Season 4, Ep 15 - Aprel Füls Visits (w/ Asher Perlman)

Season 4, Ep 15 - Aprel Füls Visits (w/ Asher Perlman)
Hello from the Magic Tavern episode
Air date February 6, 2022
Episode no. S04E015
Episode Link
Hosts Arnie, Chunt, Usidore
Guests Aprel Füls
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Matt Young, Adal Rifai
Post-production coordination Garrett Schultz
Editor Sage G.C.
Logo Allard Laban
Theme music Andy Poland
Special assistance Ryan DiGiorgi
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"Usidore's Death Bed" "Gourd"
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"Aprel Füls Visits" is the fifteenth episode of season four of Hello from the Magic Tavern. It was originally released on February 6, 2022.


Usidore's "best friend" Aprel Füls, the gnome prankster, comes to Nibblebottom to say goodbye.


After going through Usidore’s “death”, now extended, Chunt made himself and Arnie pinky rings from his Black-and-White-Smith shop to commemorate their friendship. Although initially reluctant, Arnie accepts his ring and performs some “pinky clinkies” with Chunt. Meanwhile, Usidore is saddened by the fact that no one but Arnie and Chunt showed up to his initial death day. He had extended his “death” by strapping his death bed to his head and sells it by not showering and being disheveled, despite the podcast being an audio medium. The whole point of the charade is to mask the Dark Lord’s current existence to the rest of the denizens of Foon. However, Arnie woke up the night before to see Blemish staring at him in the corner of his room, as he did back to the Vermilion Minotaur.

Chunt spots three cigars on the table, to which no one has owned up to bringing them. Both Chunt and Usidore try smoking one to only be pranked. Arnie inspects it further with a telescope, which results in giving him a black eye. The culprit is Aprel Füls, who has come to the Strange Familiar to see his best friend before his death. Although they had only met once, Usidore values Aprel so much that he used the tree that grew inside his robe to make the death bed strapped to him. Since his last appearance, Aprel collaborated with his friends (who are also his brothers), May Füls and August Füls, to form a pranking trio. They are shockingly popular with their main shtick is where two of the members hide behind a bush and commands the third to perform outrageous tasks and statements. They try it out with Chunt right after the first break.

Arnie’s performance is lacking in some ways, so Chunt, Usidore and Aprel give him some suggestions to make him funnier. During this, Aprel notices Arnie’s fashion choices with his pinky ring and commends him for growing as a person. Usidore gives the same remark to Aprel as he had grown so much since his first appearance. Arnie asks about their instant connection when they first met and Usidore notices that he had been pranks to sit on a large tack that pierces all the way up to his lungs. While Usidore checks out of earshot, Arnie and Chunt pay Aprel for his appearance, which he desperately needs as he is indebted to a loan porpoise.

Aprel has been enjoying life on the road. He did not adventure out of Hogsface until he started to take his show on the road. Aprel already experienced his travels, expanded his mind and sees the world to be much bigger than he initially realized, grasping the multitudes of worlds and dimensions that exist. He then explains to Arnie that every dimension, including Arnie's, has a Man of Spiders. The one in Foon throws spiders at evil-doers. Usidore had tried to recruit him on his quest in the past and Aprel relays to the group that he is related to the Man of Spiders through his brother, May, who was bitten by an ant.

The group asks what the endgame for Aprel’s comedy is. He hopes to perform in front of a king one day. Arnie asks if he and his performing friends/brothers are the only siblings Aprel has and Aprel responds to have 11 siblings. He then proceeds to list them, but ends up starting over several times, especially when Arnie notices the trends of the naming convention. The repetition causes a fist fight to which the group needed a break to calm down and read emails. Usidore explains what it takes to win a Wizards Choice Award and Arnie announces that he is starting the Magy Tavy Awards, which includes the Worst Lines said on the show.

As a parting gift, Aprel gives Usidore a can of potato chips. As he is “weak”, he asks Arnie to open it and a bunch of spiders come out. Finally, Usidore has lost a lot of blood.


  • Shell, from Sweden, asks what does it take to win the Wizards Choice Awards and if there are any other wizards nominated this year. Although Usidore believes he clinched it with his victory over the Dark Lord, other nominees include Blorth the Brown who appeared in a field and granted 7 wishes to 7 deer, sowed the fields with splendor not see in 7 centuries, and Eunice the Ecru,who weaved a web of pure lace, a gossamer veil from one world to the next and spoke to beings unseen in Foon.

New Characters

  • Aprel’s Siblings
    • January
    • February
    • March
    • May, who was bitten by an Ant and partnered with Aprel
    • June
    • July
    • August, who is partnered with Aprel
    • September
    • October
    • Novimber
    • December
  • The Man of Spiders
  • Ben Uncle
  • Mary, who the Man of Spider got Janed to
  • Octus Octavior, the octopus with one human arm
  • Antidote, an enemy of the Man of Spider
  • America Ferrera
  • Mayguin, a penguin that Chunt frequents
  • Aunt Gwen

Recurring Characters

Earth References

  • bingo cards
  • podcast
  • Oscars
  • Book of Boba Fett
  • The Mandalorian
  • CGI
  • Joe Pesci
  • “Cut it Out” from Full House
  • baklava
  • Burn Books
  • Al Pacino, “Say Hello to my Little Friend”
  • “Losing My Religion” by R.E.M.
  • animal genus classifications
  • Impractical Jokers
  • Names of the month
  • “one in hand and two in the bush”
  • Jeb Bush, “please clap”
  • power hour
  • Seaworld
  • Spider-Man franchise
    • Into the Spider-verse
    • Uncle Ben
    • Mary Jane
    • Dr. Otto Octavius
    • "With great power comes great responsibility"
    • Aunt May
    • The Avengers
    • The Amazing/Spectacular/Sensational/Superior/Avenging/Ultimate/Friendly Neighborhood/Astonishing Spider-man
    • "Everyone gets One"
    • Venom
  • Jesus Christ
  • Avengers
  • America Ferrera
  • Reply All
  • Shel Silverstein


  • The Group did a big heists between Season 3 and Season 4
  • Aprel lives in a wheelhouse

Behind the Scenes

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