Season 4, Ep 35 - Meanwhile, Chunt and Momo

Season 4, Ep 35 - Meanwhile, Chunt and Momo
Hello from the Magic Tavern episode
Air date July 17, 2022
Episode no. S04E35
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Hosts Chunt, Momo
Guests Dan Monroe
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Matt Young, Adal Rifai
Post-production coordination Garrett Schultz
Editor Stephen Dranger
Logo Allard Laban
Theme music Andy Poland
Special assistance Ryan DiGiorgi
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"Meanwhile, Chunt and Momo" is the thirty-fifth episode of season four of Hello from the Magic Tavern. It was originally released on July 17, 2022.


Chunt continues the podcast after the disappearance of Arnie and Usidore. He's joined by his new cohost Momo the mouse with human strength and a not-so-strange man at another table.


Chunt starts the podcast alone after coming back to the Strange Familiar and being unable to find Arnie and Usidore. He recaps his personal quests of rescuing his Eggy Baby child from the hands of Bubba Fat, a bounty hunter. He supplements his voice by inviting a new co-host, Momo the Mouse with Human Strength. Chunt proceeds to tell her about all his previous companions that have united to help him on his adventure. Since their epic season finale, Momo has started crossfit, met her birth parents, and died for about 7 minutes in a cake, possibly one of her reasons she refuses to go to any of Arnie's birthday parties anymore.

However, Momo is now a co-host, so the two look for a guest to invite on the show. Chunt spots an average man at the bar sitting by himself and eating the crusts of white bread. They approach the man, who first assumes they are proposition him to have sex. After explaining the podcast an offer to pay for more drinks, the three go up to the tall table and exchange names and pleasantries. The man introduces himself as Dan Monroe, an unusually normal name within a fantastic world. His parents are Phil and Henrietta Monroe and they own a food stall. He himself teaches the culinary arts. Dan seems like a fairly normal person with a fairly normal penis and a fairly normal throat. He has no magical abilities and denies any fantastical twist. Chunt and Momo are suspicious and try to call out some sort of magical bullshit, but to no avail. Momo makes a game out of it, saying very normal traits that she assumes about Dan's life and they nail him down to a tee.

During the first break, the two hosts have stabbed Dan on the shoulder to see if he bleeds differently or if he was undead, but Dan is still normal. Momo continues her questions when Chunt notices a ring on Dan's finger, Dan exclaims that he is married and he is very much in love. Momo asks for Dan to give them something interesting about him, but all he can come up with is that he knows a guy that can ride a unicycle. Sensing the disappointment, Dan attempts to connect with Chunt and Momo by asking if they have any children. Chunt talks about Eggy Baby and his plight while Dan mentions his triplet kids, just as normal as he is.

Chunt and Momo continue to dunk on the unremarkable existence that is Dan Monroe. In the hopes to unlock his potential, Chunt gouges one of Dan's eyes. Momo jumps off the table so Dan can catch her with his new abilities, but he fails since she fell outside of his new field of vision and she falls hard. When Momo weakly returns, Chunt asks Dan to resuscitate her with his hands and static electricity, but Dan shows off his well lotioned hands.

With the episode being as boring as it is, Chunt resigns that this would be the final episode of Hello from the Magic Tavern. Time and time again, Dan proves to be a standup guy and Momo is loving all of it. Dan reveals that he is a collector of sorts, so far the only interesting thing about him. However, Chunt assumes more boring things about Dan and is negative to the whole interaction. Momo is forced to pull Chunt aside and confront Chunt about his feelings of abandonment and his deflections on Dan. Dan overhears this and tries to be supportive to Chunt. In turn, Chunt feigns interest in Dan's collection, river rocks shaped like faces. He then reveals that his children plays with them as the family is impoverished. Momo sympathizes with Dan, but Chunt feels that this is his punishment for all the sins he committed in life.

Momo asks Dan for a favor and to cheer Chunt up, sharing his experience of being left behind. Dan coddles Chunt in his arms and gives him some pep talk. Chunt feels comfortable and asks Dan for a story. He begins to describe a house on a hill, which is obviously his house. Chunt asks where the house is, but he refuses as he has been so hurt by Chunt before. However, all the information from the episode allows Chunt and Momo to pinpoint his location. Still, Dan's overflowing positivity makes Chunt want to kill him. Momo tries to restrain him, but ends up getting flung to a wall to be more injured.

Despite everything, Dan still likes strangers, even Chunt who has almost tried to kill him. Momo notices something strange; if Dan is so poor and such a family man, why is he alone at the bar drinking. Dan remarks the menu at the tavern is inexpensive and he only gets one drink. He uses one night a week to give his wife time to spend time with the kids and himself a little alone time. He eats the crust of white bread and saves the insides for the kids as a special treat. Chunt admits that Dan has a perfect heart and did not deserve the treatment that Chunt gave him. As penance for his actions, Chunt offers to pick up Dan's tab, but will not acknowledge him anymore. Dan is grateful and leaves the table.

Chunt takes the time to thank Momo for joining and Momo will take time to heal before appearing again in the show. Suddenly, Chunt sees that Dan has ordered an egg for himself on Chunt's tab. Insulted after sharing his story about his egg child, Chunt confronts Dan on the purchase. He goes into to crack the egg over Dan's head, only to find that the egg is empty with the exception of a note:

Eggy Baby is being held in the Egg Kingdom. The Bounty Hunter, Bubba Fat will journey to you to negotiate ransom terms.

Signed, Fred Totta

Reinvigorated by the news, Chunt makes a new goal to fund raise at Castle Hawkspire to get what he needs for the ransom. He kisses Dan and thanks him for giving him this lead by giving Dan 1,000 gold pieces. He leaves without closing the episode.

Post Credit Scene

Momo gives her Magic Tavern intro with her new co-host, Dan Monroe. She talks to the audience about fitness.


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New Characters

  • Phil and Henrietta Monroe, Dan's Parents
  • Dan's Wife
  • Steve The Wheelman
  • Dan's Children: Derk, Dana, Deter
  • Fred Totta

Recurring Characters

In Chunt's cavalcade:

Earth References

  • Apple Operating Systems
  • Insane Clown Posse
  • Crossfit, Burpee
  • Friday Night Lights, "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose"
  • Pictionary
  • checking a car
  • ouroboros
  • Trick or Treat
  • Zero Bar
  • Mr. Goodbar
  • Two Towers, Treebeard
  • add-ons
  • BBC America
  • LinkedIn
  • Tom Cruise
  • Inspector Gadget


  • It is rumored that Momo had kids with Mayor Manana: Mousana and Bamomo.
  • These are things that Dan Monroe is not:
    • Wizard
    • Wish Master
    • Talking Tree
    • Fish with a Wig on
    • A Bunch of Ladybugs controlling a body
    • A Rock who made a wish to be a boring man
    • Soothsayer
    • Undead
    • Bleed Green
    • Warlock
    • Someone who knew a talking unicycle
    • a Doll
    • Married to a horse
    • Shapeshifter
    • Curious Dolphin
    • Religious
  • When Chunt and Momo compare Dan to some of their more fantastical guests, they do mention the highlight points of previous guests:

Behind the Scenes

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