Season 2, Ep 74 – Sweater Quest
Season 2, Ep 74 – Sweater Quest
Air Date: August 26, 2018 Episode Link
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Hosts: Arnie, Chunt, Usidore Guests: Pimbly Nimblebottom, Germ Crust, Evil Tannakin the Pinglet
Producers: Arnie Niekamp, Evan Jacover, Ryan DiGiorgi
Editor: Chris Rathjen Theme Music: Andy Poland Logo: Allard Laban
Audio Assistance: Jason Knox
Production Assistance: Garrett Schultz

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What if Usidore had left on his quest to defeat the Dark Lord one day earlier, leaving Hogsface with Arnie, Chunt, Pimbly Nimblebottom, Tannakin and Germ? Let’s use magic to find out?


On the Bunker, Emperor Craig has Mysterious Intern cleaning out the junk drawers.

Back at the Ruffled Feather, Usidore places the Eyes of Sliddindors into a bowl to explore an alternate timeline and discover what might have happened had they left but one day earlier on their quest.

Within the vision, Arnie, Chunt, and Usidore are joined by Tannakin, Pimbly Nimblebottom, and Germ Crust. They’re all managing to survive, but Arnie finds the effort involved in questing exhausting and not that fulfilling. The group decides to boost each other’s morale to give them strength, and Usi and Germ are are exhibiting some major sexual tension.

Skipping ahead a few months, they have only survived due to dumb luck. Evil Tannakin plans to poison them, but Pimbly takes himself out by accidentally eating Diarrhea Berries. With his dying poot, he reveals there is another Pimbly.

The vision advances again, and Usidore has pledged his love for Germ, who has lost her arms in battle. Pimbly 2 (a much more relaxed imp with a moustache) has joined the quest. Tannakin is still evil, but Usi has discovered her secret. He kills her with a simple illumination spell, and they communicate with her ghost via Omfraum. Perhaps Good Tannakin is still out there somewhere, maybe even in Chicago!

Arnie has lost his legs and will not stop whining about it.

They flash forward once more to a battle with spider bats. Usidore has pledged to reject all magic and live a mortal life with Germ. Pimbly falls off a cliff and is saved by the spider bats. Germ thinks this looks like fun and leaps off the cliff. The spider bats merely shrug, and she falls to her death. Despondent, Usidore resigns the quest in frustration.

But just beyond the spider bats approaches…OTOK BARLEYFOOT. He has a tale to tell.

The vision fades as Usidore is worn from the emotional toll. He says he must recharge for about a week.

Earth References

Fables‘ Stinky/Brock Blueheart
Queer Eye
The Big Bang Theory
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
The Human Centipede

New Characters

Germ Crust’s ghosts Omfrom and Ben the party ghost
Richie and Kino, couple running the death house
Pimply Nimblebottom #2

Behind the Scenes

Sweater Quest
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Chunt, Tannakin, Pimbly, Germ, Arnie, Usidore
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