Hello from the Magic Tavern (season 2)
Hello from the Magic Tavern (season 2)
Art by unknown
Hosts Arnie, Chunt, Usidore the Blue
First episode March 20, 2017
Network Earwolf
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Evan Jacover, Ryan DiGiorgi
Theme music Andy Poland
Logo Allard Laban

The second season of Hello from the Magic Tavern premiered on March 20, 2017 and concluded on March 31, 2019. It consisted of 105 episodes, including interludes and bonus episodes.

Offices & Bosses season two is set around the time of episode 53.

During the hiatus between seasons two and three, Offices & Bosses season one was released on the main feed in addition to promotion for season three and the first episode of Behind the Tavern.




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See also: List of "Hello From the Magic Tavern" episodes

No. in season Title Original air date
1 "The Podcast" March 20, 2017
Whatever happened to the man from Earth, the badger and the wizard?
2 "Birdman of Hogsface" March 27, 2017
Larry Birdman returns to catch us up on the rules he’d like to change in the game of Mittens.
3 "Satyr and Beholder (w/ Elliott Kalan and Stuart Wellington from The Flop House)" April 3, 2017
We learn more about the arts from a goat man and a giant floating eyeball.
4 "Not the Sheriff" April 10, 2017
We interview a mysterious guard with a vaguely familiar and unconvincing voice.
5 "Jayme and Sayme" April 17, 2017
The Baron stops by with his odd twin children Jayme and Sayme.
6 "Mouse" April 24, 2017
A little talking mouse named Momo joins us in the tavern.
7 "Carfoonist (Live from Emerald City Comic Con)" May 1, 2017
The Baron finds an old episode Arnie forgot to upload, from two days before the seige of Hogsface. Our hosts learn about magic paint from a 'carfoonist.'
8 "Dripfang" May 8, 2017
The Dark Lord’s Chef Inquisitor pays a visit. And that is not a typo.
9 "Herbalists" May 15, 2017
Magic can’t solve everything. Maybe the Milkweeds can help us with some natural remedies. Also, Chunt is now in a power position.
10 "Bro-taur (w/ Colt Cabana)" May 22, 2017
We interview a muscular half man, half animal… only he’s not sure exactly what the animal half is.
11 "Surveillance Spider (w/ Cory Doctorow)" May 29, 2017
The Dark Lord may be spying on the people of Foon, and we’ve got one of his surveillance spiders in the tavern, ready to tell the tale.
12 "Unwed Mother" June 5, 2017
Daphne the overworked mother is helping to run the tavern on behalf of the Dark Lord. Also, Chunt’s new guard friend seems very strange.
13 "Gargoyle Girl" June 12, 2017
We meet a female gargoyle and get yelled at more by Daphne.
14 "Elf Help" June 19, 2017
DQ the elf is back and he has word of a resistance force growing strength in the forest.
15 "But What About Flower?" June 26, 2017
We learn what Flower has been up to recently. Also, what’s taking breakfast so long.
16 "Tom the Girlfriend" July 3, 2017
Baron Ragoon has brought his new girlfriend to the Tavern. She seems vaguely familiar. Also, Blemish is around.
17 "Crazy Jared" July 10, 2017
Lots of things are changing in the tavern. But can Blemish ever change?
18 "The Basement" July 17, 2017
Arnie and Usidore sneak into the basement while Chunt distracts Blemish.
19 "Momo" July 24, 2017
Momo the mouse is back with important messages about defeating the Dark Lord.
20 "King Krom" July 31, 2017
Krom the warrior is back, but he’s been moving up in the world.
21 "Gnome" August 7, 2017
We meet a gnome named Aprel and learn several important lessons about friendship.
22 "Twins" August 14, 2017
Jayme and Sayme the creepy twin children of Baron Ragoon are back and stranger than ever. Also, Chunt is trying out some secret names for himself.
23 "Used Horse Salesman" August 21, 2017
Ex-squire Rocky Cocodino is here to sell some lightly used warhorses.
