Season 3, Ep 64 - Chunt for Red October 6: Chunt for Bread October (w/ Dan Lippert and Drew Tarver from Teachers' Lounge)

Season 3, Ep 64 - Chunt for Red October 6: Chunt for Bread October (w/ Dan Lippert and Drew Tarver from Teachers' Lounge)
Hello from the Magic Tavern episode
Air date October 26, 2020
Episode no. S03E64
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Hosts Arnie, Chunt, Usidore
Guests Ringo, McCartney
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Matt Young, Adal Rifai
Post-production coordination Garrett Schultz
Earwolf producer Kimmie Lucas
Editor Stephen Dranger
Logo Allard Laban
Theme music Andy Poland
Special assistance Ryan DiGiorgi
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"Spider Mom" "The Last Can"
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"Chunt for Red October 6: Chunt for Bread October" is the sixty-fourth episode of season three of Hello from the Magic Tavern. It was originally released on October 26, 2020.


It's time for the yearly Chunt for Red October blood drive for vampires. This year the charity event is crashed by a pair of aliens with a very specific weakness.


The Sixth Annual Chunt For Red October begins with Chunt introducing the podcast at Castle Skullmaster. However, the Shattering/Fragmenting makes it difficult to gather people in one place, so turn out is fairly abysmal. Still, Chunt and Usidore makes the most of it by still trying to gather blood.

Chunt had spotted some "entities" right outside of the castle, so he leads them inside with breadcrumbs. Right away, they reveal themselves to be from a different world, but a different world from Arnie's world. They are Ringo and McCartney, beings who do not wear clothes, has many mouths, and are looking for a new home. They had left their home planet, Thebeatles, and despite being on Earth for a long time, they could not settle there since they are easily addicted to water, which is like a drug to them. They also make food pacing music, music to help them keep the time. Ringo is the leader of the two.

Ringo and McCartney talk about their family that are back on Thebeatles. Ringo's father succumbed to the water addiction. McCartney's wife, Linda, is a serial adulterer, but McCartney loves her nonetheless. However, if McCArtney gets on water, they are done. They also talk about their time on Earth, which they seem more proficient in Earth stuff than Arnie. They have met Courtney Love, been around since the Nixon Administration, auditioned to be in porn, and tried to bring ham to Foon, but did not get it through customs.

In the meantime, Chunt was able to get some blood from them and get them to sing some food pacing songs. When the podcast starts to close, Chunt thought Arnie might be able to hitch a ride back to Earth with them, but it would make them a trio and would not work. Instead, Chunt swings a stick, hits many glasses filled with water around them, and soaking them with water, getting McCartney addicted.

In the post credit scene, Ringo and McCartney have left Foon for a new world, and find a place called Waterworld. McCartney gets another Facetime call from Linda, who is cheating on him yet again.


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Earth References

  • His Dark Materials
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda
  • Restaurant hosts
  • Halloween, sexy costumes
  • Jackie Curtis
  • Halls cough drops
  • Lady and the Tramp
  • Reese Pieces
  • Signs
  • The Beatles
    • Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr
    • Ringo “Wasn’t Even The Best Drummer In The Beatles”
    • "Hey Jude"
    • "Here Comes the Sun"
    • "Let It Be"
    • "Come Together"
    • "I Wanna Hold Your Hand"
    • "Blackbird"
    • "Yellow Submarine"
    • "Drive My Car"
    • "She Came In Through the Bathroom Window"
    • Pete Best
  • Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed
  • Quantum Leap
  • Requiem for a Dream
  • Pummel horse
  • Brave Little Toaster
  • Courtney Love
  • VH1 and MTV
  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Richard Nixon
  • V8
  • Saturn Cars
  • Fringes
  • Friends, Marcel the Monkey, Smelly Cat
  • Sex and the City, Kim Cattrall
  • Frost/Nixon
  • The Right Stuff
  • A Few Good Men
  • UFO
  • 1987 Chevy
  • Pod Save America
  • Hulk Hogan


  • Foon is 7/8th water.
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