Hello from the Magic Tavern (season 4)
Hello from the Magic Tavern (season 4)
Logo Art by Allard Laban
Hosts Arnie, Chunt, Usidore the Blue
First episode October 18, 2021
Network -none-
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Adal Rifai, Matt Young
Theme music Andy Poland
Logo Allard Laban

The fourth season of Hello from the Magic Tavern premiered on October 18, 2021. This is also the first season where the show has gone independent (via Patreon). Fooniverse and other Patreon-exclusive episodes also aired in tandem with season 4.




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No. in season Title Original air date
1 "A New Age (w/ Jessica McKenna)" October 18, 2021
A new era of peace dawns in Foon, but maybe that's not entirely true. More importantly we talk to a wind sprite that loves to hear wishes.
2 "Mind Games (w/ Beth May & Anthony Burch from Dungeons & Daddies)" October 25, 2021
Selling, stealing, and sharing memories leads to confusion (and love?).
3 "Pirate (w/ Austin Creed aka Xavier Woods)" November 1, 2021
A pirate searching for the water stolen from his land visits the tavern.
4 "Claudia Visits" November 8, 2021
An old friend, Claudia the Witch, visits Nibblebottom to pursue some dicey business ventures.
5 "The Baron Visits" November 15, 2021
Mysterious guest, Wade the Wanderer, just might be an old villain in disguise.
6 "Town Daddy's Brother (w/ John Hodgman)" November 21, 2021
The beloved Town Daddy has been murdered. But the Town Daddy's suspicious brother is here.
7 "Tormaline Dragon Teen (w/ Zach Reino)" November 28, 2021
A teenage dragon in human form applies for an internship.
8 "Beer Window" December 5, 2021
A night of drinking magical mental martinis leads to the discovery of a murder!
9 "The List" December 12, 2021
The dragon in the basement needs a list of who it is and isn't okay to kill.
10 "Year Without a Chris Must" December 19, 2021
An ancient pact requires the Dark Lord, hidden in the basement, to fulfill his duties as the Chris in Chris-Must.
- "Winter Solstice 2021" December 26, 2021
A Winter Solstice scene with a song about the holiday Gunderstein. (Hmm, that rhymes.)
- "Patreon Unlocked: Earth Cereal" January 2, 2022
Enjoy this unlocked bonus episode from our Patreon! In this episode, Usidore and Chunt fall in love (literally) with breakfast cereals Arnie has sourced from Earth.
11 "Baker" January 9, 2022
Usidore is a little too excited to welcome the baker of the best muffins in Nibblebottom.
12 "Treasure Hunters (w/ Nyla Rose & Aubrey Edwards)" January 16, 2022
A crypt rummager named Coral Loft and a former Mittens ref stop by the show off some of the fantastical treasures they've found.
13 "Hairdresser" January 23, 2022
A very strange local hairdresser named Ahag stop by the tavern.
14 "Usidore's Death Bed" January 30, 2022
The time has come for Usidore to fake his death. Arnie and Chunt are feeling surprisingly emotional about it. Alternate title: DS Time.
15 "Aprel Füls Visits (w/ Asher Perlman)" February 6, 2022
Usidore's "best friend" Aprel Füls, the gnome prankster, comes to Nibblebottom to say goodbye.
16 "Gourd (w/ Kris Straub)" February 13, 2022
A golem with a gourd for a head talks about his work with the Department of Treasure.
17 "Forensic Inquisitor (w/ Mikey Neumann)" February 20, 2022
A local king has been murdered and someone must use science to solve the crime.
18 "Germ Crust Visits" February 27, 2022
Germ returns to pay her final respects to the "dying" Usidore.
19 "Seven Years (w/ Paul F. Tompkins, Matt Gourley & Mark McConville)" March 6, 2022
It's Villain's Night at the Strange Familiar and…Magic Tavern's 7th Anniversary!
20 "Ancient Poet Turtle" March 13, 2022
Hildy, the Ancient Sea Turtle, is back from the dead and more fabulous than ever.
21 "Talking Crossbow Visits (w/ Colton Dunn)" March 20, 2022
DeMonte the Talking Crossbow returns, confused about the fact that the DL is dead but his crossbow curse hasn't been lifted.
