Season 4, Ep 32 - Cowboy World: Tormaline & Whizla

Season 4, Ep 32 - Cowboy World: Tormaline & Whizla
Hello from the Magic Tavern episode
Air date June 19, 2022
Episode no. S04E32
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Hosts Arnie, Champ, Ulysses
Guests Whizla Applesnatch, Tormaline Wagon Teen
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Matt Young, Adal Rifai
Post-production coordination Garrett Schultz
Editor Chris Rathjen
Logo Allard Laban
Theme music Andy Poland
Special assistance Ryan DiGiorgi
Additional music Aric Jacover
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"Arnie and Usidore" "Cowboy World: Miss Quibbert Returns"
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"Cowboy World: Tormaline & Whizla" is the thirty-second episode of season four of Hello from the Magic Tavern. It was originally released on June 19, 2022.


Arnie and Usidore visit Cowboy World and begin seeing some familiar faces.


It takes a full week for Arnie and Usidore to arrive into Hogswood. Champ takes the scenic route to show off High Foon, but he feels that the two’s reactions to the sightseeing tour seem disingenuous. The moment Champ mentions that his Arnie does a podcast, Arnie’s ears perk up. As they enter the Burgundy Bronco, Arnie and Usidore decide to lay low, less they cause a paradox with Arnie’s cowboy counterpart.

Cowboy World Arnie calls over Champ to start the podcast, Hello from the Dusty Saloon. On cue, Ulysses D. L’Amour barges through the saloon doors and gives his intro. The three have been away from Hogswood for a bit, traveling to the town of Saddlebottom, located at the base of the Unnamable Mesa. While they were there, Ulysses ran into and killed two Pinkertons, forcing the group to leave town. Ulysses reveals to Cowboy World Arnie that he has been killing in every town that they have been in. Champ joins the conversation and immediately sits on his balls. He wished that he was a gelding, a wish so common, it is crow-shaved over Champs fireplace.

The podcast’s first guest is Tormaline, Wagon Teen. She greets the host and goes on about the wagons she is selling and her win in The Circle, a competition to call out all the fake wagons. She asks if the interview is going to be quick since she has more pressing manners; her best friend Whizla Applesnatch is stuck at the bottom of the well in the middle of town. Despite many offers to help her, she insists that she can get out on her own. Cowboy World Arnie wants to invite Whizla to chat on the podcast as well, so he asks Ulysses and two “strangers” to help bring the table outside by the well, the strangers being Arnie and Usidore. Tormaline and Whizla judge the gentlemen from afar while Champ introduces the counterparts to each other and Usidore shrinks down the table for them.

Whizla has been stuck in the well for the last 8 months. It is unfortunate that she can do her family’s work; stealing apples from people. She takes pride in it since she makes it a point to make sure she is seen snatching the apple so she can start talking to the victim and open a dialogue. Tormaline also follows her family business of selling wagons as a Wagontiim. Cowboy World Arnie is shocked to hear how long she had been down there. Whizla describes her time in the well. She resigned to her station during months 3-6 until the craving to snatch again overcame her. However, her muscles has atrophied, so now getting out seems much more difficult. The closest Whizla had been to escaping was a few nights ago where it was raining so hard to help her float up and the wind picked up, almost pushing her out until the wind died down again.

Tormaline asks the group if they are interested in wagons or not. She is willing to make a deal however, Tormaline also asks what Cowboy World Arnie got to spend. Although Champ can spot a flat tire, Tormaline entices him with how cool Camp would look having this wagon. Tormaline asks if they want to hear the whole cart facts, but Champ requests the Kelly Wagon book. Kelly comes by and gets the book for Tormaline. Cowboy World Arnie tries to rely on Ulysses’ age experience to buy a wagon, but Ulysses is the same age as him.

Meanwhile, Whizla feels like she is an almost ghost for being down there for so long. Cowboy World Arnie wonders what kind of ghost Whizla would be. Whizla would still plan to hang out with Tormaline. As much as she and Tormaline are best friends, Tormaline calls out Whizla for being too prideful and doubts that Whizla can get out of the well on her own. Champ asks if Whizla has any family to help her or are worried about her. Whizla lists her siblings, one of them is Sousapha, someone Tormaline is very attracted too. In turn, the hosts ask what Tormaline’s family is like. In contrast, Tormaline’s family is very hands off, however, it is due to their profession. There is only one Wagontiim selling wagons and being a salesperson makes them territorial.

