Season 4, Ep 25 - Cute Little Bear (w/ Kevin Porter)

Season 4, Ep 25 - Cute Little Bear (w/ Kevin Porter)
Hello from the Magic Tavern episode
Air date May 1, 2022
Episode no. S04E25
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Hosts Arnie, Chunt, Usidore
Guests Philby
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Matt Young, Adal Rifai
Post-production coordination Garrett Schultz
Editor Tim Joyce
Logo Allard Laban
Theme music Andy Poland
Special assistance Ryan DiGiorgi
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"Cute Little Bear" is the twenty-fifth episode of season four of Hello from the Magic Tavern. It was originally released on May 1, 2022.


An adorable little bear with an apron catches everyone's attention. Meet Philby!


Chunt has been a little sad lately. After being separated from his Eggy Baby, finding out that that Bubble Fat was last seen with his egg, and, recently, receiving a piece of shell in the mail, Chunt has a new resolve to find his egg child. But for now, he has a dozen eggs to act as his emotional proxy. He asks Arnie to help him, which Arnie agrees to get to before the end of the season, not specifying how long this season could be. Speaking of children, Chunt also asks what Arnie misses from Earth in his seven years in Foon. Arnie’s life is a little complicated since the artifact in his head is allowing him to interact with his life back on Earth through his dreams, so Cinemax seems like a good option.

“Ricky” asks Arnie if he has insurance, to which the other hosts realize that they are still with Ricky Dodo. In fact, Usidore had adopted a new persona: Richard Jenkins, a blandly spoken individual and former adventurer and biathlete that now sells insurance. Arnie reminds “Richard” that it is just the three of them at the table, so the ruse is ineffective. Still, Usidore wishes that Richard gets introduced and become the new co-host.

A delicious smell fills the air and Chunt is enticed by it. Arnie invites the source, their guest, Philby. Philby is an adorable little bear who loves baking. He brought some carrot cake muffins for the group to sample, but Richard is allergic to carrots. The interview goes back and forth finding out about Richard’s “rich” back story and Philby’s personal life. Although the group goes over Philby’s options for dating resources, Philby wants to focus on the reason he is there; to promote his bakery. It would be a new venture for Philby; he does not even have a concrete name yet, but he prides on his backing ability and the hosts sees him as an adorable backer with his flour-covered apron.

Philby reveals the strained relationships of his past. He is a child of divorce as his parents are at the extreme ends of hot and cold. As they could not agree with each other, Philby hopes that his future relationships do not end up the same. Still, Philby has been trying to put his generational trauma behind him and live in the world with a smile. Throughout their conversation, Chunt found himself verbally combative with Philby, constantly arguing the definition of things. Chunt pulls Arnie aside to explain his reactions. Arnie says Chunt is jealous of Philby, but Chunt says that he is in love with Philby. Arnie interrupts Richard’s attempts to get Philby to sign some insurance papers to ask him about his preferences in his dates. This leads to Chunt having a one-on-one with Philby as Arnie and Richard get drinks. The “date” goes well until Arnie brings back cold porridge bear-piss for Chunt, which Chunt takes “as a joke”, but Philby finds offensive, especially with the bear piss as bear piss is not ethically sourced. Richard takes his shot with Philby who goes fairly well as we learn more about Philby’s baking career and Richard’s three ex-wives. When Arnie remarks that neither Chunt nor Richard seem to be a good match, Arnie gets a turn on a one-on-one with Philby. However, Arnie is upfront about not being emotionally available for a romantic relationship.

It seems that all three hosts are fairly enamored by Philby and his cuteness. Arnie is ready to introduce Chunt to “his new best friend” while preventing Richard to sit with them. Arnie asks Philby if there is anything they could do to help Philby. Although business has been active, he did not have the heart to charge his patrons. He asks the group for a large sum of coins. Away from the table, Richard complains about all the money he has, making Arnie and Chunt to backtrack on their statement and claim it was Opposite Day to get Richard to come back to the table and get him to use his money to invest in Philby. After Richard gives 20k of gold, Chunt calls his friends under the table to discuss his growing skepticism towards Philby. As they talk, they overhear Philby singing a song to himself about lying to the hosts and calling himself a con man. They all emerge from underneath the table and Chunt calls Philby out. Philby feels bad and his cute sadness causes Chunt to feel guilty and give him more money. Once Philby accepts the over abundance of money, he slips on the reason why he needed it in the first place. Arnie asks Richard to use his Usidore voice to talk to Philby’s mind, like he did to Arnie and Chunt throughout the episode, to scare him. Usidore booms his voice to Philby’s mind and demands to give back half the money and use the other half to start a legitimate business. Philby agrees as long as the group gets off his back To celebrate, Chunt calls for a round of bear piss.


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New Characters

  • Richard Jenkins' 3 ex-wives who tried to murder Richard
  • Philby's parents
  • Richard's son with his second wife
  • Philby's ex

Recurring Characters

Earth References

  • Disney's Encanto
  • Star Wars, Boba Fett
  • Cinemax
  • Cinnamon challenge
  • EpiPen
  • Charmin Toilet Paper
  • Dating Apps, Bumble
  • Plan B
  • "Women Be Shopping" meme
  • Goldilocks
  • "enchante"
  • Lord of the Rings, Denethor


Behind the Scenes

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