Hello from the Magic Tavern (season 3)
Hello from the Magic Tavern (season 3)
Episode art by unknown
Hosts Arnie, Chunt, Usidore the Blue
First episode July 21, 2019
Network Earwolf
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Adal Rifai, Matt Young
Theme music Andy Poland
Logo Allard Laban

The third season of Hello from the Magic Tavern premiered on July 21, 2019.




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See also: List of "Hello From the Magic Tavern" episodes

No. in season Title Original air date
1 "Seaside (w/ Justin McElroy)" July 21, 2019
A new adventure begins as Arnie, Usidore and Chunt meet a wooden figure come to life in a seaside tavern.
2 "Ancient Turtle" July 28, 2019
A vacationing sea turtle chats with the hosts about her long and storied life.
3 "Demon" August 4, 2019
A demon stops by to share his inner life.
4 "More Moles (w/ Sean Clements and Hayes Davenport of Hollywood Handbook)" August 11, 2019
Two brave mole warriors stop by to sing their own praises and explain their relationship to ants.
5 "Castle Guards" August 18, 2019
Something is amiss outside of the gates of Velsmeer.
6 "Lord's Brother" August 25, 2019
Diplomatic negotiations begin to secure Velsmeer’s army in the fight against the Dark Lord. But Faustus Crum, the Lord’s Brother, takes thing in an unexpected direction.
7 "Sea Witch (w/ Sarah Haskins)" September 1, 2019
A sea witch appears on deck.
8 "Army (w/ John Levenstein and Jenny Owen Youngs)" September 8, 2019
An encounter with a general and a musical centaur could move things in a new military direction.
9 "Sorcerer" September 15, 2019
The army is joined by a sorcerer with a hard to determine amount of power. Also, sorcerers are totally different from wizards.
10 "Tree Wench (w/ Rachel Bloom)" September 22, 2019
A walk through the forest leads to an encounter with a rare magical creature: a woman in a tree that’s a fan of the podcast.
11 "Wizard with a Crossbow (w/ Felicia Day and Colton Dunn)" September 29, 2019
Jyn’Leeviyah the Red Wizard is back and she has a talking crossbow. Together they’re going to kill some people.
12 "Stowaway (w/ Liam O’Brien of Critical Role)" October 6, 2019
A bag of apples hides the halfling runaway Endwhill the Meek.
13 "Chunt for Red October 5: Executive Hoarders" October 13, 2019
Back on the high seas, Chunt hosts the fifth annual blood drive for vampires. Although blood may not cure the sea creature the hosts encounter.
14 "Giant Toe (w/ Mary Holland)" October 20, 2019
Um…we interview a giant toe.
15 "Jethro Tull (w/ Andy Daly)" October 27, 2019
An evening around a campfire leads to an encounter with a prog rock legend from Earth.
16 "The Wing’d Whale (w/ Zach Reino and Jessica McKenna)" November 3, 2019
A ride on the mythical Wing’d Whale leads to an encounter with the Freshgrave Twins.
17 "Candy Shop (w/ Paul Scheer)" November 10, 2019
A visit to a quaint candy shop owned by McTruffle Fondue reveals some strange secrets.
18 "Grounds Keeper" November 17, 2019
The boys meet up with Can and get a tour from the magical groundskeeper.
19 "Professor’s Wardrobe" December 1, 2019
Arnie, Chunt, and Usidore settle in to their new jobs as professors at Jizzlenob Preparatory School for Young Wizards.
20 "Staff Dinner" December 8, 2019
A staff dinner party at Jizzlenob leads to intrigue and romance and lycanthropy.
21 "The Lurking Phantom" December 15, 2019
The boys finally confront the terrifying entity who has been skulking around the school.
"Winter Solstice Bonus 2019" December 22, 2019
A special holiday song for our wonderful listeners. Enjoy Festival and an Amiable Winter Solstice to All!
22 "Witch Smoothies" December 29, 2019
Claudia the Witch returns, as Chunt and Usidore fight to save Arnie’s life.
23 "Hog (w/ Clint McElroy)" January 6, 2020
A small town pig-sheriff-man shakes down the boys.
24 "Tom the Person Reading a Book" January 13, 2020
Chunt and Usidore try to get Arnie interested in the show again when they run into one of their oldest and dearest friends: author and prince, Tomblain Belaroth.
25 "Stinker" January 20, 2020
The boys, still searching for answers at Library of Meridanth, meet a Stinker who creates odors.
26 "Scarab" January 27, 2020
While the boys continue scouring the stacks at the library, Sasha the Scarab comes on the show to find love and someone to eat.
