Season 4, Ep 33 - Cowboy World: Miss Quibbert Returns

Season 4, Ep 33 - Cowboy World: Miss Quibbert Returns
Hello from the Magic Tavern episode
Air date June 25, 2022
Episode no. S04E33
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Hosts Arnie, Champ, Ulysses
Guests Miss Quibbert
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Matt Young, Adal Rifai
Post-production coordination Garrett Schultz
Editor Tim Joyce
Logo Allard Laban
Theme music Andy Poland
Special assistance Ryan DiGiorgi
Additional music Aric Jacover
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"Cowboy World: Miss Quibbert Returns" is the thirty-third episode of season four of Hello from the Magic Tavern. It was originally released on June 26, 2022.


Arnie, Ulysses, and Champ get reacquainted with Miss Quibbert who arrives with some shocking news.


Arnie thanks Ulysses for letting him and Usidore stay in their “weird” world. Ulysses takes immediate offense and Arnie justifies the ribbing from how he treats his Usidore. Ulysses doesn’t see the resemblance, but Arnie is insistent, pointing out that Usidore and Cowboy World Arnie are having the exact same conversation across the saloon with Champ with them. While Usidore and Champ compare the different counterparts between Foon and High Foon, Cowboy World Arnie announces that they need to start the podcast. Arnie and Usidore leave them, maybe do a post-show during the Def Comedy Leppard’s set.

Cowboy Arnie starts the show with his co-hosts. Champ suggests that they all wear red ascots to differentiate themselves with their Foon counterparts. Champ himself does not have to worry about it since he is the only horse in town, which is a little odd. The group share that this Champ isn’t the same Champ that has gone through the original full run of the show, as many had died via consumption, broken legs, and that one that drowned in quicksand. Ulysses has been doing his Ulysses thing for the week, hiding from the Pinkertons and righting wrongs.

However, the host have a guest that they have not caught up with for the last 7 years1; Miss Quibbert. She kicks through the saloon doors, displaying her new rough and tough personality that she grew into the last few years. She steers away from the traditional schoolmarm life and now ventures out into the world, leathery and wearing a red dress that bounds her tits so high, she can lick her nipples. Miss Quibbert is still the heir he father’s Sex Robot Fortune, however, despite the good the sex robots did for the town, it still could not undo the terrible things that Solomon Ragoon, the Railroad Baron, has done. He has a hard grip on the town of Hogswood, which could have been loosed if he had sex with one of the robots. He has been taring down flyers and would rather have the robots work on the railroads and not having sex. The Baron’s involvement did not impeded the popularity of the sex robots. Their development even extended to the point where they could have healthy personal lives. In fact, three of them are at a back table.

During the break, Cowboy World Arnie goes over what he has been up to during the last seven years. From a gunslinger to a fake priest using Father Blemishes clothes, Cowboy World Arnie has become a man of peace. He also spent time sleeping with a wolf platonically and sleeping with a fake wagon standee very sexually. But what caused Miss Quibbert’s change? She spent so much time on the straight and narrow that she started to break out of her shell. However, this exposed her to see the evils of the world. After her father’s death, she is now responsible for making the sex robots and hold the Baron responsible for murdering her father. Champ gets inspired by her speech that he decides to talk to the 3 sex robots. They respond fairly blandly until Champ calls them ravishing, which turns the conversation sour. When Champ comes back, he is confident that he nailed it, especially seeing the robots stare back at him.

Ulysses offers his services to help right wrongs, but is brushed off as Miss Quibbert assumes he is hitting on her. During this, Champ spots Usidore taking his shot on the sex robots. He shows his admiration for automatons as his favorite play, Automaton Constable, features them. The group praise Usidore, and continue to berate Ulysses.

Miss Quibbert is still set on her plans for revenge on the Baron. Her empowered speech, as well as her Honryville shirt, peaks Champ’s interest and Arnie’s curiosity of her other ideas for the town. Her speech also compels Ulysses to ask Cowboy World Arnie if he has any plans for his upcoming sermon. Miss Quibbert jumps at the opportunity to help with the sermon as a way to sow doubt in the community about Baron Solomon. She also suggests Cowboy World Arnie lean on his “teachings”. Champ loves all of Miss Quibbert’s ideas, which Cowboy World Arnie takes as Champ hitting on Miss Quibbert.