22 "Winky Silks and Michael Gunch Visit" March 27, 2022
Usidore receives acting lessons from Winky Silks and Michael Gunch, who run a seminar on faking your death.
23 "Season 4, Ep 23 - Jyn'Leeviyah Says Goodbye" April 4, 2022
Jyn'Leeviyah the Red Wizard visits on official business regarding the Wizards Choice Awards.
- "Patreon Unlocked: Questions from the Patrons" April 11, 2022
Enjoy this unlocked bonus episode from our Patreon! In this episode, Arnie, Usidore, and Chunt answer some of the patron's questions gathered from Patreon.
- "Patreon Unlocked: Good AfterFoon!" April 18, 2022
Enjoy this unlocked bonus episode from our Patreon! In this episode, we hear Foon's favorite forest-based afternoon talk show hosted by a vampire and a bird!
24 "Season 4, Ep 24 - Dripfang, Savior of Foon" April 24, 2022
An odd new tavern-goer visits. Could he secretly be Dripfang the Necromancer? Yes.
25 "Season 4, Ep 25 - Cute Little Bear (w/ Kevin Porter)" May 1, 2022
An adorable little bear with an apron catches everyone's attention. Meet Philby!
26 "Season 4, Ep 26 - Demigoddess (w/ Danielle Kurtzleben)" May 8, 2022
A demigoddess stops by to recruit followers.
27 "Season 4, Ep 27 - Flower Tries to Not Visit" May 15, 2022
Apparently Flower has been in Nibblebottom this whole time and has been avoiding the podcast. Until now.
28 "Season 4, Ep 28 - Hogsfacer" May 22, 2022
Return to Hogsfacer to catch up with the town. Gianessa is there to share the results of the recent mayoral election.
29 "Season 4, Ep 29 - Deputy Administrator (w/ Joe Zieja)" May 29, 2022
Gouda Smish stops by to talk about doing administrative work in the Nibblebottom government and having secret plans.
30 "Season 4, Ep 30 - Rats" June 5, 2022
There's a party going on at the Strange Familiar, hosted by a rat fraternity.
31 "Season 4, Ep 31 - Arnie and Usidore" June 12, 2022
Chunt is off somewhere. Now what?
32 "Season 4, Ep 32 - Cowboy World: Tormaline & Whizla" June 19, 2022
Arnie and Usidore visit Cowboy World and begin seeing some familiar faces.
33 "Season 4, Ep 33 - Cowboy World: Miss Quibbert Returns" June 25, 2022
Arnie, Ulysses, and Champ get reacquainted with Miss Quibbert who arrives with some shocking news.
- "Patreon Unlocked: Not The Tavern - No More ____" July 4, 2022
Enjoy this unlocked bonus episode from our Patreon! In this episode, Arnie, Matt, and Adal love panel-style game shows. What happens when they play one?
34 "Season 4, Ep 34 - Cowboy World: Railroad Baron" July 10, 2022
Arnie, Ulysses and Champ the Horse talk to Solomon Ragoon, the Cowboy World's Railroad Baron.
35 "Season 4, Ep 35 - Meanwhile, Chunt and Momo" July 17, 2022
Chunt continues the podcast after the disappearance of Arnie and Usidore. He's joined by his new cohost Momo the mouse with human strength and a not-so-strange man at another table.
36 "Season 4, Ep 36 - Cowboy World: Tom The Cowboy" July 24, 2022
Tombleweed Cattleruss, the Cowboy World version of Tomblaine Belaroth, stops by to recount his strange path to being co-sheriff.
37 "Cowboy World: Flowers the Orphan" July 31, 2022
Flowers the Orphan, the Cowboy World version of Flower the talking flower, makes some startling discoveries.
38 "Cowboy World: Escape" August 7, 2022
Miss Quibbert and the Railroad Baron face off while Arnie tries to escape Cowboy World once and for all.
39 "Together Again" August 14, 2022
Arnie, Usidore and Chunt are finally reunited. It's time for hugs, catching up and answering some listener emails.
40 "Bounty Hunter" August 21, 2022
The ominous bounty hunter Bubble Fat comes to collect the random money for Eggy Baby.