27 "Flower Parts" February 2, 2020
Flower is back to…do…whatever it is that Flower does. Meanwhile, the Dark Lord’s plot comes to light…
28 "Farmer" February 9, 2020
Trying to cross a river along with a farmer with a chicken, a fox and three bags of grain.
29 "Outlaw" February 16, 2020
Venturing into the Kooky Longwoods and climbing up to the village in the treetops; the boys search out a Demi-God Outlaw!
30 "Knight" February 23, 2020
We learn about chivalry and faces from a knight.
31 "Thieves" March 2, 2020
The podcast is interrupted by the surprise appearance of three dastardly members of the thieves guild.
32 "Five Years" March 9, 2020
It’s the five year anniversary and Arnie has found audio of the first time he met Chunt and Usidore.
32A "INTERLUDE – Five Mirror World Years" March 16, 2020
Meanwhile in the evil alternate version of Foon, Carnival Wilson, Usidore the Black and Wendigo Wilson prepare for a meeting with Good Tannakin and Good Blemish.
33 "Temple Of Krom" March 23, 2020
The boys continue their search for the artifacts being sought by The Dark Lord. In a mystical temple, they run into an old friend…a dangerous friend.
34 "Mouse Knight" March 30, 2020
Momo the Mouse returns, newly knighted, among other changes.
35 "Strong Guy Island" April 6, 2020
The boys meet a slew of heroic warriors at a beachside bar on the somewhat aggro Strong Guy Island.
36 "Tiger And Whale" April 13, 2020
As the they continue searching for the final artifact, our heroes meet a muscle-bound tiger-person and a muscle-bound whale-person.
37 "She Said" April 20, 2020
Moving through the jungle to find Strong Guy himself, Arnie, Chunt, and Usidore encounter the alluring trickster She-Said!
38 "Distant" April 27, 2020
Arnie, Usidore and Chunt try to figure out how to communicate with each other while trapped in different locations.
39 "Freshgrave Twins" May 4, 2020
The evil wizard twins Snaken and Schnenessa Freshgrave reach out to Arnie, Chunt and Usidore for some help now that they've graduated.
40 "Wizard Test" May 11, 2020
Jyn'Leeviyah the Red Wizard rune-bombs the podcast. Arnie and Chunt form a new theory about wizards.
41 "Crone Appétit" May 18, 2020
As the boys continue pondering their situation, they meet an old friend who may be able to help keep them fed, Crone Bakeress.
42 "Bibbits" May 25, 2020
Two bibbits (they're sort of like halflings?) discuss the terrible burden they carry: a cursed trinket!
43 "Evil Couple" June 1, 2020
An evil couple talk about their relationship problems while trapped together in their cave.
44 "Dragon" June 8, 2020
The hosts accidentally encounter a terrifying and persnickety dragon.
45 "Baron Emeritus" June 15, 2020
An accidental encounter with Baron Ragoon leads to some new discoveries about the Shattering. Also, Chunt's voice changes.
46 "Jazzhands" June 22, 2020
A traveling story singer needs help with her songs. Also Chunt might die.
47 "Doctor Sane" June 29, 2020
We meet a doctor that dabbles in science and is very adamant that he is not mad.
48 "Distressed Damsel" July 6, 2020
A beautiful voice coming from a high tower sets off a complicated rescue plan.
49 "Ranger" July 13, 2020
We finally have a ranger on, and he has a complicated relationship with animal companions.
50 "Mail Night" July 20, 2020
It's time to catch up on e-mails. And it's a descent into madness.
51 "Former Sheriff" July 27, 2020
We check in with Gianessa, the former Sheriff of Hogsface, who is trying to rebuild and running for office. Actually running for many offices.
52 "Critic" August 3, 2020
A famous critic joins the podcast to talk about his strange relationship to the plays he reviews. Maybe he'll review the podcast!
53 "The New Activia" August 10, 2020
Arnie stumbles upon Castle Skullmaster and is surprised to find Activia Barleyfoot inside.
54 "Mouse Queen" August 17, 2020
Momo the mouse with human strength stops by Castle Skullmaster to introduce everyone to her new boyfriend.
55 "Nervous Guard" August 24, 2020
Wictor is the head dungeon guard at Castle Skullmaster…and he's not happy about it!
56 "The DQ Way" August 31, 2020
We're trapped in a cell next to the familiar voice of the elf D’athaniel Quen’yarvin.
57 "Together" September 7, 2020
Arnie, Chunt and Usidore spend some time getting used to being back together and practice talking to each other.
58 "Bastard" September 14, 2020
We meet an angry boy that just might be Skullmaster's secret son.
