any moderately successful Dark Lord will attract acolytes, and the current one is the most formidable in thousands of years. Many have offered their service and fealty, and his most devoted worshipers offer their souls up for his consumption.

Miscellaneous Deities

Aside from the Goddesses Foo, Ooo, Oon, there are other deities present on Foon, and other being who have accrued followers.

  • Witches worship Big Hat, the Giant Witch.9 Many sects in Foon direct their focus to those with Big Hats, but Usidore does not approve of BigHatry.
  • Centaurs worship a god with a human body and a horse head. Every winter solstice he demands blood sacrifice.10
  • Kobolds have long worshiped a dragon as their god, and were quite upset by said dragons murder by the Dark Lord.11
  • Mr. Chauncey and other forest creatures in the North worship a giant lion who keeps getting killed by a witch and then being resurrected.
  • The great mage Amassadus the Wise created a goddess, the angel Berrerra, to defeat the Demons of Svaboda. She's now on the loose.12
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