41 "Artificer (w/ Anna Prosser)" August 28, 2022
Arnie and the gang meet an artificer who may know more than she lets on. Or she may not.
42 "The Bear (w/ Alden Ford)" September 4, 2022
Chunt and Usidore have a fine dining experience at a bear's diner in the woods.
43 "Egg Kingdom" September 11, 2022
Chunt finally makes it to the Egg Kingdom, but must contend with the King and his jester before reuniting with Eggy Baby.
44 "Ghost Ship" September 18, 2022
On their way back to Nibblebottom, Arnie, Chunt, and Usidore book passage on a ghost ship!
45 "Empty Goblin Town" September 25, 2022
An abandoned goblin town is discovered.
46 "Crone Visits (w/ Janet Varney)" October 2, 2022
Crone Bakeress (or is she Braidwynn?) stops in to sell some things.
47 "Princess Ahag" October 9, 2022
Ahag's mysterious tattoos may hold the secret to whether she's secretly lost royalty.
48 "Arnor Fights Arnie" October 16, 2022
Arnor the Warrior returns to finally fight Arnie to the death.
49 "Tree Visits" October 23, 2022
Caball'on Valentin, the talking tree, visits the tavern to bestow some special gifts.
50 "Chunt for Red October 7 (live from Brooklyn w/ Jo Firestone and Tim Sniffen)" October 30, 2022
A haunted house and the winner of the Lil' Miss Demon pageant stop by the Chunt for Red October blood drive for vampires. (Recorded live at the Bell House in Brooklyn.)
51 "Crab Folk (w/ Naomi Ekperigin and Andy Beckerman)" November 6, 2022
Two married crabs stop by to sell sea water.
52 "Shoe (w/ Nick Vatterott)" November 13, 2022
A lowly talking shoe may be a cursed prince from the future.
53 "Mysterious Box (w/ Hrishikesh Hirway)" November 20, 2022
A lovely fox gives Chunt a mysterious box with a voice inside.
- "Patreon Unlocked: Earth Comics - Garfield" November 27, 2022
Enjoy this unlocked bonus episode from our Patreon! In this episode, Arnie introduces Chunt and Usidore to one of Earth's greatest comic strips, Garfield.
54 "Jazzhands Visits (w/ Nicole Parker)" December 4, 2022
Traveling storysinger Spiralina Jazzhands has been working on some new material. Also, we're kicking off the Winter Solstice season with Chris-Must wishes.
55 "In the Forest" December 11, 2022
While traveling on their quest to save Otok before the end of Chrismust, Arnie, Chunt and Usidore spend a night in the forest.
56 "Finding Otok" December 18, 2022
Either we find and save Otok this episode, or Usidore dies for real. Those are the stakes.
57 "Solistice Gift Exchange (Live from Chicago's Thalia Hall w/ Brooke Breit and Beth Melewski)" December 25, 2022
Flower and Claudia the Witch join in on a holiday celebration of throwing a bunch of terrible gifts on a pile.
- "Patreon Unlocked: Night Shifts" January 1, 2023
In this bonus Patreon episode, Chunt meets Foon's preeminent "mental health" professional, Dr. Pigman Fraud and a giant spider.
- "Shadow City: The Crime Time Forgot (w/Anthony Burch)" January 8, 2023
In the upcoming stretch-goal miniseries on Patreon, the boys play a superhero-themed RPG where they are the lowest low-level criminals.
58 "Upple" January 16, 2023
A very chipper talking apple is almost eaten by Usidore.
59 "Five Finger Scoop Poopy (w/ Ify Nwadiwe)" January 22, 2023
Casino-owner Five Finger Scoop Poopy visits the tavern after Arnie saves him from vampires.
60 "Small Elephant" January 29, 2023
Stan is a tiny elephant that claims to be Foon's greatest assassin.
61 "What Happened to DQ" February 5, 2023
The mystery of D'athaniel Quen'yarvin's imprisonment finally come to light.
62 "Squid Kid" February 12, 2023
The guys meet Umwelt, a Squid Kid, who experiences the world differently than they do.
63 "Globulous Visits (w/ Stuart Wellington)" February 19, 2023
Globulous has turned a new leaf, probably.
64 "Djinn" February 26, 2023
Gina the Djinn has plans for subjugation of all of creation.
