Season 3, Ep 69 - 1989: Scary Neighbor

Season 3, Ep 69 - 1989: Scary Neighbor
Hello from the Magic Tavern episode
Air date November 30, 2020
Episode no. S03E69
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Hosts Arnie, Chunt, Usidore
Guests Mysterious Man
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Matt Young, Adal Rifai
Post-production coordination Garrett Schultz
Earwolf producer Kimmie Lucas
Editor Sage G.C.
Logo Allard Laban
Theme music Andy Poland
Special assistance Ryan DiGiorgi
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"1989: Group Project" "Arnor's Next Feat"
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"1989: Scary Neighbor" is the sixty-ninth episode of season three of Hello from the Magic Tavern and the close of the "1989" story arc. It was originally released on November 30, 2020.


13 year old Arnie thinks he's witnessed a murder so Usidore and Chunk help him break into his neighbor's house.


Usidore intros "The Arnie Niekamp Show", while Young Arnie is away. He and Chunt go over their week; Usidore quit being a chemistry teacher and became a door-to-door insurance salesman. Chunt turned himself into a kid and got to experience school, specifically lunch time. They are also joined by less younger (but really Older) Arnie, who's consciousness is contained in Young Arnie's ALF mug. He maintains that he is keeping low, observing and watching TV, to learn about why they are there and figure out the artifact. However, after three weeks in 1989, away from their world, Usidore and Chunt are desperate to go home.

Young Arnie barges in, insisting on his neighbor's odd behavior. Usidore looks out the window with Young Arnie, seeing the neighbor seemingly put a body in the trunk of his car. After being told to get out of his comfort zone, Young Arnie grows a backbone and decides to go over and investigate the neighbor's house. The group goes to follow him with Older Arnie mug and the recording equipment.

Everyone ends up sneaking inside thanks to Usidore turning the window panels into snakes. While inside, Young Arnie uses the bathroom and thanks the gang for bringing his tape recorder. It doesn't take long before the neighbor returns to the house. Everyone hides as statues or food except for Young Arnie, who goes back to the bathroom to panic pee. The neighbor comes in to the house, who suspiciously sounds like the Mysterious Man. He looks around and sees everything to be normal until he hears Young Arnie, specifically peeing in the bathroom. Chunt calls out to Young Arnie, telling him to poop instead, but Young Arnie is currently standing up. When he switches positions, Chunt realizes that it's his fault Arnie poops while standing up.

When caught, Young Arnie claims that he just stumbled into the wrong house, but Usidore and Chunt speak up when Young Arnie claims that his parents would be worry that he's missing. In order to ease the break-in situation, Chunt suggests that they play Euchre, which no one knows how to play. This ends up being an excuse to search the house. What the group find is not a dead body, but a human golem that the Mysterious Man grew. He requests that Usidore does not bring the golem to life as the being does not have a brain yet. The Mysterious Man also insists that he's just a lonely old neighbor, despite Young Arnie noticing the strange going ons as the Mysterious Man tries to normalize it. To gain their trust, the Mysterious Man allows the group to rummage around the house, eat his food, and jump on the bed until they become unconscious, in a normal, not creepy way.

In another room, the Mysterious Man receives a transmission from Krieg the Kruel, who addresses him as Admiral Mysterious. They outline the Mysterious Man's current plans; he is working for Krieg to transmit an existing consciousness into a robot, mainly a dreaming one. After all of the Mysterious Man's attempts, the only thing that might work is using a living human and putting a transmitter in their head. Meanwhile, the group continue to jump on that bed and notice a lite brite, which is really a device that detects space-time abnormalities. Usidore still offers to animate the robot, but, once again, the Mysterious Man refuses, however they do bond on being "old, human males".

Chunt rushes in a panic, saying that Young Arnie has fallen and cracked open his head. While trying to figure out if the teen is alright, Usidore and Chunt realize that the Mysterious Man is not a real human. He retorts back that he know they are not either. The Mysterious Man puts the device into Young Arnie's open wound, which activates his robot; Robot Arnie! Usidore demands that all of it gets reversed. Instead, the Mysterious Man heals Young Arnie's wounds and forcibly sends Usidore and Chunt back to where they belong. Older Arnie makes one last attempt to be drunken out of before the Mysterious Man also sends back Older Arnie's Consciousness. Young Arnie finally comes two, groggy and conveniently vague on the occurrences over the last few weeks. The Mysterious Man tells him he appreciated their time together, but to never tell anyone about it.

In the present, the Mysterious Man closes out this arc of Hello from the Magic Tavern.


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Earth References

  • Friday Night Lights
  • The Newsroom, Jeff Daniels
  • West Wing
  • Little Debbie (1960 snack)
  • ALF (1986-1990 tv series)
  • The Importance of Being Earnest
  • State Farm, "Like a Good Neighbor…", "You're in Good Hands" (1922 insurance)
  • Indiana Jones (1981 film franchise), "Why did it have to be snakes…"
  • Global Warming
  • "Monster Mash" by Bobby "Boris" Pickett (1962)
  • Home Alone (1990 film), Wet Bandits
  • Euchre
  • Stretch Armstrong (1976 toy)
  • The Lord of the Rings
    • film directed by Ralph Bakshi (1978)
    • film directed by Peter Jackson (2001)
  • Fruitopia (1994)
  • Halloween
  • Arbor Day
  • Payday (1932 candy)
  • Kit Kat bar (1935 candy)
  • The 'Burbs (1989 fim)
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  • HBO (1972 network)
  • Dream On (1990-1996 tv series), Brian Benben
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  • F/X (1986 film)
  • Samuel Adams (1984 beer)
  • Lite-Brite (1967 toy)
  • Police Academy (1984 film)
    • Steve Guttenberg as Cadet Carey Mahoney
    • Cadet Eugene Tackleberry
    • Michael Winslow
    • Tim Kazurinsky
  • Catholicism
  • Weird Al" Yankovic (active 1976)
    • "I Think I'm a Clone Now" (1988)
  • Punky Brewster (1985-1986 tv series)


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