24 "Book Club - The Great Gatsby" August 28, 2017
A wizard, a witch, a badger, a flower, a Chicagoan and a humunculous made of bodily fluids all try to understand the Earth book ‘The Great Gatsby.
25 "Sit in a Circle (w/ Todd Barry, Janet Varney, Cole Stratton, Matt Besser & Danielle Schneider live from Outside Lands Fest)" September 4, 2017
An especially lively night in the tavern with visits from a raven, a warrior elf, an ill child, a giant dwarf and a fairy decorator.
26 "A Short One" September 11, 2017
I don’t know… what if… we did a short one?
27 "But What About Forever Girl?" September 18, 2017
Eternia the Forever Girl is back to let us know what life is like for her under the Dark Lord’s reign. Also, believe it or not, part of the riddle gets solved.
28 "Gettin' Nuts (w/ Paul F. Tompkins, Live from Now Hear This in New York)" September 25, 2017
Usidore and Chunt’s spin-off podcast is visited by a dapper faun named Mister Chauncey, a series of bats and a talking acorn.
29 "Nymph" October 2, 2017
A Forest Nymph stops by to help spread the word on Nymph Awareness Month. Also… special note for Rusty: stop listening at about 38 minutes in.
30 "Chunt For Red October 3 - The Sum Of All Rears" October 9, 2017
Vampires seem to be avoiding Chunt’s annual blood drive, so instead we interview a werewolf.
31 "Bard, Elf and Fortune Teller (Live from Chicago)" October 16, 2017
The Tavern is packed with people, including a mysterious bard, DQ the elf and an amateur fortune teller. Also, Usidore conjures images from Arnie’s home: Chicago.
32 "Dark Lord’s Birthday Party" October 23, 2017
We sneak into the Dark Lord’s party and mingle amongst his evil partygoers all as part of a plan to kill the Dark Lord.
33 "Necromancer Performance Review" October 30, 2017
It’s time to talk to Dripfang the Chef Inquisitor about how evil he is and if he can do his job better.
34 "Pulcifer the Unassuming (w/ Mike Pesca)" November 6, 2017
We’re joined by a very famous guest… or, rather, his father was famous. He seems okay. It’s Pulcifer the Unassuming.
35 "New Guy (Live from Brooklyn)" November 13, 2017
It’s a busy night in the tavern. We talk to a prolific but cursed bard, a guy who just moved to town with his wife and a beloved old longtime sponsor.
36 "Blessed Troll" November 20, 2017
We’re visited by a troll that has been both blessed and cursed with special powers.
37 "Crone" November 27, 2017
We’re joined by a withered old crone that makes delicious baked goods and steals water.
38 "Treasure Chest" December 4, 2017
This large treasure chest has just been sitting near our table for years. Let’s open it.
39 "nymbee and Grundle (w/ Paul and Storm)" December 11, 2017
Foon’s most famous band is back to play a few more songs before they break up again.
40 "Cockatrice (w/ Laura Grey)" December 18, 2017
Chicken on top? Dragon on bottom? Let’s talk to a cockatrice!
41 "Blue Chris-Must (w/ Jessica McKenna and Zach Reino from Off Book)" December 25, 2017
It’s Winter Solstice time again and music is in the air. And we’re visited by two Great Blue Tigers.
42 "Tomorrow (w/Jordan Klepper Live from NYCC)" January 8, 2018
The Tavern is packed with a phoenix, a will o’ the wisp and more.
43 "Former Bird (w/ Joel Kim Booster)" January 15, 2018
We talk to a boy who used to be a bird.
44 "Deputy Weaver of Parallel Truths (w/ David Plotz live from Washington D.C.)" January 22, 2018
We interview a mouth piece of the Dark Lord in a packed tavern. We’re also joined by a solo nymbee of nymbee and Grundle. (Recorded live at the historic Sixth & I synagogue in Washington D.C.)
45 "Night of the Oversharing Dead" January 29, 2018
The tavern is quiet but the dead will walk and spill their secrets this night. Also, Chunt has a new friend!