65 "Eight Years" March 5, 2023
For the podcast's eight year anniversary Tomblain Belaroth, Momo the mouse with human strength and Hildy the very old turtle stop by for a fancy dinner party.
66 "Sword Bro (w/ Erika Ishii)" March 12, 2023
An eager enthusiast of swords and "dragon culture" stops by the tavern.
67 "Brotaur Visits (w/ Colt Cabana)" March 19, 2023
Brotaur, half man, half animal, all warrior, returns and he's matured quite a bit in recent years… according to him.
68 "Chimera" March 26, 2023
A chimera toymaker is very upset with Usidore.
- "Patreon Unlock: Girls Night - Momo's Move" April 2, 2023
Enjoy this unlocked bonus episode from our Patreon! In this episode, Mono’s roommate has had enough, but will Flower and Gianessa be able to move her out in time?
69 "Traveling Salesman" April 9, 2023
A down on his luck traveling salesman stops by desperate to make a sale.
70 "Golden Unicorn" April 16, 2023
Chaos the Golden Unicorn stops by for a talk show-style interview and to grant a wish.
71 "Roast Comic" April 23, 2023
Greg Taskel, Comedy Rascal, stops by to roast the hosts.
72 "Otok and Blemish" April 30, 2023
Can Otok Barleyfoot help Carfoon Blemish suppress the evil trapped inside him?
73 "Hill Troll (w/ Guy Branum Live from SF Sketchfest)" May 7, 2023
Our live show from San Francisco Sketchfest with special guest Guy Branum as Thrak the Hill Troll. Also, there's been a murder. If you want to see a full video version of this live show join the Patreon at patreon.com/magictavern.
74 "Jamillious Visits" May 14, 2023
Jamillious the Mauve Wizard stops by eager to see for himself if Usidore is back from the dead.
75 "Broken Mirror (w/ Niccole Thurman)" May 21, 2023
Mira Mirror returns and shares some hard-learned life lessons.
76 "Mumford of the Sunfolk" May 28, 2023
The boys are visited by one of the Sunfolk of the South seeking guidance from the Greatest Warrior in Foon.
77 "Return to Castle Nowhere" June 4, 2023
An emergency requires the help of Honey Vandershrimp, concierge of Castle Nowhere.
77a "Patreon Unlock: Chunt Records an Album" June 11, 2023
Enjoy this unlocked bonus episode from our Patreon! Will Usidore and Arnie help or hinder this musical masterpiece? Yeah, I'd assume "hinder" too.
77b "Patreon Unlock: Masters of Mayhem: Season 3, Ep 1 - Scrom" June 18, 2023
Enjoy this unlocked bonus episode from our Patreon! The Baron and Dripfang meet a dwarf, working to save his family, deep in the bowels of Castle Ragoon.
78 "1989: Emergency" June 25, 2023
Returning to 1989 Ohio, Usidore and Chunt get 13-year old Arnie's help to save adult Arnie.
79 "1989: Hospital (w/ Jordan Klepper)" July 2, 2023
Little Arnie, Usidore and Chunt meet a competitive eater in the waiting room of an Earth hospital.
80 "Tavern World" July 9, 2023
A dimension-hopping accident leads to a world where Hello from the Magic Tavern is so popular it has its own theme park.
81 "Tavern World: Flower Mascot" July 16, 2023
There's a giant Flower mascot in this Magic Tavern amusement park, but is there a person inside?
82 "Larry Birdman Visits" July 23, 2023
The Foon Mittens League may be back as commission Larry Birdman makes a surprise visit.
83 "Selkie" July 30, 2023
A selkie asks for help killing the man that stole her skin.
84 "Activia Visits (w/ Tawny Newsome)" August 6, 2023
Arnie invites Activia Barleyfoot to the tavern in hopes of sparking a grand reunion with her father Otok.
85 "Alpha Krom" August 13, 2023
A visit to Fingaria in search of the powerful warrior Krom.
86 "Momo Visits" August 20, 2023
Momo, the Mouse with Human Strength, is determined to be hired as security for the Wizard Choice Awards.
87 "Death Knight Visits (w/ Brennan Lee Mulligan)" August 27, 2023
Kalhaxorus the Grim, a ghostly death knight in a suit of armor, returns to cause trouble and mooch drinks.