59 "Sleeping Prince" September 21, 2020
Sweet Prince Vantis wakes up from a hundred year sleep. Then he freaks out.
60 "Minotaurs" September 28, 2020
Two down on their luck minotaurs lure us into their labyrinth. What will we find in the center?
61 "Brothers" October 5, 2020
Two brothers, Big Cat and the Mound, are ready to fight each other to the death.
62 "Couch" October 12, 2020
We meet a frightened talking couch and the magician that gave her life.
63 "Spider Mom" October 19, 2020
We meet a spider that's stressed out about being stuck at home with her hundreds of children.
64 "Chunt for Red October 6: Chunt for Bread October" October 26, 2020
It's time for the yearly Chunt for Red October blood drive for vampires. This year the charity event is crashed by a pair of aliens with a very specific weakness.
65 "The Last Can" November 2, 2020
Can the Wizard returns to help solve a time mystery… and yell about his own murder.
66 "1989" November 9, 2020
Cassette tapes were found of a 13 year old Arnie Niekamp pretending to host a talk show in his bedroom. Some claim these include evidence of paranormal activity.
67 "1989: Walking Around Meijer" November 16, 2020
Usidore and Chunt are still stuck in 1989 Ohio with a 13-year old Arnie. They participate in the local tradition of walking around a Meijer Superstore and meet a teenager working there until his band takes off.
68 "1989: Group Project" November 23, 2020
13-year old Arnie works on a school project with his classmate, Julie. Still trapped in 1989 Ohio, Usidore becomes a chemistry teacher.
69 "1989: Scary Neighbor" November 30, 2020
13 year old Arnie thinks he's witnessed a murder so Usidore and Chunk help him break into his neighbor's house.
70 "Arnor's Next Feat" December 7, 2020
Arnor the legendary warrior crashes into Castle Skullmaster with some surprising news.
71 "Solstice Squirrel" December 14, 2020
It's Winter Solstice time again and due to a snowstorm Arnie, Usidore and Chunt have to take shelter with a friendly squirrel.
"Winter Solstice Bonus 2020" December 21, 2020
A special holiday scene with Arnie and Usidore. And a holiday song from Jenny the Centaur.
72 "Dead Turtle" January 4, 2021
Back at sea, our hosts are reunited with Hildy the thousands of years old turtle… maybe
73 "The Potential of the Night (w/ Aunty Donna)" January 11, 2021
A night of tavern-hopping with a king, a wet rag and a lizard.
74 "The Mauve Wizard" January 18, 2021
Jamillious the Mauve Wizard returns with an update on the Wizard Council.
75 "Blacksmith (w/ Lily Sullivan)" January 25, 2021
A shopping trip to stock up on new weapons leads to an unusual blacksmith named Sylvia.
76 "Cursed Beast" February 1, 2021
Prince Bartholomew Mylph visits to share the tale of his terrible curse.
77 "Death Knight (w/ Brennan Lee Mulligan)" February 8, 2021
Kalahaxorus the Grim, an evil spirt in a suit of armor reflects on his life's purpose.
78 "Side Quests (w/ Jared Logan)" February 15, 2021
A strange tavern keeper is oddly invested in the weird things going on around town.
79 "Jayme, Sayme and Daddy" February 22, 2021
The creepy twins, Jayme and Sayme Ragoon are back and this time they're not alone. Also, they're in a cave for some reason.
80 "Usidore's Hat" March 1, 2021
It's finally time to visit the tiny tavern hidden inside Usidore's hat.
81 "The Wizard's Council" March 8, 2021
At last, the wizards convene to form a plan to defeat the Dark Lord…and celebrate six years of Hello from the Magic Tavern!
82 "Barbara (w/ Krystina Arielle)" March 15, 2021
A mysterious stranger takes an interest in Usidore.
83 "Tom the Secret Traveler" March 22, 2021
Traveling to the North East leads to a secret carriage with a secret traveler who just might be Prince Tomblain Bellaroth.
84 "The Boy King and the Prince (w/ Jordan Morris)" March 29, 2021
Prince Tomblaine Belaroth encounters some unexpected competition from Dartholomew the Boy King.
85 "Flower in the City" April 5, 2021
A walk through the city of Northeastia leads to a run-in with Flower, who has recently moved there to follow her dreams.
86 "Eunuch's Comeback" April 12, 2021
Benedict Whisperbrew, the former Court Gossip to Queen Titannia, is back in Northeastia and is almost certainly up to something.
87 "Princess Trachea's Plan" April 19, 2021
The search for Prince Tomblaine leads to the secret lair of Princess Trachea-Aurelia Belaroth, who is still plotting her brother's death.