46 "Lightbringers of Hogsface" February 5, 2018
We’ve formed a council to help run Hogsface, and invited Momo the mouse with human strength, Jak Vorpal and the Singing Sword.
47 "Mittens Returns" February 12, 2018
Larry Birdman, the commissioner of the Foon Mittens League, is back with good news about Hogsface’s bid to get a new Mittens team.
48 "Eunuch Tutor" February 19, 2018
Benedict Whisperbrew returns to Hogsface for a eunuch parade.
48B "INTERLUDE – Hey Kids, it’s a Magic Tavern!" February 26, 2018
We check in with an alternate reality version of the podcast, coming from a family friendly dimension where Arnie and his pals record a weekly children’s podcast. They’re joined by old friends including Flower and a very angry boy.
49 "Three Years" March 5, 2018
Our three year anniversary show. It’s time to learn more about the traveling acting troupe, the Cockticklers.
50 "Reply All Wizards" March 11, 2018
The secrets of the multiverse may be may be discovered by reporter Alex Goldman after he places a call to a mysterious green wizard.
51 "Squibbert" March 18, 2018
Squibbert the frog returns with an important message from the Dark Lord. That’s assuming we can focus up enough to hear it.
52 "Wheel Bear" March 25, 2018
We interview a bear on wheels who also happens to be deputy to Sheriff Chunt.
53 "Advanced Offices & Bosses" April 1, 2018
Metamore is back to help us play another game of Offices and Bosses…and share some news about the spin-off.
54 "Fangy Yelly" April 9, 2018
It’s the Annual Gathering of the Fi’ang Yaloks which means the Memory Gremlin is back.
55 "Road Trip" April 15, 2018
We’ve been cooped up in the tavern for too long. Time for a road trip! In our imaginations!
56 "Jamillious Returns" April 22, 2018
Jamillious the Mauve Wizard visits to update us on the battle against the Dark Lord and possibly sponsor Arnie’s citizenship.
57 "Jyn’Leeviyah Returns" April 30, 2018
The Red Wizard is back, summoned to help Arnie with his citizenship test. But can she and Usidore work through their relationship problems?
58 "Garbage Lady (w/ Betsy Sodaro Live in LA)" May 6, 2018
Grunkle, the Garbage Lady of Hogsface, stops by the tavern for the first time in 13 years. Also, everyone’s getting old.
59 "Activia (w/ Tawny Newsome)" May 13, 2018
After over three years missing, Activia Barleyfoot, daughter of Otok, returns to the tavern.
60 "Outside (w/ Paul F. Tompkins)" May 20, 2018
After being kicked out of the tavern, Arnie runs into the fancy little faun Mister Chauncey.
61 "Chunt's House" May 27, 2018
Chunt’s house gets pretty full when Arnie and Usidore are visited by Arnor and the Soul Walker.
62 "The Ruffled Feather (w/ Jessica McKenna and Zach Reino)" June 3, 2018
We’re in a new tavern and talking to the Freshgrave Twins, two of the most devious wizards-in-training from Jizzlenob Preparatory Academy for Young Wizards.
63 "Genie (w/ Lauren Lapkus)" June 10, 2018
We find a lamp and talk to Crystal the Genie.
64 "Scholar and Ogre" June 17, 2018
The Scholar from the library of the Great Halls of Terr’akkas returns. And we meet an ogre as well.
65 "Usidore’s House (w/ Matt Gourley, Amanda Lund and Mark McConville)" June 24, 2018
An episode recorded from Usidore’s House on top of the hill, dramatically interrupted by real estate agent Axelrod Remax and two of his clients.
66 "Boy King (w/ Jordan Morris and Jesse Thorn)" July 1, 2018
The boy king of Grimfallon stops by the Ruffled Feather along with his au pair, Bormp.
67 "Mole Warriors (w/ Sean Clements and Hayes Davenport of Hollywood Handbook)" July 8, 2018
Two adorable moles with swords stop by explain their battle strategies to dominate every other creature in the magical land of Foon.