88 "Child Warlord (w/ Mark McConville)" September 3, 2023
Polposh the Wise is an adorable seven year old trying to recruit men to join his army.
89 "Merzia the Red Queen (w/ Janet Varney)" September 10, 2023
Arnie, Chunt, and Usidore meet a terrifying undead queen.
90 "Spintax Visits" September 17, 2023
Spintax is back!…and buttering up Usidore?
91 "Skeek (w/ Seth Morris)" September 24, 2023
A Nibblebottom townie makes friends with the boys.
92 "Tormaline Departs (w/ Zach Reino)" October 1, 2023
Tormaline, Dragon Teen, is having a quarter millennia crisis.
93 "Arnor's Brother" October 8, 2023
Barnor the Lawyer comes to exact his revenge on Arnie for killing his brother, Arnor the Warrior.
94 "Ex (w/ Erin Whitehead)" October 15, 2023
Diane Mudpuppy is a traveling actress with a dark secret.
95 "Soulwalker Hexas Ranger" October 22, 2023
The Soulwalker from Cowboy World comes to Foon to kill Arnie
96 "Put-Together Person (w/ John Lutz)" October 29, 2023
A person made entirely of dead body parts does a fundraiser for the Lend a Limb foundation.
97 "Vengeful Warlock" November 5, 2023
Nicholas Fump, a warlock Usidore once cursed at a party, has come seeking revenge.
98 "Union Wench" November 12, 2023
The hosts meet a tavern wench working to unionize a nearby tavern.
98b "Patreon Unlock: Momentos, Oh Momentos" November 19, 2023
Enjoy this unlocked bonus episode from our Patreon! Antiquity experts appraise items both grotesque and divine. Sponsored by The Gelena Rubenstein Foundation and The Corporation for Public Spellcasting and Viewers Like You, Who We Really Don't Know; Our Main Donors Are A Terrifying, Faceless, All-Consuming Mass That We Must Appease, But Seem Mostly to Like Tote Bags.
99 "Security Team" December 3, 2023
Momo, Krom and Blemish prepare to manage security for the Wizards Choice Awards.
100 "Wizards Choice Awards (w/ Felicia Day, Mary Holland, Rush Howell, Erika Ishii, Anthony LeBlanc, Charlie McCrackin and Martin Wilson)" December 10, 2023
The season comes to a dramatic conclusion at the Wizards' Choice Awards. Will Usidore win? What will, inevitably, go horribly wrong?
100a "Winter Solstice 2023" December 24, 2023
Arnie, Chunt and Usidore enjoy the many holiday decorations and traditions of Foon.

Post-Season 4 Bonus Content

Episodes released during the hiatus between seasons four and five.

No. in season Title Original air date
SS102 "Patreon Unlock: Shadow City Ep 2: The Crime That Went Wrong (w/ Anthony Burch)" January 7, 2024
Enjoy this unlocked bonus episode from our Patreon! The bank heist finally begins, but soon Ma, Crusher, and Punches are in over their heads.
SS103 "Patreon Unlock: Shadow City Ep 3: The Crime Criminals Couldn't Ignore (w/ Anthony Burch)" January 21, 2024
Enjoy this unlocked bonus episode from our Patreon! Ma, Crusher, and Punches head to the Cougar Cave to face off against The Giggler and The Chuckler!
SS104 "Patreon Unlock: Shadow City Ep 4: The Crime That Went Right (w/ Anthony Burch)" February 4, 2024
Enjoy this unlocked bonus episode from our Patreon! Punches, Crusher, and Ma are in deep trouble. Only one force might save them: A GM named Anthony who take pity on them.
100b "Blunder Break (live from Chicago w/ John Sabine, Brooke Breit & Andy Carey)" February 18, 2024
The hosts are in full vacation mode, but excited to catch up with Caballon the tree, Flower and new guest Noah Paine. Recorded live at Chicago's Thalia Hall.
100c "PREVIEW: Make Your Bracket" March 4, 2024
Arnie, Chunt, and Usidore create a bracket of magic users for the new tradition of March Magic. Listen to the full episode at patreon.com/magictavern.
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