Richard Seashanty and Pilk
Richard Seashanty & Pilk
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Siren"
Played by Derek Dupuy (Seashanty), Mike Spara (Pilk)
Name Richard Seashanty, Pilk
Species Unknown
Occupation Proprietor (Seashanty), servant (Pilk)
Affiliation Richard Seashanty's Boots and Fashions

Richard Seashanty is the proprietor of Richard Seashanty's Boots and Fashions; Plik is the shop's floor servant.

An elf stole Richard's wife, they are not welcome at Richard Seashanty's Boots and Fashions.

Richard Seashanty is played by Derek Dupuy.

Pilk is played by Mike Spara.


  • Season 1, Ep 81 — "Siren"
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