Season 3, Ep 29 – Outlaw

Hello from the Magic Tavern episode
Air date February 16, 2020
Episode no. S03E29
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Hosts Arnie, Chunt, Usidore
Guests Jess Elizabeth Wales the Outlaw
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Matt Young, Adal Rifai
Post-production coordination Garrett Schultz
Earwolf producer Kimmie Lucas
Editor Stephen Dranger
Logo Allard Laban
Theme music Andy Poland
Special assistance Ryan DiGiorgi
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"Outlaw" is the twenty-ninth episode of season three of Hello from the Magic Tavern. It was originally released on February 16, 2020.


Venturing into the Kooky Longwoods and climbing up to the village in the treetops; the boys search out a Demi-God Outlaw!


Arnie, Chunt, and Usidore are in the Kooky Longwoods, in a treetop village, on the lookout for a notorious demigod outlaw who can point them in the right direction on their quest.

They soon encounter the filthy and battered Jess Elizabeth Wales, a demigod that Usidore assumes is play-acting as a wretch to test would-be travelers and heroes. But as they talk to her they begin to doubt how much it is an act. Jess' practice of robbing from the poor and giving to the poor, as well as killing the rich, doesn't seem thought out, and the town she oversees seems abandoned.

Jess eventually admits she is not a demigod and tells a new story, one involving her adoption of many orphans, and the trio become convinced that story is a lie as well, right up until Usidore discovers a room full of happy playing orphans. Jess reveals then that she is in fact a demigod, one named Arianne, and Usidore was correct all along. They have passed the test.

Earth references

  • Toy Story movies
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Home Improvement
  • Putting a hat on a hat
  • Robin Hood
  • "Eat the Rich"
  • “Wars not make one great.” – Yoda
  • TRESemmé
  • Pre-med
  • Get Out
  • Cokie Roberts
  • Kookaburra
  • The Tonight Show
  • She’s all that
  • "ok boomer"
  • Ariana Grande
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • The Usual Suspects, "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist"
  • Marnie Michaels - HBO's Girls
  • Footloose


Behind the scenes

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Arnie, Chunt, The Outlaw Jess Elizabeth Wales, Usidore
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