Ulysses brags about his riches of $12 to buy a wagon. However, he wants to use a dollar to motivate Whizla by offering a dollar at the rim of the well. Tormaline has already tried with an apple, but it is not the same as snatching it from an actual person. Champ gives a rescue attempt by convincing Whizla to bite down on a rope. Chap scampers to flick her out, but she is shot straight up from the well and lands back in it. Ulysses threatens to murder the well if Whizla is not released, then proceeds to buy Tormaline’s wagon, only for Tormaline deny the payment because she tricked him to buy a wagon standee that Cowboy World Arnie was sexually attracted to.

Despite their efforts to rescue Whizla, Cowboy World Arnie asks if it is worth saving Whizla. Tormaline chastises Whizla for not wanting to get out, while Ulysses turns it back on Tormaline for not pursuing her crush. She doubts that Sousapha likes her, but she does like his feet. Champ tries to trick Whizla again to be flung out with a sugar cube, but once again, the force shot her straight up and back into the well. After hearing everyone’s secret in town, she admits she has probably been a ghost all along and died from the poison mushrooms growing in the well. Tormaline is bummed out, but Whizla floats up to comfort her. The group reads Whizla’s mail to find that her betrothed thought she died within the first 24 hours of being missing. Whizla encourages Tormaline to pursue her ex and marry him instead. She also made Tormaline a gift to encourage her. However, Tormaline is still lusting after abs and feet, so she convinces Ulysses to strip down. She also sense that there might be two perverts in a bush that are enjoying the view, which turns out to be Usidore and Arnie.

Champ tells the two to come out of the perv bush and they are introduced to Whizla and Tormaline. Whizla steals Arnie’s Apple iPhone and requests Usidore to not resurrect her, but to turn her into a wind spirit. During the process, Whizla speaks aloud her wish, which negates the spell, so Whizla settles on being a ghost. Arnie points out that Whizla and Tormaline are close to their Foon counterparts, Wizla and Tormaline, Dragon Teen, respectfully. Usidore cannot find his own counterpart, but the rest of the group try to equate him to Ulysses. She convinces Usidore to take off her robe to compare, which satisfies more of the perverts in the bush.

Arnie asks about places to stay since he and Usidore spend a long time traveling to Hogswood. He settles on staying at the Burgundy Bronco, while Usidore pays for a wagon from Tormaline. She asks Usidore if he knows how to use the wagon and if he needs a horse. Usidore says he has a friend that’s a horse, much to Champ’s chagrin.


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New Characters

  • Father Blemish
  • Kelly, owner of the Wagon Book
  • Whizla's siblings
    • Maw
    • Paw
    • John
    • Jeb
    • Jenny
    • Rex
    • Sousapha
    • Windella
    • Wizla
    • Xavior
  • Tormaline's parents, Momanddad and Dadandmom
  • Mayor Papapapapapachinko, Whizla's Betrothed
  • Kelly's Mom

Recurring Characters

Earth References

  • Mandalorian
  • Book of Boba Fett
  • autographs
  • Back to the Future
  • Looney Tunes
  • The Circle
  • Adam and Eve
  • Catfishing
  • Taggart
  • Imagine Dragons
    • "Radioactive"
    • Thunder"
  • Christ
  • "Acting 'sus"
  • Carfax
  • Kelly Blue Book
  • The Ring, Samara Morgan/Sadako Yamamura
  • 1982 Car Commercial Toyota Of Orange
  • Pachinko
  • Apple products, iPhone
  • The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
  • Ben Franklin
  • Fast Pass
  • Delaware


  • The name of the Strange Familiar equivalent in High Foon is called The Peculiar Partner.
  • Cowboy World Arnie stole Father Blemish’s priest outfit after he passed away in order to avoid work.

Behind the Scenes

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