68 "But What About the Baron?" July 15, 2018
Baron Ragoon barges into the Ruffled Feather hoping to move the story along.
69 "Tavern Heist" July 22, 2018
We’re pulling the magical heist of the century.
70 "Girls Night" July 29, 2018
Flower and Momo the mouse with human strength host the show. Their guest is the former sheriff, Gianessa.
71 "Castle Nowhere" August 5, 2018
What’s on the other side of the portal in the basement? Castle Nowhere. And Honey Vandershrimp.
72 "Dripfang Returns" August 12, 2018
Dripfang the Chef Inquisitor stops by the tavern in an attempt to improve the podcast.
73 "Globulous (Live from Indianapolis w/ Stuart Wellington)" August 19, 2018
Globulous the floating monster with eye stalks floats into the tavern with plans for the local rec center.
74 "Sweater Quest" August 26, 2018
What if Usidore had left on his quest to defeat the Dark Lord one day earlier, leaving Hogsface with Arnie, Chunt, Pimbly Nimblebottom, Tannakin and Germ? Let’s use magic to find out?
75 "Beyond Sweater Quest" September 2, 2018
We continue to magically see what-would-have been, if we had left on Usidore’s Quest…and found Otok.
76 "Activia's Quest" September 9, 2018
We sneak back into the Vermilion Minotaur to try to talk Activia Barleyfoot into setting off on a quest to find her father.
77 "Just Todd" September 16, 2018
We’re back in the Vermilion Minotaur and excited to catch up with Chest Trünkborn, the mimic.
78 "Hunger Ghost Returns" September 23, 2018
Chunt’s dad is back in town for Chunt’s upcoming wedding!
79 "Doppelgänger" September 30, 2018
Arnie, Chunt, and Usidore talk to Dopel the Doppelgänger, who can look like anyone.
80 "Momo and the Mayor (Live from Chicago’s iO Theater)" October 7, 2018
Momo the Mouse with Human Strength stops by to dish on Chunt’s love life and her own.
81 "Squire" October 14, 2018
Usidore and Chunt invite in Stick the Squire to apprentice under Arnie, in case anything ever happens to him.
"Sickly Heir, Dwarf and Elf (Live from the London Podcast Festival)" October 17, 2018
"It's a fun night in the tavern, with a visit from a very weak prince and a happily married dwarf and elf. (This episode takes place roughly between episodes 260 and 280, but is not particularly spoilery.) [Only available via Stitcher Premium]
82 "Chunt for Red October 4 - Rainbow Squish" October 21, 2018
It’s time for Chunt’s annual blood drive for lazy vampires, Chunt for Red October. This year he has two mummies along to help.
83 "Blemish Returns" October 28, 2018
With the help of Magic Paint, Blemish is back. More than one Blemish, in fact.
84 "Traach and Treasure" November 4, 2018
Traach the Kobold returns to help us assess the many magic items found in the tavern.
85 "Gettin’ Nuts Season 2 (Live from the Kalamazoo Improv Festival)" November 11, 2018
Chunt and Usidore kick off the second season of Gettin’ Nuts with some help from Momo the Mouse and two very creepy twins.
86 "Hogsface and Chicago" November 18, 2018
While the boys in the Tavern get ready for Chunt’s wedding, in Chicago Sarah encounters a magical being.
87 "Blue and Green" November 25, 2018
Usidore and Spintax host a web radio show from Chicago.
88 "Mittens and Literature" December 2, 2018
Larry Birdman stops by with updates on the Hogsface mittens stadium and what he’s currently reading.
89 "Book Club: Pride & Prejudice" December 9, 2018
A wizard, a warrior, a badger, a flower, and a make-up artist try to understand the Earth book ‘Pride and Prejudice’.
90 "What Winter Solstice Means To Me (w/ Tawney Newsome, Symphony Sanders and More, Live from Chicago)" December 16, 2018
Activia Barleyfoot, Flower the talking flower, Jamilous the Mauve Wizard and more stop by to help celebrate the many holidays of Winter Solstice.