88 "Casino (w/ Ify Nwadiwe)" April 26, 2021
The gambling parlors are setting odds on the next ruler of the Northeast, with a little help from master gambler Five Finger Flint Gustoon.
89 "The Cockticklers" May 3, 2021
The Cockticklers acting troupe is in town with the latest production starring Michael Gunch and Winky Silks.
89 "The Cockticklers" May 3, 2021
The Cockticklers acting troupe is in town with the latest production starring Michael Gunch and Winky Silks.
90 "Evil Couple in the City (w/ Moujan Zolfaghari and Seth Lind of Mission to Zyxx)" May 10, 2021
The evil skinny dogs are back and this time they have a shop selling evil goods.
91 "Pirate Captain" May 17, 2021
Cap'n Loraina Bones stops by to talk about being a pirate, loving gossip and having a missing ship.
92 "Not a Unicorn (w/ Amber Nash)" May 24, 2021
A visit to the Unicorn Ranch leads to a meeting with Greg the Unicorn… who is very clearly a Pegasus.
93 "Good Tannakin and Good Blemish" May 31, 2021
Good Tannakin (the adorable flying pig) is back in Foon after escaping the Mirror World and she's brought that dimension's good version of Blemish with her. It's a reunion!
94 "Good Tannakin and Good Blemish" May 31, 2021
Good Tannakin (the adorable flying pig) is back in Foon after escaping the Mirror World and she's brought that dimension's good version of Blemish with her. It's a reunion!
94 "Sweet Prince Vantis (w/ Jason Mantzoukas)" June 7, 2021
Prince Vantis, still crazed after being asleep for 100 years, stops by Northeastia to challenge Prince Tomblaine for the Belaroth throne.
94A "INTERLUDE - Girls Night 2: Girl Trip" June 14, 2021
Momo the Mouse and Gianessa the former Sheriff visit Flower in the big city of Northeastia for some drinking, bonding and fighting.
95 "Wish Witch (w/ Allie Kokesh & Jeremy Bent from Mission to Zyxx)" June 21, 2021
Cordelia Stampot is a witch that grants wishes… for a price. And the first customer in line is Numbers Marlow a kid from a local gang.
96 "Tomblain and Rhiannon" June 28, 2021
Prince Tomblain is torn between his love for the acorn Alice P. Corn and Rhiannon the milk maid.
96A "INTERLUDE - 1989: Julie's Cult Watch" July 5, 2021
Another cassette tape from 1989 Ohio, this time hosted by Julie, 13-year old Arnie's friend, who has a mysterious Future Hole in her backyard.
96B "INTERLUDE - Hello from the Future... but Earlier" July 13, 2021
The story of the Mysterious Man and Julie continues, this time within a transmission from the space adventure version of Arnie, along with his cohosts, Doctor Zadore and Chant the Space Angel.
97 "Maybe Mister Chauncey (w/ Paul F. Tompkins)" July 19, 2021
A meeting with fancy little faun, Mister Chauncey, takes a strange turn when a large ominous creature shows up claiming to be Mister Chauncey.
98 "Trachea and Tomblain" July 26, 2021
Prince Tomblain begins the ceremony to become King but his sister Princess Trachea is waiting to kill him.
99 "Magic Mirror (w/ Niccole Thurman)" August 2, 2021
A Magic Mirror wants to start living her own life. Also, an imposter pretends to be Arnie.
100 "Rescue Party" August 9, 2021
Momo, Krom and Carfoon Blemish set sail on the quest to rescue Arnie.
101 "Volcano" August 16, 2021
Season finale. Dripfang and the Soulwalker battle Momo, Krom and Blemish (and Usidore, Chunt and Carfoon Arnie) on a volcano!

Post-Season 3 Bonus Content

Episodes released during the hiatus between seasons three and four.

No. in season Title Original air date
102 "Big Announcement" September 16, 2021
Arnie Niekamp opens up on the feed with Usidore and Chunt. They are working on Season 4 and they are now independent! Now listeners can directly support the show via Patreon.
103 "Bonus Taste: Earth Cereal" September 23, 2021
This is the beginning stretch of a bonus episode from the Hello from the Magic Tavern Patreon. The full episode is available now for Patreon supporters. Find out more at https://www.patreon.com/magictavern!
104 "Bonus Taste - Behind the Tavern - Road Stories (Season 1)" October 7, 2021
This is the beginning stretch of a bonus episode from the Hello from the Magic Tavern Patreon. The full episode is available now for Patreon supporters. Find out more at https://www.patreon.com/magictavern!
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