Sarah Maher
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance: "The Scholar"
Portrayed by: Sarah Maher
Name: Sarah Maher
Species: Human
Occupation: Unknown

Sarah Maher is Arnie's wife. She loves Smash Mouth (but not the Bangles), and the first thing you should say to her if you see her (after saying hello) is that she loves Smash Mouth. They have a daughter together who Usidore and Spintax have named "Phone" after Sarah's most cherished possession.

Sarah became an expert sword wielder during her first time on Foon, and kept those skills upon her return to Earth, even though she had no recollection of how they were acquired. A spell cast by Can the Wizard was originally supposed to cast Sarah into space but it was redirected to send her back home without any knowledge of her time on Foon.

Upon her second teleportation to Foon, Sarah's arm turned to obsidian like Usidore's, and later we learn that they were exchanged since Usidore now has Sarah's arm. All her memories of her last time in Foon were restored, but her reunion with Arnie was cut short when Can's spell re-engaged and shot her back into space. The crew of the space station had pinpointed her location but knew little else.


Sarah was found when the crew of Space Bunker Zeta was brought aboard the Space Bunker High Command. Dr. Zedore discovered that Sarah's obsidian arm was a gravity well, and by using a particle accelerator to meld together all the dead Tricia clones into one giant Tricia, they were able to use that organic mass as a bridge to the charged gravity well to seal and destroy the Void. Afterwards Sarah was presumably transported back to her job on Earth.


Sarah Maher is played by herself.


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