Season 2, Ep 38 – Treasure Chest (w/ Travis McElroy)
Treasure Chest
Hello from the Magic Tavern episode
Air date December 4, 2017
Episode no. S02E38
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Hosts Arnie, Chunt, Usidore
Guests Chest Trünkborn the Mimic
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Evan Jacover, Ryan DiGiorgi
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Editor Garrett Schultz
Logo Allard Laban
Theme music Andy Poland
Audio assistance Jason Knox
Production assistance Garrett Schultz
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"Treasure Chest" is the thirty-eighth episode of season two of Hello from the Magic Tavern. It was originally released on December 4, 2017.


This large treasure chest has just been sitting near our table for years. Let’s open it.


The episode opens with Arnie mentioning they are still on the lookout for the many magical objects and weapons hidden around the tavern. It is also brought up that Chunt is still the Captain of the Guard in Hogsface. Chunt and Arnie mention that really need to defeat one of their arch enemies, mentioning the Groogan. Upon hearing of the Groogan, Usidore becomes confused as he has never heard of such an enemy. He then rushes off to find some grimoires with which to research the Groogan.

Upon Usidore's return with Grimoires, Arnie brings up again that they should be searching the Tavern for magical weapons to help defeat the Dark Lord, the Void, and the Groogan. Usidore mentions that he has for many years wanted to search the Treasure Chest that has been sitting near the table. He says he continues to get distracted with things such as ordering Roosters Feet. He then promptly orders Roosters Feet and Grembear.

As they attempt to open the chest, it suddenly begins talking and warns the Party of touching him as he is extremely sticky. After recovering from the surprise of a talking chest, it introduces himself as Chest Trünkborn, Mimic, and longtime fan of the show. Arnie is confused by what Chest is, and Chest explains that he is a treasure chest but is not a treasure chest, just like Chunt is a badger but is not a badger.

Mimics are explained to be terrifying monsters that lay in wait in dungeons disguised as objects that want to be opened, such as a box or chest. Once opened they grab hold of whoever opened them and devour them. Chest explains that he was originally in the Tavern to eat Arnie when he first appeared in Hogsface. To display how Chest does his thing, Usidore calls over Rupert to touch Chest. It is Rupert’s birthday. After being wished a Happy Birthday, Rupert touches Chest and is quickly and very messily devoured.

At this point, Chest asks several questions of the Party. His first question is for Chunt: If he had sex with Arnie, would he look like Arnie or would he look like Chunt but as a Human? And if the creature he is changing into does not have two buttholes, can you choose where the butthole goes? Chunt answers saying he would look like Arnie but with a slight twinkle in his eye to show that isn’t Arnie, also he might be able to move the butthole around. It is also mentioned it seems very easy to be mean to Arnie at the table.

The second question is for Usidore. He says there may be other names you do not know, does this mean Usidore does not know all of his own names or that there just may not be more? Usidore says he does not know all of his names, but there is surely more. Ones that could kill everyone, or slay hatred and bring kindness to the world. He does not say these names for the challenge.

He offhandedly asks Arnie “How’s it going?” They are distracted before Arnie can answer. He then asks Usidore if he is Blue forever or if he can change it. Usidore responds he could with some great effort change colors to say Purple, but then he would have new powers and a new source of power not Light and Shadow.

Usidore brings up that several times he believed in the past he had heard the chest laughing, but believed himself to be drunk. Chest says it’s a little of both, but has been there since the beginning and can be heard occasionally laughing and giggling in previous episodes.

Chest tells the Party he is from West Vargina, out in the West. It is known for its deep pits, in which many things can be found. There is a great hill just to the North of it with the Clit Forest on it. He says that if one ever visits they should spend a lot of time there. While they are talking about this Usidore has begun a more thorough investigation of The Groogan. He has discovered it cannot be slain by the sword, by fire, or by ice. It can be cast into another dimension where its molecules will be torn asunder.

Chest talks privately with Arnie and Chunt for a moment and asks if the Groogan is real. They admit it wasn’t at first but Usidore did find information on it. Coming back to the table it is revealed that Usidore is known among the Mimics as Ominous McIntyre. It is also revealed that there is a legend that Usidore created the Mimics. He admits it is partially true, as he took an amorphous blob and turned it into a Mimic.

Chest says that Mimics are named based on their parent. Chest's parent was Trunk, therefore he is Chest Trünkborn. His child will be Box Chestborn. Gettin’ Nutz, MBMBAM, and The Adventure Zone are all mentioned, with Chunt and Usidore praising the latter two.

Usidore summons forth the Groogan in an attempt to banish it, but it was vaccinated against banishment. It turns out Chest and the Groogan were roommates at Fox U, and Chest was the best man at his wedding. The Groogan gives Chunt a jewel-encrusted battle axe, then leaves. Chest tells the Party that Mimics have a distinct smell like a musty box.

It is revealed the table may be enchanted to hate Arnie, so they cycle around a few other tables, each hating someone new, before settling back in the original.

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Treasure Chest (w/ Travis McElroy)
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