90B "Arnie’s Birthday Bonus Scene" January 6, 2019
Due to some unfortunate real life stuff, we had to take one more week off without an episode but here’s a fun scene set in Arnie’s bedroom. And we’ll be back Jan 14 with new episodes.
91 "Mysterious Anonymous" January 13, 2019
This one involves a lot of eggs… oh, and Baron Ragoon.
92 "Badgelor Party" January 20, 2019
Arnie has to run a bachelor party and a badgelor party for Chunt.
93 "Modron (w/ Chris Perkins of Wizards of the Coast)" January 27, 2019
We learn about the half organic, half robotic Modron, Weewoo, visiting from another, more orderly plane of existence. Also, there’s magic and stuff.
94 "Mothman (w/ Hank Green)" February 3, 2019
A mothman flies into the tavern with a challenge for Usidore. Chunt sells some old stuff. Arnie has a striking memory from Earth.
95 "Woodland Creatures (Live from PodCon with Demi Adejuyigbe and Miel Bredouw)" February 10, 2019
A bird and mouse that fly in Arnie’s window every morning and help him get dressed stop by to chat.
96 "Tom the Author" February 17, 2019
Tomblain Belaroth, the prince turned actor turned series of bats stops by to talk about his new book.
97 "Chunt’s Mom" February 24, 2019
Chunt’s mother, Eleanor, a monster with a lion’s mane, bat wings and a scorpion tail, stops by to chat with her son’s friends.
97B "INTERLUDE – Hello from the Future" March 3, 2019
Checking in with the alternate reality versions of Arnie and the crew, transmitting from a B-movie science fiction universe. Secrets are revealed.
98 "Chunt’s Wedding" March 10, 2019
You are humbly invited to the wedding of Chunt the badger and Twosidore the whatever-he-his.
99 "The Weapon" March 17, 2019
What is the weapon? What does it do? Poet Laureate Spurt the Elder shares some ancient poems and literature that might help.
100 "Big Mittens Game" March 24, 2019
Rick Picklesmith invites our hosts into the press box for a Mittens game between the Hogsface Poisoned Blades and the orcs of the Dark Lord.
101 "Do NOT Listen" March 31, 2019
Baron Ragoon, Dripfang, Claudia the witch and Blemish do a victory lap before destroying Earth with this podcast.

Post-Season 2 Bonus Content

No. in season Title Original air date
X01 "Bonus Preview - Behind the Tavern" April 7, 2019
In this bonus preview, the cast of Hello from the Magic Tavern talk about making the first episode of the podcast with producer and editor Ryan DiGiorgi (Craig).
X02 "Offices and Bosses S1E1 - Flower from I.T." April 21, 2019
The game of Offices & Bosses begins! Metamore plays Office Manager guiding Arnie, Usidore, Chunt, and Flower on an adventure to attain the Q4 numbers.
X03 "Offices and Bosses S1E2 - Krom from I.T." May 5, 2019
Krom the Fingarian joins the campaign to retrieve the Q4 numbers, as our band of adventurers contends with…Happy Hour!
X04 "Offices and Bosses S1E3 - Singing Sword from I.T." May 19, 2019
The Singing Sword joins our heroes for a battle in a Panera. There is stabbing.
X05 "Season 3 Teaser" June 2, 2019
July 22nd…
X06 "Offices and Bosses S1E4 - Caball'on from I.Tree" June 9, 2019
A talking tree joins the campaign as our team enters the deadly Company Retreat.
X07 "Offices and Bosses S1E5 - The I.T. Team" June 23, 2019
Everything comes to a head at the office Holiday Party.
X08 "Offices and Bosses S1E6 - Teachers and Classrooms" July 7, 2019
Metamore has an expansion pack for the game. And Flower is back to play.
X09 "Season 3 Trailer" July 14, 2019
Get ready for next week’s premiere of Hello from the Magic Tavern Season 3. Arnie, Chunt, and Usidore face new threats, see new parts of Foon, and make new friends.
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