Season 2, Ep 45 – Night of the Oversharing Dead
Night of the Oversharing Dead
Hello from the Magic Tavern episode
Air date January 29, 2018
Episode no. S02E45
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Hosts Arnie, Chunt, Usidore
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Evan Jacover, Ryan DiGiorgi
Associate Producer {$associateproducer}
Editor Ryan DiGiorgi
Logo Allard Laban
Theme music Andy Poland
Audio assistance Jason Knox
Production assistance Garrett Schultz
Off Book: The Improvised Musical podcast and ControlGX Shampoo
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"Night of the Oversharing Dead" is the forty-fifth episode of season two of Hello from the Magic Tavern. It was originally released on January 29, 2018.


The tavern is quiet but the dead will walk and spill their secrets this night. Also, Chunt has a new friend!


The tavern is unusually empty. Neither Arnie nor Usidore want to address the fact that there’s an 800lb gorilla at the table, who turns out to be Chunt. They definitely should’ve guessed.

Chunt confesses that he was angry at Arnie that morning, so he carved a better man out of a banana, subsequently brought to life by Twosidore. He introduces Banana Man, who he has baptized; so it’s too late to change his name to Manana as Usidore suggests. Both Chunt and Usidore tear into Arnie for asking if he can talk (he cannot), so Arnie weaponizes the Mayor sash to get some respect.

Usidore gives out gifts he has brought back from a recent trip to Wüber in the west: three “safety wands”, which anyone can use to safely fire fireball spells (at evil targets only). Usidore thinks they should all find a way to Earth and use the wands to prove to Penelope Penelope that magic is real (per Spintax’s information on how to defeat the Void). Chunt has given his wand to Banana Man, who has been firing it this entire time and is disappointed to have wasted 35 of its 50 charges (it was 7).

While they are debating if podcasting in an upper vocal register is being “proactive” against evil, they are approached by a reanimated corpse who wishes to confess to their sins in life to find peace. They are almost immediately approached by another. After some consideration, they remember asking Dripfang to reanimate all the town’s dead to get their secrets. They quickly find they are in the middle of a walking dead soap opera, and are unsure how to proceed. Usidore believes they should hear the undead’s confessions, in the hopes that they’ll go back to their eternal rest without a confrontation.

However, the situation starts to escalate by the fourth zombie, who makes mention of eating brains. Usidore attempts to put his foot down on this behavior by giving them a stern talking-to, but the zombies start to attack in response. Usidore, Arnie and Chunt retreat to the second floor, barricading themselves in one of the rooms to buy time. Arnie continues to advocate that all their problems can be solved with podcasting, but Usidore insists that the time for action has come.

Arnie reluctantly agrees, but is concerned one of them could’ve been bitten already. Usidore does have a bite but insists it’s fine. Banana Man also confirms via head shaking that Arnie took a little nibble of him earlier. For dramatic tension but in blatant disregard of math, they all only have one safety wand charge remaining to fight what they assume is now a few hundred zombies. Usidore suggests a valiant last stand prior to burning the tavern down around them all.

Arnie is hesitant and tells them a childhood story about his fear of failure preventing him from leaving his front stoop. Usidore responds with a legitimately moving and inspiring speech, telling him that he’s already moved beyond that just by coming to Foon, accident or no. Chunt reminds him that he’s in a situation that little boy couldn’t possibly have imagined, and Arnie decides he’s ready to step up to the mantle of mayor and “take the fast road to failure”.

Chunt and Usidore clear a path down the stairs at Arnie’s request, but are shocked and angry when he apparently abandons them. They prepare to make their last stand alone (and also with a banana), but are interrupted by a honking car horn as Arnie drives his car through the wall of the tavern and into the zombie horde, successfully dispatching the threat with the very last of his gas.

As is typical following near-death experiences, they then read listener emails, in spite of being interrupted repeatedly by disembodied but still animated zombie limbs (and an undead duck).

Arnie is now fully resolved to be proactive with his very long to-do list, but it will have to be another week, as it’s now Banana Man’s turn to be Mayor.

In the post-credits scene, the Mysterious Man criticizes Craig for “generating buzz” with the email from Kennedy Space Center. Craig leaves a voicemail at Kennedy in hopes of their help.


Christine in Wisconsin: an offer to give them free “Foon brothers” tattoos.
Answer: Chunt is into it, but Usidore thinks he can’t be tattooed. Arnie tries to tell them the story about his front step again, not remembering having just done so.

Chelsea in Florida: a number of the engineers at Kennedy Space Center are fans of the podcast. Does Craig need their help?
Answer: there’s no Craig on their podcast, so they’re probably thinking of another show.

Nathan: knock on the third wall, 8 panel from the left, three times; and the 12th panel from the left will open revealing a magical sword named Greg.
Answer: they determine this is the wall Arnie drove through, but do find the sword in question, bent and likely useless stuck into one of the zombies.

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New characters

  • Banana Man, carved by Chunt from a banana and brought to life by Twosidore
  • The undead animated by Dripfang:
    • Sermanther
    • Sherlett
    • Mr. Big
    • Krarie
    • Mrndr
    • Changler
    • Willie Garson
    • Droey Dribbiani

Earth references

  • Showbiz Pizza
  • Carnival prizes
  • Sex and the City
  • To Be With You- Mr. Big
  • The Walking Dead
  • Friends
  • Carrie
  • Donkey Kong
  • "Pobody's nerfect"
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Bananas in Pajamas
  • Toyota tagline: "I love what you do for me"
  • The Lost Boys
  • Radiolab
  • the fourth wall
  • "Piano Man" — Billy Joel


Additional voices:

  • Matt Young: Sermanther, Krarie
  • Arnie Niekamp: Sherlett, Willie Garson
  • Adal Rifai: Mr. Big, Changler, Droey Dribbiani

Usidore claims that if any of them were bitten by a Foonian zombie, they wouldn’t just turn into a zombie themselves, but would have to resolve the unfinished business of whomever bit them.

Arnie has a (formerly) secret peanut butter stash under the stairs.

Otok Barleyfoot had the walls of the tavern imbued with fireproofing spells.

Arnie previously told the childhood story as a parable of inaction in S2 Ep 42 — "Tomorrow".

Behind the scenes

Night of the Oversharing Dead
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Arnie, Usidore, and Chunt
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