Season 3, Ep 79 - Jayme, Sayme and Daddy

Season 3, Ep 79 - Jayme, Sayme and Daddy
Hello from the Magic Tavern episode
Air date February 22, 2021
Episode no. S03E79
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Hosts Arnie, Chunt, Usidore
Guests Jayme and Sayme Ragoon
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Matt Young, Adal Rifai
Post-production coordination Garrett Schultz
Earwolf producer Kimmie Lucas
Editor Garrett Schultz
Logo Allard Laban
Theme music Andy Poland
Special assistance Ryan DiGiorgi
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"Jayme, Sayme and Daddy" is the seventy-ninth episode of season three of Hello from the Magic Tavern. It was originally released on February 22, 2021.


The creepy twins, Jayme and Sayme Ragoon are back and this time they're not alone. Also, they're in a cave for some reason.


Around the campfire in the woods, Chip Skyguy (i.e. Arnie Niekamp) is justifying his airline pilot disguise to Usidore. He is determined to maintain hidden from the Dark Lord and his compatriots while trying to be unique with his outfit, so Usidore is forced to turn everyone they meet into airline pilots as well. Chunt has been enjoying his time with Séance the Cat, even though his rotted flesh has slipped off his body, making him all bones. This sparks the idea of ska band named "BoneCat", just before it starts to rain on their campsite.

To protect Séance from getting wet, a la Gremlin rules, the group retreat to an odd and spooky cave with holes and wall paintings. As they try to sleep, they are startled by Jayme and Sayme Ragoon, who have already claim the cave as their bathroom. The holes serve a different purpose, however; Jayme and Sayme has trapped a person down each hole, specifically a dad, to be their "Daddy" while Baron Ragoon is away from Shrike. They have been able to do this since they have became the new Barons of Shrike Valley. The "daddies" are selected via lottery system and receive the brunt of the "pranks" from the twins. These "pranks" include being their literal bathroom place, feeding them weird foods, sometimes from Sayme's body. Despite the repercussions, Usidore offers his, Arnie's, and Chunt's names so they can play in the next lottery. The group also call out to the daddies, while the twins are distracted, to see if they need help. Whenever they get caught, Chunt feigns ignorance and spits into the hole.

Jayme and Sayme have achieved other things as Barons of Shrike, such as:

  • Universal Salves and Nursing
  • Public Executions to anyone over 30
  • Elections for power
    • However, there is a purge night every 100 years.
  • Got rid of social inequality
  • propose to get rid of Philip Buster and his lizard, Jerry Mander

However, not everything is perfect in the twin's lives. Baron Ragoon has, technically, sent them away, claiming they are not evil enough. By following their father's wishes, Jayme and Sayme might change in ways that they don't want to. Still, they attend an evil magic school, the school of Pigherpies Academy, where things are evil, but not necessarily opposite. Jayme and Sayme are considered study abroad students, thus not fully integrated into the school and separated from the other students. They are clearly not happy there and are bullied by the other students. Usidore suggests a makeover montage, but that would not change the fact that the twins are approximately 30 years old. Still, Jayme and Sayme try to get the three to play their games.

The twins end up trading the rest of the Daddies for Usidore and for him to be their new daddy. As the others are released (even though one of them comes back because he is "too far gone"), Usidore climbs into a hole, with Arnie and Chunt entering a separate hole. They start a new podcast called "Hole Daddies" and answer some questions. Suddenly, a wolf with bat wings deliver wizard mail to Usidore, inviting him, Arnie, Chunt, and a daddy to the Wizard Council for a conference in 2 weeks, which coincides with the 6th Anniversary of the podcast. Meanwhile, Jayme and Sayme are eaten by the wolf bat but the wolf bat eventually dies. The twins use the carcass to fly away from the cave.


During the "Hole Daddies" segment, they read an email from Pearl. They and their friend are working on a group project in Health Class about Celebrities and Fictional Characters and how they Affect them. Their questions are more specifically for Usidore:

  1. What is your favorite food and Drink? - Usidore and Chunt say it is now Sayme's Shit
  2. What are your hobbies? - Being in a Hole
  3. Do you get enough sleep? - It's hard to sleep upright in a hole
  4. How are your relationships? - Relationships are hard. Take time, listen, communicate, and not be in a hole.
  5. What is your mental health? Are you stressed? - Yes

New characters

  • James, a "daddy"
  • Carl, a "daddy"

Recurring Characters

Earth References

  • iTunes Review
  • New York Times' "Caliphate" podcast
  • Earwolf
  • airplane terms, Cockpit
  • Alias, Jennifer Gardner
  • Ska bands, to skank
  • Stalag 17
  • Baldwin Brothers
  • Here's the Situation
  • "Roxanne" by the Police
  • Cher
    • Moonstruck, "Snap Out of it"
    • "If I Could Turn Back Time"
    • "I Got You, Babe
  • The Purge
  • Filibuster
  • Gerrymander
  • Harry Potter, hogwarts
  • Prom
  • iPhone
  • XOXO
  • She's All That
  • 10 Things I Hate About You
  • Never Been Kissed
  • Back to School
  • Carl Jrs
  • Hardy's
  • "Hot for Teacher" by Van Halen
  • Carrie
  • The Silence of the Lambs
  • Romulus and Remus
  • Ocean Spray
  • WandaVision


Behind the Scenes

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