The gang asks if there is anything they could do to help Miss Quibbert. Along with the libel, she just wishes that the people around weren’t so complacent with the world around them. Cowboy World Arnie asks if he should start being a sexy priest and the rest of the group is encouraging him to make a show out of it. Ulysses' input gets ridiculed and Miss Quibbert asks about his qualifications on the subject of sex as she constructs sex robots. Ulysses reminisces about a former lover, Jennifer, Although he recalls the wonderful experience, the rest of the group do not see it the same way.

Champ dare Cowboy World Arnie to take his shot on the sex robots at the table behind them. Initially, he seems to be dismissed by the beings, but is slowly warmed up to. He notices that their voices change, prompting them to show off their various ranges. The three sex robots begin to short circuit and Miss Quibbert comes over reset them and command them to rest. Unfortunately, one of the robots, Johnny Five, may have more substantial damage.

To settle the rage in Miss Quibbert’s heart, Cowboy Arnie suggests that she enter the town’s Annual Shootout Tournament, which the Baron is also competing in. After dropping her last quarter in the trough, Miss Quibbert will have to scream her intentions to the pickle red moon later that night. The group is supportive and willing to help where they can.

Post Credit Scene

After the show, Arnie and Usidore start the Post Show for Hello from the Dusty Saloon. However, they are recording during the Def Comedy Leppard set, so the audio bleeds through. Arnie invites Miss Quibbert on, who stayed at the Burgundy Broncho after the show. He also invites Champ and Arnie asks both of them fun facts about the show. In turn, they ask about their counterparts in Foon. Miss Quibbert is very curious about her counterpart, Squibbert, as she has dreams of being a frog in a strange land and already knows much of Usidore’s accomplishments. Champ ponders about other counterparts of his while everyone ignores Usidore’s inquiry: Why are there all these Arnies from Earth in another world? His question remains ignored as Champ takes Miss Quibbert off with him to see the night sky.

Arnie asks Usidore if he is enjoying their mini vacation and asks if he is antsy to go back. However, his trip to this world gives him ideas for when they return to Foon.


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New Characters

  • Jon Bovi, a High Foon cowboy who rides on a steel horse that wanted alive or dead
  • Jaune Bovè, a Foonish knight with slippery armor
  • Solomon Ragoon, the Railroad Baron
  • Teeny Tim, a singy little boy who coined the phrase "Beef Up the Men Through the Window"
  • The Sex Robots, Fine, Jill, and Johnny Five
  • Def Comedy Leppard

Recurring Characters

  • Father Blemish (mentioned)
  • Whizla (mentioned)
  • Miss Quibbert's father (mentioned, now passed)
  • Squibbert (mentioned)
  • Jennifer (Lassio) (mentioned)

Earth References

  • Bon Jovi
    • Slippery When Wet
    • "Wanted: Dead or Alive"
  • Def Comedy Jam
  • Def Leppard
  • Weezer
    • The Green Album
    • "My Name Is Jonas", on The Blue Album
  • Coca-Cola
  • Looney Tunes
  • West World
  • Spider-Man
  • "phoning it in"
  • The Judgment Of King Solomon
  • Bible, Christianity
  • Christian Rock
  • “You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" Wayne Gretzky
  • Baseball
  • "Friends in Low Places" by Garth Brooks
  • Richter scale
  • Andy Richter
  • Colonel Mustard
  • "Milk, Milk, Lemonade…"
  • Edward Scissorhands
  • Monopoly
    • B&O Railroad
    • Reading Railroad
    • Winning a Beauty Contest
    • Community Chest
  • pastrami sandwich
  • Tom Bombadil
  • Family Circus
  • The Price is Right
  • It's Five O'clock Somewhere


  • As Arnie says there are "Arnie"s with no i, there is one associated with the podcast, Arne Parrot, who has mad songs for the podcast like "The Savior of Foon" and the Sea Shanty version of the theme.

Behind the Scenes

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