Season 2, Ep 19 – Momo
Hello from the Magic Tavern episode
Air date July 24, 2017
Episode no. S02E19
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Hosts Arnie, Chunt, Usidore
Guests Momo the Mouse
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Evan Jacover, Ryan DiGiorgi
Associate Producer {$associateproducer}
Editor Ryan DiGiorgi
Logo Allard Laban
Theme music Andy Poland
Audio assistance Jason Knox
Production assistance Garrett Schultz
Upcoming live shows at Outside Lands Music Festival and New York Comic Con, Comedy Bang Bang's 500th episode, and this month's Book Club selection: The Great Gatsby
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"Momo" is the nineteenth episode of season two of Hello from the Magic Tavern. It was originally released on July 24, 2017.


Momo the mouse is back with important messages about defeating the Dark Lord.


There’s no murdery death here, Arnie doesn’t know what you’re talking about! Usidore offers a new phrase: Thou Art Cool As A Cucumber. Chunt says one: Cool As The Other Side Of The Penis.

Chunt forgot he was a flamingo for a few weeks, but he’s back to being a badgie! Usidore introduces himself and confirms there’s been no murder. In fact, there’s Fleek with a floral shirt and some sunglasses, totally alive. Just like Fuckin’ Philosophy Guy and Blemish! Usidore reads a “letter” that “Blemish” gave him explaining his absence in the voice of Blemish and it just sounds like sensual Usidore. Arnie tries reading the letter next, in Blemish’s voice, and Chunt gives him some line readings. Arnie is…terrible. Chunt’s turn and he just says “Yes” a lot.

Arnie confesses that since Blemish’s death, he hasn’t been sleeping very well. He’s concerned that the guards will find out about Blemish and the 52 sacks of flour. Usidore tells him not to worry too much. Chunt lets slip that he told Cockroach Clown and Arnie and Usidore freak out. Usidore confesses he’s told a few people as well. And of course, Arnie has told several hundred thousand people (erm…), including Hank and Rusty. Fucking Rusty.

Momo comes over with a message: Tom is a series of bats. Momo admits that she messed up. She gave that message to casual Usidore, as well as a couple of nudes. Usidore asks if there are other messages from their other cohorts, but they are mostly just other people saying that they are feeling discouraged and the trio is their only hope. That is dismaying news to Usidore, who was hoping that it would be the other way around.

Chunt asks Momo to send a nude to Primrose the badger, and she agrees. Arnie asks how she’s been doing, and she says she’s had to supplement her income by doing other jobs besides delivering messages. For instance, she was a therapist for awhile, but she had to stop because she was ruining people’s lives. She got some advice from Freud the rat, who said that she should just tell everyone to start dating their mom.

Arnie changes the subject and asks Chunt about Primrose. Chunt really doesn’t remember being a flamingo. Primrose is a guard from Baxter Bay. He suddenly remembers now that he had to stand on one leg during sex. Usidore then asks Momo to take a message to Clax/Clacks/Klax to take his turn for checkers.

Arnie says that Momo seems a little tired and overworked. She keeps messing up and sending the wrong messages to people. Which is causing trouble and doing good work for the Dark Lord. She’s also looking for a new place to live, maybe somewhere with a roommate, or perhaps a pant pocket on a man. Usidore asks if she would consider living under his hat. It goes for about $2300 a month, but it’s VERY haunted.

Chunt asks how Momo’s family is, and she says gigantic. They’re all good, except for Mike, who steals girlfriends from all of his siblings, he’s so mean. It also gets weird, because people sometimes ask Momo to send her brother nudes. Chunt also asks how her dating life is going. She reminds them that she asked them to try to set her up. Momo sees someone checking her out, but it’s Fuckin’ Philosophy Guy. She asks Arnie not to be jealous, because it’s very obvious that he’s in love with her, but she is going to flirt with FPG. Chunt says that FPG sent her some cocoa. She gets really excited.

She suddenly remembers that she had a very urgent message for them, “How to defeat the Dark Lord”. But she can’t remember what the message said except that they need three weapons. They went into detail, but she can’t remember. But the other Usidore the Blue knows it. Arnie admonishes her for not remember, but Momo starts crying. Usidore offers to let Momo stay in his hat while she naps.

After Arnie reads some emails, the other Usidore the Casual (Twosidore) comes over and introduces himself and asks to borrow a chair. Usidore gets pissed and goes to kill him, but ends up ruining his toupee.

Arnie brings up that they haven’t been spending any time trying to figure out the riddle. He suggests sending Momo out to take a message to Krom to give a message to Otok. (Why doesn’t he just send the message to Otok?)


Kevin - Does Chunt ever change into other animals? He has a very clear mental image and doesn’t want it to change.

Answer: Obviously, if you’re hearing this, then you know that he has. For some reason Chunt doesn’t remember any of it.

Listener Unknown - Something about wine and the Dark Lord.

Answer: Usidore postulates that if they get the Dark Lord shit faced, they can defeat them. Also, they are going forward with the actual book club.

Listener Unknown - Arnie has received more than ten shots with no consequences, and Chunt should probably see to that.

Answer: As punishment, Arnie has to go on a quick date with Momo. Arnie crushes Momo’s dreams about Fuckin’ Philosophy Guy.

New characters

  • Tattle Snake
  • Primrose the badger from Baxter Bay
  • A casual Usidore the Blue, aka Usidore the Casual, aka Twosidore

Earth references


  • Usidore the Casual was played by Adal Rifai. The first actual Book Club selection is The Great Gatsby, to be read by August 28.

Behind the scenes

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Usidore, Chunt (Usidore the Casual), Momo, Arnie
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