Season 3, Ep 99 - Magic Mirror (w/ Niccole Thurman)

Season 3, Ep 99 - Magic Mirror (w/ Niccole Thurman)
Hello from the Magic Tavern episode
Air date August 2, 2021
Episode no. S03E99
Episode Link
Hosts Carfoon Arnie, Chunt, Usidore
Guests Mira Mirror
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Matt Young, Adal Rifai
Post-production coordination Garrett Schultz
Earwolf producer Kimmie Lucas
Editor Tim Joyce
Logo Allard Laban
Theme music Andy Poland
Special assistance Ryan DiGiorgi
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"Trachea and Tomblain" "Rescue Party"
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"Magic Mirror" is the ninety-ninhth regularly numbered episode of season three of Hello from the Magic Tavern. It was originally released on August 2, 2021.


A Magic Mirror wants to start living her own life. Also, an imposter pretends to be Arnie.


Unbeknownst to Usidore and Chunt, Carfoon Arnie starts off the podcast. Although Carfoon Arnie messes up little things here and there, like the length of time they have been doing the podcast, where they are doing the podcast, and interrupting Usidore’s intro with one of his old names, he cites it as fatigue and working so hard. Carfoon Arnie tries to catch up with the group to stall for time.

The trio has departed Northeastia and are traveling through a magical forest to begin their search for "the Scattered", which is the name they have given to the otherworldly miscreants released on Foon by David Allen MacKenzie. They're resting now at the forest dive bar The Immortal Roach.

Since Carfoon Arnie is unprepared for the episode this week, Usidore suggests bringing on the guest he ran into in the forest, a magic mirror. She introduces herself as Mira Mirror, a 6’ tall, ornate mirror with no face or limbs. Before meeting with Usidore, Mira used to work for an Evil Queen where Mira would constantly tell the Queen how pretty she is. The repetition started to wear on her to the point where the Evil Queen noticed and quit under her own volition. Being with them at the Immortal Roach is the first time she is branching out and discovering herself. Chunt asks if she is ambulatory, to which she responds that a magic carpet dropped her off in the woods, to later be found by Usidore.

The group sympathizes with Mira since between her friends and her employer, she has been associating herself with unfair and abusive relationships, but Mira does not blame them. She understands that people have their own dramas and traumas to work though. Even Mira suffers, as people and being look at themselves when they look at her, not who she really is. During her time discovering herself, she finds blacksmiths and bakers and wishes to do the same to try it out.

Chunt suggests they make a resume for her. Mira says she was previously a door before being enchanted to be a magic mirror. Before that she was sand. Despite the abuse she suffered later on, she considers her time with the Evil Queen as a highlight of her career, having her cage cleaned and fixed up anytime she is cracked for free. The Evil Queen also had a habit of bad mouthing her step daughter and letting party guests use her to self-groom and do drugs.

Mira wishes to have legs, arms and a face of her own to be autonomous. After Carfoon Arnie and Chunt try to think of sorcerers to do it, Usidore uses his magic to give her legs, capris, arms, chunky heels, a head and a face (although the face she got was initially the Evil Queen’s, she was able to get an identity for herself).

Carfoon Arnie is already sick of distracting the group, so he reveals himself as Carfoon Arnie/Carnival Wilson. Usidore, Chunt, and Mira were able to immobilize him. As Carfoon Arnie explains how all of this is possible, Usidore demands him to tell them where the real Arnie is. He says that Arnie is with the Dark Lord at a volcano, which Usidore recognizes as the Volcano east of them by the sea. They roll Carfoon Arnie up and invite Mira to join them to rescue their friend, which Mira declines as she is already getting the attention of a handsome dude and leaves. Carfoon Arnie insisters to come along with them as he is more interested in the switcharoos than being good or evil. Mira then comes back when she realizes she has nothing to her name. Usidore gives her a sack of money, identification papers, keys to something and his house and she leaves.


There are no new emails this week.

New characters

Recurring Characters

Earth References

  • Eataly
  • Dive Bars
  • Bar Louie
  • Hoobastank
  • Grammar tenses
  • Tenet
  • Snow White, Evil Stepmother
  • Spank Bank
  • Snakes on a Plane
  • Aladdin, “A Whole New World”
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Latin
  • ubiquitous filler text, Lorem ipsum, or lipsum as it
  • “I don’t get mad, I get even”
  • Cinderella
  • Con Air, Nicolas Cage, Steve Bushemi
  • The Conjuring 3
  • “I got a knife and I know how to use it”
  • Capri Sun
  • "Je ne sais quoi"
  • J. R. R. Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings
  • Baltimore Accent


  • Most of Carfoon Arnie’s mess ups come from him being two years behind of the main feed:
    • The intro he says 4 years and 4 weeks ago
    • He uses the old intro where they record in the Vermillion Minotaur
    • He does not remember his joke about “Shit Kicker”
    • He interrupts Usidore’s intro with Hoobastank after Zoenen Hoogstandjes.
    • He mixes up calling Chunt and Usidore by their names.
    • He cannot pull the right cadence when he says “And we’re back”
    • He makes a sarcastic remark that Usidore will “definitely defeat the Dark Lord”
    • He admits his insecurities while look into Mira, saying he felt like he is “drawn weird” and that his hair is messed up
    • He does not correct Usidore when he calls Arnie “Arnold”
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