Scrr is a town in Foon within a few days ride of Hogsface.

There is a tavern in Scrr with a bartender named Telacia Porntain, who Usidore identifies as his second favorite bartender behind Otok Barleyfoot. Scrr also has a nightclub called Gernkle Bernkle,1 and a restaurant called the Hangry Hippo.2

The town is governed by a Council of Burghers.

The Druids of Scrr reside there. Usidore mentions their use of powerful stone tablets, which he has seen and studied. Usidore has also consulted some library or repository of ancient texts in Scrr for clues on how to defeat the Dark Lord.4. It may be that the Druids' tablets are the source of the ancient texts in the library, or indeed are the library itself.

There's a tomb there where Usidore found a scroll saying there’s a magic wand hidden “behind the hanging head of the elk”.5

There was a dragon attack in Scrr Arnie's third year in Foon.6

Once when facing famine, Scrr received relief from Pizza Skull, who transformed all the towns socks & shoes into Pizza.7

Scrr has the tallest snake pile in Foon, but not the widest.8

Scrr was once the home of flesh-eating buzzards, until Arnor the Warrior defeated them (they did manage eat his testicles however).


The local Mittens team is the Scrr Buzzards9, whose colors include blue. The first full season that Arnie was in Foon Scrr was either the 2nd or 3rd best team in the league, netting them a spot in the Mittens Calvalcade part 1.

Scrr hosted the Mittens 10th Anniversary Round Table Round Robin Circular Superstationwagon, with new fields being built for the occasion.


Tomblain Belaroth pretended to be from Scrr while posing as "Tom the Traveler10."
Baron Ragoon concedes Scrr is more cultured than the Shrike Valley.11

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