Scrr is a town in Foon.

Tomblain Belaroth pretended to be from Scrr while posing as "Tom the Traveler1."

There is a tavern in Scrr. The bartender there is called Telacia Porntain. Scrr also has a nightclub called Gernkle Bernkle.2

Scrr contains some library or repository of ancient texts, which Usidore has consulted for clues on how to defeat the Dark Lord.3

Residing in the town are a group of Druids, the Druids of Scrr. Usidore mentions their use of powerful stone tablets, and that he has seen and studied them. It may be that these tablets are the source of the ancient texts in the library, or indeed are the library itself.


The local Mittens team is the Scrr Buzzards4.

Scrr hosted the Mittens 10th Anniversary Round Table Round Robin Circular Superstationwagon, with new fields being built for the occasion.

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