Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Season 3, Ep 64 - Chunt for Red October 6: Chunt for Bread October (w/ Dan Lippert and Drew Tarver from Teachers' Lounge)"
Played by Dan Lippert
Name Ringo
Species "Aliens"
Occupation Food Pacing Musician

Ringo is one of the beings that visit Castle Skullmaster during Chunt's annual Chunt for Red October.


Ringo is the leader between him and McCartney. He is not much of a believer of magic and try to avoid it. Their species cannot be around the "wet stuff" i.e. water since it is like a drug to them. The "white stuff", i.e. cum, is just as bad to them. Their species also do not know how much time things need, so Ringo and McCartney create music to keep track of time, specifically for food. Ringo has a very open sexual history.

Although not described individually, their species have tongues and many mouths, some of which have specific uses, like spit takes and comedy.


Originally from planet Thebeatles, Ringo and his friend, McCartney, were banished for indecency. While looking for a home planet, they avoid planets with water, though they keep finding it. During one of their trips around to find a new planet to become their home, they spent time on Earth. Their time spanned quite a while as they cite the Nixon Administration and Sarah Jessica Parker. They have also auditioned for a porno. Eventually they left once they realized the Earth was approximately 3/4th water.

When entering Foon they had to go through customs where their ham was taken from them.

On Hello from the Magic Tavern

On the sixth annual Chunt for Red October, Ringo and McCartney was spotted by Chunt and followed literal breadcrumbs inside Castle Skullmaster. They get interviewed, and any time either one of them gets hurt, Chunt and Usidore collect their blood. They have proven that they are more versed in Earth Stuff than Arnie. After the show, Chunt hits the glasses of water around them. When they leave Foon, they find another planet called Waterworld.

Ringo was played by Dan Lippert


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