Ricki Powergrab-Llewellyn
Ricki Powergrab-Llewellyn
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Fooniverse - Good AfterFoon!
Played by Becca Barish
Name Ricki Powergrab-Llewellyn

Ricki Powergrab-Llewellyn is the parent of Jessabeth Pwergrab, the stupid girl that fell down a well and has been trapped there for a week, and the partner of Cynthia Powergrab. They go on Good AfterFoon!, hosted by Deb Falcon and Korvath the Unknowable, to beg the listeners not to save their daughter to they can have some peace. When Jessabeth shows signs of escaping, they begged anyone to lift the fingers to keep the child down in the well.

Ricki Powergrab-Llewellyn is played by Becca Barish.


  • Their name only comes from the credits and is not mentioned on the episode proper.


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